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Rosemary Mathis Speaks Out on her Daughter's Gardasil Vaccine Injury

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Age of Autism
June 08, 2010

201006081538.jpgNorth Hollywood, California, June 2, 2010 -- If the FDA, the AMA, and the CDC are not to going to ask this question - then (TAG) will keep asking until the families of the injured girls have the answers, the medical attention and vaccine injury compensation they deserve.

On May 11, 2010, an interview with co-founder Rosemary Mathis was aired on NBC affiliate WXII12 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The expose titled: Mom Blames Teen's Illness on HPV Vaccine, (HERE) has been read and the video viewed by thousands of people globally. What was unexpected was the high number of comments from mothers whose daughters have been injured by the vaccines.

My daughter had all 3 injections, and after each one she got sicker and sicker. At the time, we had no idea that it was the shots doing it to her. After the first shot, she had flu like symptoms, would pass out, and had seizures. The second shot, left her with vision problems and a lot of pain. She was so sick they hospitalized her, but couldn't find what was wrong. The doctor declared: "You have one sick daughter, but we don't know why."

Late June 2007, our daughter's life changed after Gardasil. She went from a vibrant, active college student, to a bedridden, chronically ill, young woman with seizures, GI tract problems, constant migraines, blurred vision, abnormal pupil reaction, loss of feeling in both legs, heart arrhythmia, TIAs, eye sensitivity, exhausted adrenals, and the list just keeps growing.

Internet searches reveal thousands of posts from mothers desperate to connect with other mothers of injured daughters. Social media networks host hundreds of groups with thousands of disturbing stories about adverse reactions. One common denominator for all of the girls afflicted - with varying degrees of severity - is autoimmune diseases. A medical source close to TAG has stated: "I find it disturbing that Merck's agreement with the FDA is based on an agreement that no adverse events will be labeled as such unless there is a TWO fold increase seen of diseases that occur at least as frequently as 1/10,000. This takes away all of the rare autoimmune demyelinating syndromes that cause blindness, paralysis and death."

A February 2010 study was published on the web site titled Vaccines and autoimmune diseases of the adult. The abstract states: "Infectious agents contribute to environmental factors involved in the development of autoimmune diseases possibly through molecular mimicry mechanisms. Hence, it is feasible that vaccinations may also contribute to the mosaic of autoimmunity. Evidence for the association of vaccinations and the development of these diseases is presented in this review. Infrequently reported post-vaccination autoimmune diseases include systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory myopathies, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, and vasculitis. In addition, we will discuss macrophagic myofasciitis, aluminum containing vaccines, and the recent evidence for autoimmunity following the use of human papillomavirus vaccine."

Evidence of absence does not mean absence of evidence.

Read more about Gardasil and injuries here.

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