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UN WHO File Reveals Dual Purpose of Eugenics Vaccines

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UN WHO File Reveals Dual Purpose of Eugenics Vaccines

For the uninitiated who will see this type of information for the first time and chalk it up to conspiracy … we strongly urge you to read through the article and the associated links. Just because information is made available to you in a blatant (in your face) fashion, and may make you uncomfortable, is not a good reason to doubt its validity, or dismiss it out of hand.

What you will read below is discussed or touched on in many articles in a fringe fashion (not so blatantly), and many of the concepts and accusations are somewhat familiar to most of you on at least some basic level.

If you take what TLB has shown you via this article and radio show,

Dr. Ngare Exposes WHO & UNICEF Tyranny on Developing World to TLB in an Exclusive Must Hear Interview

Please listen by clicking HERE

Exposing the hidden agenda of intentional and criminal sterilization of millions of African women, and tens of millions more in developing (poor) third world countries, under the guise of benevolent vaccines … then what you are about to read is merely an extension of the same albeit much more blatant.

Please keep an open mind and read on …

UN WHO File Reveals Dual Purpose of Vatican Eugenics Vaccines

UN WHO file titled “Global Vaccine Market Features and Trends” exposes the true dual purpose of eugenics vaccines. Profiteering ($100 billion marketing goal) from Vatican UN/WHO genocide.

The file provides incriminating evidence and financial motive for Vatican UN WHO criminal acts of terrorism, bioterrorism, mass murder and genocide. The Crown (corporate entity for the reigning Pope) created UN (formed to build Vatican Fourth Reich/NWO) and WHO (formed to continue Vatican Nazi Third Reich Eugenics program) intentionally disseminate viruses (Ebola, E. Coli, Meningitis, Polio) in sparsely populated areas (controlled groups) to terrorize (exploit human fear) the World into getting vaccinated and sick. Terrorism is used by the UN and WHO to intentionally create fear and trick billions of people into being sterilized and poisoned by UN WHO marketed “ethnic” bioweapon vaccines.

There are an estimated 7 billion people living on Earth today. In order for the Vatican and the Pope (the Crown) to profit and acquire the $100 billion projected marketing goal stated in the UN WHO “Global Vaccine Market Features and Trends” file, every person on Earth would have to be vaccinated. To achieve the Vatican UN WHO eugenics vaccines goal the news media are paid to instill fear in the World’s population by circulating apocryphal (false) stories of non-existing viral pandemics for Ebola, E. Coli, meningococci B Meningitis, Polio, smallpox, AIDS (triggered by WHO laced smallpox vaccine), H1N1 (the Venezuelan equine encephalitis taken and disseminated from US Army Fort Detrick Maryland biological weapon research lab by bioweapon expert Marc S Griswold and flown to Mexico aboard Obama’s Air Force One April 16, 2009), H5N1 (lab mutation of the DNA sequence of a gene of the H1N1 virus), MERS (lab mutated H5N1 virus by biological weapon terrorist Ron Fouchier) viruses.

The Vatican tasked the World Bank (Vatican established and controls it and the UN WHO) to force the governments of every country in the World, including Canada, the 1871 Crown Corporation UNITED STATES and the Jan1, 1855 est Crown (Pope) Corporation “City of London Corporation” UK to implement policies to carry out the Vatican (and the Crown/Pope) genocidal depopulation agenda. The UN World Bank’s “World Development Report 1984” p.146 and p. 22 “Step to reduce fertility” confirms that the UN and the WHO are implementing the Vatican’s genocidal depopulation agenda using nonsurgical chemical sterilization vaccines. In the 1972 UN WHO memo Virus-associated immunopathology: Animal models and implications for human disease the WHO calls for development of virus-induced immunodepression to prolong certain virus infections. Live virus laden vaccines were developed to do just that – “induce immunodepression to prolong certain virus infections”.

Prolonging induced virus infections has one purpose – profiteering through costly “treatment”. There is no profit to be made by the Vatican and the Crown (the Pope) if vaccines were developed to “prevent” or “cure” viral infections. Vaccines were developed to cause healthy people to become sterile and mortally ill. Vaccines are “for profit” manufactured bioweapons that disseminate live viruses and poisons throughout the world.


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