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Tamiflu, body bags and aboriginal genocide

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Tamiflu, body bags and aboriginal genocide
Posted by Brenda Norrell - September 20, 2009 at 11:16 am By Brenda Norrell

As body bags arrived in northern Manitoba in Canada, First Nations aboriginals in the remote west coast village of Ahousaht were falling ill after being inoculated with the Tamiflu vaccine.

Kevin Annett, exposing the genocide of aboriginals in Canada, points out that germ warfare has long been the weapon of choice for governments to exterminate Indigenous Peoples.

This is not the first time that Tamiflu makers have been accused during the spread of a disease. In 2006, when I reported that then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was a stockholder and profiteering from the sale of Tamiflu, I was censored at Indian Country Today. States, including California, were stockpiling Tamiflu. The article was rewritten by editors and published with my name on it. After I objected, I was terminated.

Drug manufacturers and corporations profiteering from the war are obvious. A large portion of the commercials on television now hype new drugs, with warnings that they will destroy your liver, cause a stroke, or even kill you.

The new approach on war commercials is to appeal to economically desperate youths, poor whites and people of color. The commercials make it appear that parents will love their children more if they join the military. What those commercials don't show are the body bags, coffins of soldiers coming home and the destroyed lives of those who never recover or spend their lives trying to get treatment as veterans. Those commercials don't reveal the women soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan that live in fear, of not just being killed, but of being raped in remote locations by their fellow US soldiers.

After the spread of the hantavirus on the Navajo Nation, makers of Ribavirin attempted to profiteer, but the Navajo Nation Council prevented the use of Navajos as guinea pigs.

As the news continues to be censored, here is Annett's statement on the real pandemic.

The Mask Slips, for Those with Eyes to See: Preparing for the Real Pandemic
by Kevin D. Annett, M.A., M.Div.

Last week, many of the aboriginal people in the remote west coast village of Ahousaht were innoculated with the tamiflu vaccine. Today, over a hundred of them are sick, and the sickness is spreading.
In the same week, body bags were sent to similarly remote native reserves in northern Manitoba that have also received the tamiflu vaccine.
On the face of things, it appears that flu vaccinations are causing a sickness that is being deliberately aimed at aboriginal people across Canada, and this sickness will be fatal: a fact acknowledged by the Canadian government by their "routine" sending of body bags to these Indian villages.
Before you express your shock and denial at the idea that people are being deliberately targeted and killed, remember that murdering Indians with vaccinations is not a new or abnormal thing in Canada.
Indeed, it's how we Europeans "won the land", and it's one of the ways we keep it.
In 1862, Anglican church missionaries Rev. John Sheepshanks and Robert Brown inoculated interior Salish Indians in B.C. with a live smallpox virus that wiped out entire native communities within a month, just prior to the settlement of this native land by gold prospectors associated with these missionaries and government officials.
In 1909, Dr. Peter Bryce of the Indian Affairs department in Ottawa claimed that Catholic and Protestant churches were deliberately exposing native children to smallpox and tuberculosis in residential schools across Canada, and letting them die untreated. Thousands of children died as a result. (Globe and Mail, April 24, 2007) In 1932, B.C. provincial police attempted to lay charges against Catholic missionaries who had sent smallpox-laden Indian children back among their families along the Fraser river near Mission, BC.
The RCMP intervened and protected the church, even though whole villages were wiped out as a result of the church's actions.
In 1969, native children who escaped from the Nanaimo Indian Hospital on Vancouver Island described being inoculated with shots that caused many of them to die "with bloated up bodies and scabs all over", to quote one survivor. Knowing this history, it's not surprising when Indians on isolated Canadian reserves start sickening and dying en masse from sudden illnesses, after receiving flu shots.
After all, it's still the law in Canada, under the apartheid Indian Act, that no on-reserve Indian can refuse medical treatments or experimentation.
So it's small wonder that these reserves are the places being targeted first to be injected with untested, unsafe and potentially lethal flu vaccines. As an entire race of involuntary test subjects, Indians in Canada are a weather vane for what will befall all of us, and very soon. For the very techniques and weapons of genocide perfected against aboriginal people are now being deployed against "mainstream" Canadians. Under Bill C-6, which is about to pass third reading in Parliament and become the law, no Canadian will be allowed to refuse innoculations for the swine flu, despite the fact that it is relatively benign and mild, and has killed only people who are already immune-compromised.
Indeed, it is astounding that such coercion and dictatorial laws are being employed to deal with what the chief Canadian Health Officer has called a "mild seasonal flu".
Clearly, another agenda is at work; but the time to ascertain and challenge that agenda has all but run out. This coming month, forced innoculations and imprisonment of those who refuse them may be a reality across Canada. And for what reason?
Clearly, not for public health, considering the sickness and death caused by previous swine flu vaccines. I believe that the real pandemic is about to be unleashed through the very vaccines being pushed by governments and pharmaceutical giants like Novartis and Glaxo Smith Kline. The shots will be the cause, not the cure, of the pandemic.
Of course, those in power can disprove this by simply being the first people to take the swine flu shot: an event about as likely as these companies forgoing the multi-billion dollar profits they will reap from the mass vaccinations. It's indeed ironic that, very soon, many "white" Canadians may be suffering the same fate that aboriginal people have for centuries.
Perhaps it's fitting. For if we are indeed being targeted for extermination, or at the least martial law and dictatorship, we finally can have the chance to shed our complicity in the genocide of other people, and get on the right side of humanity - simply by having to fight the system that is causing mass murder.
Rev. Kevin D. Annett
260 Kennedy St.
Nanaimo, BC Canada V9R 2H8250-753-3345
Kevin Annett is a community minister, educator and award-winning film maker who lives and works with aboriginal and low income people in Vancouver and Nanaimo, BC.
Read and Hear the truth of Genocide in Canada, past and present, at this website:
Film Trailer to Kevin's award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT:

Listen to Annett speak on this issue on Blogtalk Radio:

Censored by Indian Country Today in 2006:
Rumsfeld profiteered from sale of Tamiflu
by Brenda Norrell

Baxter sent live bird virus

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3 Commenti

"For flu prevention: When you have been exposed to someone with the flu, taking TAMIFLU can help keep the virus from making you sick"

It says on the site that Tamiflu is NOT a vaccine, but there IS some confusion on the internet as to what Tamiflu exactly is.

Since both vaccine and medication are made by Novartis, people may be (mistakenly) referring to the Novartis vaccine as Tamiflu....

Thank you, Barbara and Danny, for pointing out this inconsistency in the article

I danni arrecati dall'oseltamivirum fosfato (cioè il tamiflu) sono vari, fra cui sintomi gravi a livello neurologico. Però come si dice nel commento precedente il tamiflu non è un vaccino e non viene iniettato (non credo che qualcuno si sia azzardato a iniettarlo: per uccidere una tribù avrebbe potuto spendere molto meno, magari iniettando dell'acqua distillata endovena o dell'adrenalina). Io spero solo che l'informazione alternativa non diventi qualcosa che a tutti i costi deve scontrarsi con l'informazione ufficiale sennò non sarebbe altro che l'opposto dell'informazione ufficiale e ciò non gioverebbe a nessuno. Bisogna anche costruire qualcosa: demolire è molto facile e ciò reca danno a chi purtroppo non può verificare le tesi dell'una o dell'altra parte (cioè la gente comune che legge qualcosa su internet e crede a tutto). Credo sia fondamentale appurare la veridicità anche dell'informazione alternativa, che non è sempre esatta e anzi a volte spara a salve.
Non dimentichiamo che anche l'informazione alternativa a volte ha messo in giro terrorismi solo per combatterne altri...

Ma che cavolo scrive questa?
Il Tamiflu non è un vaccino, e non viene "inoculato". Il Tamiflu si prende in forma di pasticca, ed è venduto come cura antivirale a chi è già malato. Il vaccino è tutt'altra cosa.
Come potete pensare che la gente creda all'informazione alternativa, se scrivete queste corbellerie???

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