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Vaccines Cause Autism, News From Scientific Think Tank States

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Vaccines Cause Autism, News From Scientific Think Tank States.
Curtiss Lee Linderman Sr
November 20, 2009
American Chronic

Sound and Reproducible Science Implicates Vaccines in the Autism Epidemic

In 2003, The Center for Modeling Optimal Outcomes LLC, began researching the neuroscience of business and how applying this tactic could possibly enhance business practices. What they found during their research has possibly shaken the very foundations of vaccine science and toxicology.

This New Jersey based think tank sent out a press release on the seventeenth of November 2009 that states that their studies, which implicate vaccines as the cause of autism, are "Grounded on a solid foundation of the laws of physics and chemistry." One of the aspects of this research that I find most notable is that this is a non-conflicted think tank that was not even looking into these issues for the purpose of obtaining information regarding the causation of autism. This was, for all intents and purposes, an accident.

By mid 2005, two years into their research, The Center for Modeling Optimal Outcomes LLC had gained great knowledge and made some very substantial findings. They began by researching brain chemicals (neurohormones) that were seemingly involved in logic and emotions. These are of course two areas that have a direct link to productivity in the workplace. With their findings however, they were forced to take two very different paths in the study. One was of course continuing the business model aspect of their research; the other is the reason for this article.

The aspect of the research that we are going to address is regarding life sciences. Particularly "unraveling the complexities of neurohormone disruptions associated with several neurodevelopmental diseases..." to include autism. What these scientists inadvertently found was referred to in this press release as "truly amazing." The group began using their model to identify specific causal pathways that certain diseases and illnesses are affected by, that cause disruptions in communication in pairs of bodily substances and cells. Meaning that they have found that if the homeostasis (balance) of certain classes of cells associated with these bodily functions are disrupted, the outcome could be autism or other related diseases. The inability of some cells to absorb the critical substances necessary for the brain to function normally can mean that this inability manifests itself in different ways and in different severity. This is particularly pertinent to the autism community primarily because this can explain the different levels of diagnoses evident within the autism spectrum (i.e. classical autism, regressive autism, PDD-NOS, Aspergers, ADHD etc.).

There seems to be many different lines of thinking within the scientific community as to how cells "uptake" the substances that are needed. The confusion primarily lies within the prevalent belief that most substances bind to cells and when needed, these cells create a "port" with which to gain the intracellular communication necessary. This group found that various mechanisms are utilized by cells to absorb the necessary substances needed, to include: osmosis, diffusion, phagocytosis, pinocytosis, pumps and conventional absorption. The hypothesis is that something environmental is creating a situation whereby these cells are unable to absorb substances or communicate in the way that they need to, thusly manifesting at times as a nuerodevelopmental disorder or disease.

Now what is truly amazing is the conclusion that has been reached as to why and how this is happening. You see; this neutral group with no ties to the pharmaceutical or mainstream medical industries has determined that vaccines and their ingredients are to blame. With the help of notable researchers and doctors that are known within the autism community, this study has resulted in some damning results. With the help of research from; Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Martha Herbert and others, this group of non conflicted researchers have stumbled upon the proof to reinforce what the autism community has been talking about for quite some time! Vaccines cause autism!

So what could possibly be affecting our bodies on this cellular level within the vaccines? Toxins and allergens that are creating that which we in the autism community have spoken about for some time now: excitotoxcity! Apparently they have found that the gelatin that is prevalent in many of our vaccines, are causing this huge problem. When looking into Dr. Wakefield´s research regarding the MMR vaccine, "the results were beyond (their) expectations." It seems that since 1979, just prior to the massive continuous rise in autism diagnoses, hydrolyzed gelatin was added to the MMR vaccine as a stabilizer.

MMR is not the only vaccine containing this gelatin. Here are the vaccines that contain this gelatin and the amount in each:

DTaP 0.0015 mg

Influenza 0.025 mg

Measles 14.5 mg

Mumps 14.5mg

Rubella 14.5 mg

MMR II 14.5 mg

Varicella 12.5 mg

Shingles 15.58 mg

Rabies < 12 mg

So here are the challenges that the medical researchers are facing: "Do certain classes of cells absorb substances? If so the entire science of toxicology will change." If the balances or homeostasis between certain classes of cells that are associated with these important bodily functions are compromised, does this manifest itself as an ASD? These researchers believe it does and they have spoken at length with one of the world´s leading researchers regarding this issue: world renowned neurosurgeon and neuroscientist, Dr. Russell Blalock. Dr. Blaylock´s work explains how the inability of our cells to absorb crucial substances can create this situation that doesn´t allow the brain or the body to work properly. He calls this, Immunoexcitotocity. This imbalance is primarily caused by the toxic substances that our children are being subjected to while visiting their doctors early in life and being injected with these causative agents via so-called "life saving vaccines."

William McFall is also quick to point out, (no doubt knowing the response that this research will create from the mainstream medical profession) that "We are not opposed to vaccines. Science has irrefutably proven their value. We are merely asking the medical research community to evaluate our model for homeostasis in order to ensure the ingredients in vaccines are not disrupting the body´s processes."

Make no mistake; this is a huge breakthrough for those of us in the autism community. We have stated time and time again that our children became autistic after being vaccinated. This is not a coincidence as is consistently stated by the medical community and now we have a think tank that is not conflicted in any way that is publically stating just that. They have worked with those researchers within the autism and vaccine research community that we trust.

We, as a community, must ensure that this information gets into the mainstream press. This will be of monumental importance and as I am sure we all know, this will also be very difficult to achieve. We are all well aware of the conflicts of interest that the mainstream press has. A relentless push to have our media outlets, our representatives within our governments and our healthcare professionals, read and understand the implications of this data is crucial.

I certainly hope that all of us within the autism community will do our part.

To download the full press release:

The Center For Modeling Optimal Outcomes ® LLC
"The Think Tank for Creativity & Innovation"®
19 North County Line Road Suite 27 Jackson, NJ 08527 P: (877)-717-7444 F: (732) 415-8281

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The hypothesis is that something environmental is creating a situation whereby these cells are unable to absorb substances or communicate in the way that they need to, thusly manifesting at times as a nuerodevelopmental disorder or disease.

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