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Future Flu Shots Made from Dog and Insect Cells?

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March 24th 2013
By: Anne Gordon, RN

We are in desperate times and many people are completely oblivious to the fact. Rats that eat GMO food have been shown to grow deadly tumors. Our water is often tainted with plastic leaching BPA , pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other toxins - not to mention the intentional injection of mind-numbing fluoride into our drinking water 'for our teeth.' Barium salts, and aluminum have been documented as aerosols sprayed into the atmosphere for mysterious reasons which range from communication enhancements, to weather control, and, what is often termed "conspiracies.'

Our air, food, and water appear to be tainted with poisons putting public health at risk. But, this is getting creepier every minute. Today with the accelerating exponential growth in technology, so called experts, are experimenting with Frankenstein-like potions to be sold to an uninformed public. New vaccines combining technology with genetic engineering are being designed and approved today, for quicker-greater yield. Such is the case with the soon to be flu shots, for example.

Influenza is nasty, there is no question. However, it changes yearly, so it is difficult to predict the exact antigens needed for the vaccine to be effective. This year was no exception as stated by experts. They have said that the vaccine did not work very effectively for seniors over 65 this year, although appeared to provide some protection among the young.

According to Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, "when it came to seniors, the group that needs the most protection, it worked quite inadequately, frankly." The suggestion is that next year, a double dose might be better while new vaccines stronger, and more 'universal' are being developed. And yet, the Cochrane Database Review of flu vaccines in the elderly, and even those taken by healthcare who work with the elderly, has consistently found flu vaccines do not work .

Producing the traditional influenza vaccine is time consuming, and with future projections of more flu, the 'old' fashioned 60-year old method of producing flu vaccine is obsolete. It has typically taken millions of egg cultures and six months of time to grow and harvest enough flu antigen.

According to Reuters, the FDA has approved its first GMO flu vaccine with genetically modified proteins from insect cells and dog kidney cells. In November of 2012, the FDA approved a new flu vaccine grown in dog kidney cells rather than chicken eggs. Early trials may have already begun.

In Europe the Swine Flu vaccine was linked to about 800 cases of narcolepsy as reported by Reuters. The blame has been an adjuvant (booster) designed to increase the 'potency' of the vaccine, which is another way of saying its immunotoxicity, i.e. like kicking a beehive to drive antibody titers higher . Flu officials suggest that the key to better controlling the spread of flu is by producing an entirely new generation of vaccines.

Many people are content to consume and/or immerse themselves with new technologies, playing bigger better games, and being in constant entertainment and distraction [See: Do You Have Facebook Affective Disorder? ]. The price that is paid is becoming a victim of the socialized trance with impaired critical thinking. Today is the time to study, to learn outside the box of chattering controlled media to see what is going on. Flu shots are often controversial , yet the media is suggesting different. As new ones get developed, where are the long term studies, unless 6 weeks is the new normal for 'long term'?

With more than 5 babies being born every second, the health of our species is at risk. Think about this: should everything be engineered? At what point in the near future will your children, pets, and you, be prevented from being, 'in the wild'? Are we not moving towards a certain transhumanism with the new vaccine agenda?


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