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Nonvaccinated Are Blamed for Spreading Vaccine-Created Polio

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September 29th 2012
Written by: Heidi Stevenson


In the march to vaccinate everyone everywhere for everything, reason and logic are thrown out and insanity prevails. The polio vaccine causes mutant polio, so authorities place the blame in the unvaccinated.

It's bad enough that people who choose not to vaccinate are blamed for spreading diseases that supposedly protect the vaccinated. However, we're seeing a new wrinkle on that theme: The unvaccinated are now being blamed for spreading new varieties of polio that were caused by vaccines.

Did you get that? If you choose not to vaccinate, thus assuring that you have no part in creating the new, more virulent varieties of polio, you are now being blamed for spreading it!

That's the pseudo logic being used by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in its discussion of the new polio horrors being sprung on the world through their misguided program. Blame the blameless seems to be the name of the new game.

Does that seem like hyperbole? They couldn't possibly try to make such an insane claim? Here's what the CDC says:

... [R]are cases of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis can occur both among immunologically normal OPV recipients and their contacts and among persons who are immunodeficient. In addition, vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs) can emerge to cause polio outbreaks in areas with low OPV coverage and can replicate for years in persons who are immunodeficient.

In the CDC's lingo, the term unvaccinated is twisted into "immunodeficient". According to them, the unvaccinated are inferior. They are redefined as deviant from the norm. Their immune systems are called deficient. Thus, they are immunodeficient and can be blamed for a disease that they have never encountered. Because they've been labeled—defined as deficient—they can be blamed.

Even with their twisted logic, the truth can't really be hidden. The cause of these new and virulent variants of polio is the vaccine itself. So why this blame on the unvaccinated? It's one of the oldest tricks used to push a plan or idea: redirection. If you can get people to focus on the wrong thing, you can twist the issue. That's what's being done here. This is part of the goal of forcing vaccinations on everyone. By making the innocent sound guilty, the true guilt can be ignored, and the plans of the genuinely guilty can be pushed forward.

Getting the Story Straight

As ever, any reduction in polio is credited to the vaccine. No consideration is ever given to the fact that the disease is cyclical. If infection rates go down, then those who push vaccination campaigns take the credit. If disease rates go up during vaccine campaigns, they search for someone to blame. Interestingly, though, different agencies can't seem to get their stories straight.

There are three basic types of polio. At least, that's the claim, though with the kind of logic we see in these agencies, we must wonder if they see 3 types because they have 3 types of polio vaccines.

In any case, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that "the endemic circulation type 2 virus has been halted". However, the CDC states, "Approximately 85% of VDPVs* have been type 2." So, if the WHO is correct and type 2 polio has been stopped, then the CDC says that they've been giving a vaccination for a disease that didn't even exist! Worse, that unneeded vaccine has been causing a new mutated polio.

*VDPV is an acronym for vaccine-derived polio virus. See the end of this article for a list of the vaccine-related acronyms created for this mishmosh of polio vaccine-related variations.

No wonder they're so focused on blaming the innocent! They need attention to be focused on something besides themselves.

The Official Story

The CDC's official story about the new mutant polio diseases is:

Circulation of VDPVs does not present an insurmountable obstacle to polio eradication but instead is a symptom of low poliovirus vaccine coverage.

According to them, the existence of mutated polio passing around has nothing to do with their vaccinations. It's symptomatic of not enough people getting vaccinated.

Why should they need to scapegoat the unvaccinated? That can be seen in their weasel words about the efficacy of the vaccinations themselves.

Then, in a nifty little bit of magic, the original vaccines can be used to prevent the mutated versions of polio that their vaccines have caused. Here's how the CDC describes the efficacy of the vaccine:

This inexpensive vaccine is administered easily by mouth, makes recent recipients resistant to infection by wild polioviruses (WPVs), and provides long-term protection against paralytic disease through durable humoral immunity. Nonetheless, rare cases of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis can occur both among immunologically normal OPV recipients and their contacts and among persons who are immunodeficient.

Notice that they don't say that the vaccine makes people immune, nor do they claim that it provides lifelong protection. It merely makes "recent recipients resistant". How resistant? How recently must people have been vaccinated to get this resistance?

The bottom line here is that they're blaming the unvaccinated for spreading new versions of polio that are mutations from their vaccines. In spite of the fact that they may be giving the wrong vaccine for the polio that's causing disease, and that vaccine's virus is mutating into a new form of polio, the people to blame are those who could not possibly have had anything to do with it. And, even though people who have received the vaccine can also fall victim to the new polio, thus incubating it and passing it to others, it's still the fault of the unvaccinated!

Exactly why should we believe anything that these agencies claim? Even if we didn't know that they are neck-deep in Big Pharma money and influence, it would be obvious that something is inherently wrong with their plans. Their so-called logic bears little resemblance to what's actually happening, unless, of course, you notice who actually benefits from it—Big Pharma and their cohorts in crime.

There's an alphabetical soup of acronyms for this string of new polios that they've caused:

OPV: oral polio vaccine

mOPV: monovalent oral polio vaccine

bOPV: bivalent oral polio vaccine

tOPV: trivalent oral polio vaccine

VDPV: vaccine-derived polio virus

cVDPV: circulating vaccine-derived polio virus

iVDPV: immunodeficiency-associated vaccine-derived polio virus

aVDPV: ambiguous vaccine-derived polio virus

AFP: acute flaccid paralysis


1. Update on Vaccine-Derived Polioviruses — Worldwide, April 2011–June 2012

2. Poliomyelitis

Heidi Stevenson is Allopathy's Gadfly. She's an iatrogenic survivor whose prior career in computer science, research, and writing was lost as a result. She has turned her skills towards exposing the modern medical scam and the politics surrounding it, along with providing information about the effectiveness of much alternative medicine, without which she would not be here today acting as Allopathy's Gadfly. Find her work on

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