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Cancer: Who Can We Trust


Cancer: Who Can We Trust?
by Phillip Day
The first in a four-part CTM series on the real cancer war

The programme went out at peak viewing time on ITV London Tuesday night at 7:30pm, the premise all too depressingly familiar. From the TV channel that gave us the moronic 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here,' viewers in the south were told gullible people were being conned by alternative cancer treatments with convincing stories attached to them, being relieved of their money and given false hope. And those apricot kernels? Proof that anything within them can heal cancer? What rubbish.

The experts for the prosecution were all there. Predictably, the defence specialists had missed their taxi and never got on the programme. The conclusion of the programme was implicit. People should trust conventional science and stick with tried and tested treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. We understand people's emotional need to look for alternatives, but please don't be silly. Cancer is a serious business.

No kidding.

In the newspapers the following day, the great news that medicine was winning and that cancer survival rates were up blazed across the pages. Again, no mention was made of the conspicuous failures, such as Bob Monkhouse, Allan Bates and Dinsdale Landen, all of whom lost their lives to cancer in one week, in spite of the brightest and best wandering the corridors of our medical institutions with supposedly unlimited budgets. Not surprisingly, the cancer charities were being quoted from pillar to post, the message we've all come to expect: We're winning the war on cancer, just give us another £170 million.

In the years I have studied the cancer industry, a crusade incidentally which began after witnessing my family's fair share of unnecessary deaths from cancer, chemotherapy and radiation, I have been struck with the weapons of mass distraction this most ruthless and dangerous of industries has relentlessly deployed against the public. During the course of my research into the real cancer war, I discovered there were questions you ask, and questions the 'experts' most definitely wanted to avoid. Around the world, I would speak on TV and radio shows about the safe, natural and medically proven alternatives to being plastered with radiation (who doesn't know that radiation causes cancer?) and chemotherapy (some of which, like Alkeran, are ex-chemical warfare agents), yet these questions were studiously blustered over and never answered by the experts wheeled along to counter me. To the cost of thousands of lives around the world today, they are still not being answered.

* Why are hundreds of thousands of cancer patients feeling the need to look for cancer treatment alternatives at all? Is it because they've seen what traditional treatments can do to a person, that they do not work for the majority of the cancers, that they sense there must be an easier way?
* Find out why the cancer industry and their charities employ the five-year survival rule to falsify their success rates. How you can die in your sixth year of cancer and still be cured.
* Why do we have at least eighteen peoples on the Earth today without a medical degree to punt between the lot of them, who still do not get cancer and have no trace of the disease in their culture? Read of Albert Schweitzer, Sir Robert McCarrison, Dr Weston Price, Dr Francisco Contreras, etc. etc. and the real reason these men's work is an embarrassment to medical science.
* If the human body becomes what it absorbs, why don't they train our doctors in nutrition?
* If the tumour is the cancer and therefore the oncologist's target (chemo, radio and surgery all target the tumour), why doesn't removing or destroying the tumour always cure the cancer?
* Is the advice we receive from cancer charities impartial, or tainted with the chemical breath of the drug industry?
* Where is the logic in pouring cancerous doses of radiation into cancer patients to cure cancer?
* Why are almost all chemotherapy drugs themselves carcinogens?
* Why, in spite of the billions that have been poured into cancer, does Britain have one of the worst cancer survival rates of any western, industrialised nation?
* Why do thousands continue to overcome their cancer using nutrition, and yet nothing is ever mentioned in the media, including the medical studies that showed how they did it?
* Are these people, and the doctors who treat them, all wrong? Perhaps they never had cancer in the first place.
* Why are people who seek alternative treatments for cancer suddenly 'gullible, sad individuals' who cannot make up their own minds and are having the wool pulled over their eyes?
* Why are cancer clinics around the world, which use simple, nutritional treatments for cancer, being shut down and vilified by pharmaceutically sponsored initiatives?
* Cancer -Who can we really trust?
These and many more questions will be answered in the Campaign for Truth in Medicine's three-part special on Cancer: Who Can We Trust? commencing this EClub bulletin.

* Find out about the hundreds of studies we will quote showing the horrendous dangers of chemotherapy the cancer charities would rather you did not know about.
* Find out about the treatments that harm, and the treatments that heal.
* Discover the true science and the studies behind cancer, those pesky apricot kernels and Vitamin B17, and how a balanced, nutritional approach to the disease is reaping enormous benefits.
* Learn about the true deceit of cancer charities, why there are hundreds of these predatory organisations, even in your High Street, raising cash for more chemical research that will never work, or worse, kill many thousands more.
* Find out about the study which showed the majority of oncologists polled would not themselves take their own treatments if they developed cancer.
There is an old proverb: Fools ask questions wise men cannot answer. For those aiding and abetting the unnecessary slaughter by refusing to tell the truth and bring much needed relief to the people they purport to represent, there's another proverb: He who sups with the Devil should have a long spoon.

In the meantime, 'fools' keep disobeying their medical masters with nutritional treatments for cancer, and those pesky testimonials keep coming in. Many in hospital now find themselves considering an alternative programme: 'I'm a Human Being. Get Me Out of Here.' Well done, Bridget.

If you would like to receive our part-work series via the Internet on Cancer: Who Can We Trust? and are not currently a member of the Campaign for Truth in Medicine, you can join for FREE now by clicking here

Source: Campaign for Truth

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