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Technological Frequencies and the Pulse of Life

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It has been found and scientifically demonstrated that technological radiation disturbs the normal functioning of our cells. One mechanism for this that has been investigated by Dr Andrew Goldsworthy is an imbalance in cellular calcium metabolism.

Goldworthy says that "the human body has evolved to cope with many environmental stresses, but if we change those stresses, as we have done by our exposure to microwave based telecommunications, we are entering uncharted territory. Many things can go wrong in addition to gene damage. We have identified some (see ) but there are doubtless many more".

Our cells and their complex interrelated functions can be unbalanced by a wrong type of resonance. It has been suggested that the huge world wide increase, in recent years, in cases of autism, may have something to do with the constant exposure to this radiation that is present practically everywhere in the civilized world today ( see Could Cell Phone Radiation be a Cause of Autism? ).

Digital communications technology is rigged to transmit information in precisely timed "packets". The packet transmission protocol adopted for GSM cell phone technology sets up a frequency of 216.637781 Hertz or approximately 216 cycles per second, while the ever present alternating current that runs our household appliances is pulsed at 50, and in some areas of the planet at 60, cycles per second. Close enough to entrain and thereby disturb frequencies followed by living organisms.

But what then are the natural frequencies that keep our lives and our cells in balance? Faith Dyson says she discovered that living organisms follow a set of frequencies that vary between day and night, and that range from one to 12 cycles per second. Applying what she discovered to her own life, acting on that knowledge, Faith says she has successfully cured her twin sons of autism. She physically moved to an environment where she could eliminate those technological frequencies from her family's lives.

This may not be possible for most of us though. So what to do?

I believe we can find a way to eliminate the damaging component (the lower pulse frequencies) from the technological radiation we use. In the case of telephone technology, this could mean a new protocol that randomizes packet transmission so that no repeating pattern is set up. Without an associated frequency in the lower Hertz band, the microwave radiation emitted by mobile phones and towers could simply melt into the background, no doubt adding to its volume but unable to entrain any living biological tissues.

Then perhaps the current exposure limits could make sense - keep microwave levels well below the heating or ionization threshold. What is missing today is any and all attention to the lower end of frequency modulations. Both government regulators and industry are convinced that all that matters about radiation is its heating effect.

With an impassioned plea, Faith Dyson reminds us how important the question of frequencies is for our overall health, both mental and physical.

- - -

Technological Frequencies and the Pulse of Life


Image: Spirographica 2 by Cory Ench

The following is copyright © 2011 by Faith Dyson

Planetary Life Cycles are cycles of energy that are resonant beats measurable in hertz. They pulsate day and night at specific rhythms from inside the Earth's core and between its surface and the Ionosphere. The Planet's Life Cycles in hertz are:

1) 1-4 hz per second at dark,
2) 4-7 hz per second at dawn,
3) 7-12 hz per second at day and then they descend back down to
4) 4-7 hz per second for dusk to repeat the entire set of cycles all over again for the next day/night period.

These Life Cycles are also called "The Schumann Resonances" even though it was Nikola Tesla who first recorded them. They're also called Delta State (night), Theta State (dawn), Alpha State (daytime activity) and then the cycle goes back down to Theta State (at dusk) again.

These states are also known as Delta Waves, Theta Waves, Alpha Waves and back down to Theta Waves again. They're also known as our Waking/Sleeping Cycles as well as our Circadian Rhythm. This means that the Planet is producing the same exact energy cycles that define matter as Conscious and Living.

These are the cycling rhythms of energy within the Earth and its atmosphere from which we get the definition of ourselves as Conscious, Living Beings. The reason we get this definition of ourselves from these planet produced cycles of energy is mainly because the loss of these rhythms causes death - cell by cell by cell. The loss of the same in and around the Planet causes the same result.

This slow (and sometimes fast) death - inside of us - can take on as many forms as there are cellular structures in the Brain/Body, for at the bottom of this cellular dysfunction is the loss of the Mitochondrial Genome cycles. They too are pulsations of energy.

With the loss of the coordination between our Mitochondrial Genome Cycles with the Planet's Life Cycles comes the loss of the Pattern for everything else in our Brain/Body. Nothing can properly grow to full fruition; not plants, not animals, not people, when out of rhythm with these Planetary Cycles. Even what we consider to be "inanimate matter" falls apart when forced off of these rhythmic cycles of energy.

When our Rhythmic Genome Pattern begins to lose coordination with the process of the creation of matter on Earth, our cells, made out of that matter, lose their coordination as well. One of the results of this is Autism.

Our Brain/Body is designed to coordinate with these Planetary Cycles to give Conscious Life to all of the components that make up our Brains/Bodies. The "job" of these resonant cycles is to induce the same natural rhythms within us.

When we resonate at other cycles, the loss of the Planetary Cycles within us causes the loss of our pulsating Pattern - as well as the loss of our pulsating Consciousness and the loss of our pulsating Life.

However, once the Brain/Body is returned to the Planet's natural cycles for the pulsation of CONSCIOUS LIFE, they allow us to experience the regenerative properties inherent in those specific cycles. Entrainment with these Planetary "Hertz Beats" is the proverbial Alignment about which we've all heard, but have never been properly instructed in the way to behave to coordinate ourselves with those beats.

We've not been given this information for one reason and one reason only. Those who don't know about the planet's pulsating beats, can't partake of the wholeness of Health and Intelligence they produce.

Why have we not been told of the curative power of THIS Alignment and the way to acquire that power? It's because we'd then fully understand exactly what we've been sold during our lifetimes to inhibit us from acquiring this power.

What have we been sold that inhibits this power from pulsating properly within us day and night? We've all bought into the use of energy cycles/power cycles that pulsate at rates nowhere near those that are conducive to Life on Earth or the proper cycles necessary to fully create our Brains/Bodies.

We've bought into energy cycles that do not produce the growth cycles necessary for the development of our entire Mitochondrial Pattern. The result is cellular developmental disabilities of ALL KINDS - and those dysfunctional results ensure the continuation of huge business corporations - and governmental regulations.

People who are lacking wholeness in Brain/Body are a prey to many factions.

Have you never wondered why it is that people only develop 5-10% of their Brains despite the fact that our generation prides itself on having the best developmental programs in the world? The loss of Rhythmic Coordination with the Life Cycles of the Planet is the reason for this.

The creative properties of "The Schumann Cycles" are not the "Hertz Beats" at the heart of these educational programs. Their "Hertz Beats" alter our Life Cycles (through the "Rote" teaching method as well as a sedentary classroom "lifestyle") to those cycles that starve our Brains/Bodies of the proper amounts of energy for growth.

They alter them from their natural Delta, Theta, ALPHA, Theta Patterns for day and night. The result is that the entire Energy PATTERN of the entire Brain/Body is SCRAMBLED.

The addition of unnaturally timed energy cycles from fluorescent lights, WIFI, cell phones/towers and all other manmade electronics (within a school, home, business, office, car and also sent through the very Electromagnetic Field of Earth) cause the exact same alteration of Life Cycles within the Brain/Body - as do our society's "developmental programs". We have no insulation within us to protect us from their "unnatural power".

Therefore, when I took my children OFF of cycles that are NOT inherent to the Earth's cycles of energy, we went back to those Earthly rhythms specifically designed for perfect GROWTH. This "Growth State" gave them back their own individualized pattern that produced perfect Health and Intelligence within them.

One of the things their recovered patterns enabled to operate correctly once again, was their METABOLISM. It was the recovery of this ability to process substances properly that returned them to the fullness of Health and Intelligence.

Through the recovery of their proper Metabolic RATES/RHYTHMS, they recovered the ability to NATURALLY DETOX THEIR BRAINS/BODIES OF ALL TOXINS - even HEAVY METALS. Therefore, with the return of their own personalized Life Cycles in sync with those of the Planet, they recovered not only the ORIGINAL Patterns for their CREATION, (There's nothing wrong with anyone's ORIGINAL Pattern!) but their "DETOX FEATURE" (within that Original Pattern) as well.

In short, they recovered their ability to get rid of all of the garbage that was gumming up the works. The result was that my twin sons were cured of Autism and my daughter was cured of Learning Disabilities. As an added bonus of living this Rhythmic Lifestyle with them, I was cured of a severe Auto-Immune System failure - through the exact same method.

Again, the loss of this "Detox Feature", which occurs when we lose our rhythmic "Genesis Factor", can cause many more things to build up in the Brain/Body besides "JUST" heavy metals that cause Autism Spectrum Disorders. This is why I was also cured of Auto-Immune system failure the same way.

The loss of the "Detox Feature"; Metabolic Processing, can cause sugars to build up causing diabetes, calories to build up causing obesity, alcohol to build up causing Alcoholism, food additives and even pollens, etc. to build up causing allergies and respiratory problems. The cellular dysfunction caused by the loss of Metabolism also causes Cancer, Dementia, Alzheimer's disease - as well as every other cellular dysfunction under the sun.

Simply returning ourselves to the Earth's PHYSICAL pulsations of ENERGY and the rhythms thereof, has the natural power to reverse all of these problems caused by the simple loss of the Planetary Rhythms. Our return to the natural creative processes for Life on this Planet produces the proverbial WHOLENESS of Mind and Body we were always told exists right here, on Earth - for free - to everyone.

Since learning of the regenerative properties inherent to these specific cycles of energy, I have also learned how drumming, and not just any old kind of drumming, but improvisational hand drumming, can simulate the Planetary cycles of energy (This is done by the drummer simply playing their own comfortable rhythms in sync with a main beat in a group setting.) which stimulates the Brain/Body to return to its own natural, and very personalized, rhythms as well.

Stimulating our personalized "Hertz Beats" back to a more planet-oriented set of rhythms generates the UNDAMAGED ORIGINAL PATTERN for Conscious Life - within us - once again..

Those specific rhythms for day-time through night-time cycling - really do hold the "Qi" to the true Creative Rhythms™ of our ORIGINAL Life on Earth; the one we've been inhibited, and, in most cases prohibited, from experiencing our entire lives...

To begin sharing the curative properties of NATURAL RHYTHMS with the world, I started what has become the longest running non indigenous drum circle in Oklahoma History. (We just celebrated 5 years worth of weekly sessions in August of 2010.) Also I'll soon be offering workshops to educate the public all about:

1) the type of physical, mental and emotional development that is produced by entering into syncopation, a.k.a. Alignment, with the Earth's energy cycles,

2) the type of physical, mental and emotional disorder produced by brain wave patterns and physical activities that are in sync with unnatural energy cycle,

3) the lifestyle that allows one to return to the physical, mental and emotional wholeness inherent in the Earth's LIFE Cycles..

4) the Drum/"Hertz" Beats that can help sustain it.

The scientific evidence proving all of the above will be presented in a manner easily understood by all.

Life is ALL in the Rhythms and Resonances of MOTHER Nature. We have left those cycles as both children and adults to the detriment of the structure of our very own matter. The good news is that most all of the suffering this causes - really is reversible. If it was not, then I wouldn't be alive today to give you this message.

- - -

Faith lives in Oklahoma City, OK. You can find her on facebook ( and on myspace ( She can be reached by email at (


A study done by Lund University in Sweden linking Electrosmog (unnatural cycles of energy) with the loss of our Growth Cycles (a.k.a. "Branching Out Ability") "in concert" with the planetary cycles, The Schumann Resonances:

The paper focuses on just one possible result of the loss of our "Branching Out Frequencies" out of as many different results as our bodies can produce: the loss of our Blood Brain Barrier. The loss of that Barrier is secondary to the loss of our Growth Patterns.

First we lose the patterns, then we lose what they create be that neurons, muscle tissue, bone structure, etc., etc., etc... Without those natural cycles governing our "creation", our cycles become scrambled - and so does our flesh and blood.

This video - Resonantie - demonstrates the formation of patterns by the action of the vibrations of sound.

Those frequencies, from cell phones AND the Earth, are resonant pulsations of energy; inaudible sound waves that create patterns in matter. Call it our "Sacred Genometry".

Update 16 June 2011:

Faith Dyson adds some important links

There's much more information proving that:

1) "Electrosmog"; the "Hertz Beats" from cell phones, etc., as well as the "Hertz Beats" from our own brains, cause the deterioration of our Brain/Body Patterns - with only one result being Autism - and

2) the removal of (either/or types of inner or outer) Electrosmog cures Autism (and other cellular dysfunctions).

Study by Dr.'s George Carlo and Tamara Mariea

The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America By Charlotte Iserbyt

Regarding the latter, the United States Congress held an investigation into our country's "Developmental" programs after Ms. Iserbyt exposed memos she personally received from the Dept. of Education's own research team warning that the rote practices used by our schools cause Neurological dysfunctions.

The reaction of our congressional leaders to these facts was to mandate the damaging programs as the law of the land. This happened around the same time there was an explosion in electronics sales. Put together, these two factors perfectly explain why there's been such an increase in the loss of Genome Patterns and a rise in all of the damages this causes.

We have an "Electromagnetic Signature"; our own "composition" of "Hertz Beats", that designs us as the unique beings we are. It "beats" in "live concert" with the same type of "beats" in the Earth, around the Earth and in the entire Cosmos. The result is a "symphony" that plays perfectly in time.

Change that time (even by using a different set of hours, minutes and seconds than that which is actually happening in Reality) and our pattern is changed as well.

Others who have or still are working on the evidence proving this are:

1) Joel Sternheimer

2) Yannick Van Doorne

3) Milford Graves

4) Ary Goldberger

5) Benoit Mandelbrot

Finally we have the patent application from SwissCom, a telecommunications corporation, admitting the fact that Electrosmog causes Genome damages (a.k.a. Patterning disorder):


Again, the most serious type of Electrosmog comes from our own brains on states of consciousness (a.k.a. rates of cycling energy) that are not "in time" with those of the rest of the Cosmos.

This alteration in cycles can be caused by something as simple as a Thought Pattern induced by rote "developmental" programs and activities - or by a digital watch/clock. Neither are on actual "beat" with the natural cycles of the universe. Full growth is impossible on such "Hertz Beats".

However, recovery is possible - when one gets back "in NATURAL Time".

Faith Dyson

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