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Retroviral Talk: Is HIV Just in Lesions?


International Aids Day Special - Listening to medical propaganda, one would think a retrovirus is a very bad thing - something to be killed immediately wherever it is found. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Just like cholesterol has been condemned as "bad" and this lie has given rise to a billion-dollar industry of useless and even damaging cholesterol lowering (statin) drugs, so have retrovira been condemned, giving rise to a billion-dollar industry of Aids research and pharmaceutical intervention, to cocktails of "anti-retroviral" drugs they tell us are a must for anyone reacting to that very unspecific test that shows up stressed proteins associated with HIV. The retrovirus being targeted, HIV, incidentally has never been shown to do anything that could be construed as destroying the human immune system. As a matter of fact, it seems to be a necessary component of healing wounds and lesions, as Cal Crilly has discovered.

Cal is one of the few people who are able and willing to look at these details. His latest brainchild is a question: "Is HIV to be found just in lesions?"

Good reading!

I've been looking at this subject for nearly 14 years now, I guess I stumbled in on a mess.

I often say if you analyse gibberish you may be talking gibberish so anything I write you can decide.

The main thing to know is that everything written about HIV in the last 26 years by the mainstream is complete rubbish and utterly dangerous and if you don't question it you'll miss out on seeing the panic as people realise it's gibberish.

I've talked to many friends who got tagged by the HIV test and the incredible mess the medical profession put them through.

Some did not survive and this is entirely due to medical incompetence.

But this incompetence goes to the very top and they are the ones who need to step out of the way and admit they stuffed up.

For as long as the HIV debacle goes on as is no one in the medical profession can hold their head up high.

Unless they were one of the few that spoke out.


These were my conclusions after a year or two of looking into the heart disease aspect of HIV 'infection'.

We are overall looking at heart disease, leukemia and cancers and the immune failure seen with AIDS is a result of medical incompetence, adding in drug users simply doesn't count.

They all end up with liver damage and immune failure anyway.

- - -

Is HIV just in lesions?

HIV and CD4 T-cells both need fat to exist.

HIV emerges from activated HLA-DR cells when wounds or arterial lesions need fixing.

Once a lesion is finished repairing HIV will leave the scene.

This because it's the binding RNA for caveolin.

So HIV binds caveolin to cell walls.

Well that's what I think...and that's what it looks like...

Caveolin is a lipid raft involved in cell movement, signalling and of course smooth muscle cell movement in lesions.

We have a lot of fat in our bodies, things like caveolin help it hold together.

And it looks like HIV is needed for that process.

The immune system also relies on these fat or lipid rafts to send signals.

Once HIV has bonded to caveolin to make the lipid raft stick to cells then the HIV has done its job and will not be easy to detect in blood samples in healthy people without lesions.

This is why caveolin is a HIV inhibitor.

Once HIV sticks to caveolin it's done its job.

Muscle and wound repair needs both fat as Cholesterol and Selenium along with Vitamin C and Lysine.

Anyone with low fat has low CD4 T-cells as CD4 T-cells respond to cholesterol but also anyone with low fat and lesions will not be able to repair wounds and HIV will remain loose until there is enough fat to make a lipid raft for the HIV to bind to a cell wall.

All cancers and leukemia have activated HLA-DR and lipid raft movement and caveolin... these diseases are largely caused by structural collapse of our collagen and cytoskeleton.

HIV is also likely to be a vital part of lipid raft scaffolding.

This is why Antiretroviral drugs dissolve and wreck fat and leave fat cells blobbing all over the place.

The loose fat raises T-cells counts but because the antiretrovirals stop HIV from doing it's job the lesions remain in AIDS patients and they die.

HIV is also just one of the retroviruses in our bodies.

Our genome has 8% retrovirus.

No one knows what AIDS drugs do to all of our retroviral functions because the entire medical profession is bent on destroying them even if they kill the patient.

"Caveolin-1 is a scaffolding protein that organizes and concentrates specific ligands within the caveolae membranes. We identified a conserved caveolin-1 binding motif in the HIV-1 transmembrane envelope glycoprotein gp41 and designed several synthetic peptides, referred to as CBD1, corresponding to the consensus caveolin-1 binding domain in gp41."

"Interestingly, gp41 exists as a stable complex with caveolin-1 in HIV-infected cells."

The caveolin-1 binding domain of HIV-1 glycoprotein gp41 is an efficient B cell epitope vaccine candidate against virus infection.

"Interestingly, gp41 exists as a stable complex with caveolin-1 in HIV-infected cells."

Why didn't anyone ask why it's a stable complex?

Caveolin once bound to HIV then stops HIV jumping around looking for caveolin to bind to.

"Caveolin-1 (Cav-1) is a major protein constituent of caveolae, a type of plasma membrane raft. We observed that coexpression of human Cav-1 with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) blocked virion production from cells that are ordinarily highly permissive. Further investigation showed that this effect is specific, occurs at low ratios of Cav-1 to HIV-1 DNA, depends on expression of Cav-1 protein, and involves severely impaired expression of HIV-1 proteins."
Blockade of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Expression by Caveolin-1

"In a previous study we showed that budding of HIV-1 particles occurs at highly specialized membrane microdomains known as lipid rafts. These microdomains are characterized by a distinct lipid composition that includes high concentrations of cholesterol, sphingolipids, and glycolipids. Since cholesterol is known to play a key role in the entry of some other viruses, our observation of HIV budding from lipid rafts led us to investigate the role in HIV-1 entry of cholesterol and lipid rafts in the plasma membrane of susceptible cells."
Lipid Rafts and HIV Pathogenesis: Host Membrane Cholesterol Is Required for Infection by HIV Type 1

Of course the thinking in the mainstream is if they reduce all of our cholesterol then HIV will go away.

This will simply kill off all our CD4 cells anyway so you see they think in gibberish.

It's a highly developed secret code of a language that no logical people can understand.

Is AIDS then in the main a disease of low Fat and Selenium, Vitamin C and Lysine?

And the HIV tests just pick up people with lesions or not enough fat in their diet.


I began asking a lot of questions like this when you could see people like Tine Van Der Maas fixing wounds with what they call Umlingo.
South Africa: Umlingo Wamangcolosi - 'Curing Aids' by Being Healthy

Also becoming negative over there.

All their ingredients basically help heart disease etc.

So these were were articles I wrote this year.

Notes to self and everyone else.

I first concluded that CD4 T-cells respond to arterial fat.

If you want your T-cells to go up eat more food as long as you have the Vitamin C, Selenium/Glutathione and Lysine in the diet you won't get heart disease as these are the nutrients that cure heart disease.

Thanks to Sepp Hasslberger for all these posts.

AIDS: CD4 T-Cell Test is a Measure of Fat

This is slightly off the fat subject but a descriptive analysis of what the HERV-W retrovirus does in pregnant women.

I think the fact that a retrovirus is so important for a proper pregnancy this is enough reason to completly ban the Mother to Child prevention campaign where they give disgusting drugs like AZT and Neverapine to women and children.

What do retroviruses do when pregnant?

This piece is trying to get a handle around the involvement of HIV in smooth muscle and arterial changes...

it's on the right track though for years I presumed Africans had higher levels of HLA-DR genes from genetic studies.

I think the genetic researchers I was reading didn't know HLA-DR is a lesion gene.

So the Africans they were testing perhaps just had less fat and vitamin C to patch up problems.

Aids and Arteries - The smooth muscle CD4 connection

So is HIV just in lesions?

HIV appears with HLA-DR genes whatever they all do together but they both appear in lesions.

And p24 appears in HLA-DR+ cells which also happen to appear in normal non 'HIV infected' placentas...

It was the study that made me wonder why HLA-DR+ meant you would be HIV+.

"Antigen p24 was localized to HLA-DR positive cells"
HIV proteins in normal human placentae.

And here...HIV and HLA-DR cells are stuck together...did anyone wonder why? .

Incorporation of HLA-DR into the Envelope of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 In Vivo: Correlation with Stage of Disease and Presence of Opportunistic Infection

"Oh they must be infected????" is the standard answer... but they don't know why and still are nowhere near finding out why.

So the Human Immune Retrovirus and p24 antigen only appear when HLA-DR are activated in lesions...

But the lesions go away with good nutrition and so does the p24 and HIV that appears with HLA-DR.

You can do it with any decent foods.

"This study demonstrates that DR expressed on CD4+ T cells dramatically increases HIV-1 expression. Virus production in DR+ cells was > 10-fold higher than in DR- cells as measured by p24 production. Moreover, two T cell lines that were derived from the same parental cell, one DR+ and the other DR-, differentially expressed HIV-1 following transfection with full-length HIV-1 clone as determined by luciferase.
Viral expression in DR+ transfectants were up to 20-fold higher than the DR- counterparts."

HLA-DR on T cells enhances HIV-1 expression

And you also see HLA-DR and the CD4 T-cells in arterial changes and inflammation and lesions....

"HLA-DR was expressed on 28% (range 16-42%) of all T lymphocytes in the wall of the inflamed temporal artery, but only on average on 6% of peripheral blood T lymphocytes, indicating a high degree of local T cell activation in the inflammatory lesion."
HLA-DR expression in the vascular lesion and circulating T lymphocytes of patients with giant cell arteritis

"HLA-DR expression was more often seen in macrophages and T cells in ruptures (25 of 28 cases) compared with expression in macrophages in superficial erosion arteries ...."
Coronary Plaque Erosion Without Rupture Into a Lipid Core A Frequent Cause of Coronary Thrombosis in Sudden Coronary Death

And all other lesions such as kidney, liver, lung, skin, causes can be fungus, bacteria like TB, chemicals, solvents like benzene and alcohol, scurvy, smoking, cancer, etc etc have HLA-DR active in repairing the wound and HIV seems to be a part of that.
Therefore HIV is just part of the wound process, if you are unlucky enough to have some form of lesion then HLA-DR+ activated cells appear and that's where HIV is.

You can google 'lesion' with any organ you pick and 'HLA-DR' and the 3 will appear.

I've tried kidney, liver, heart, lung, foot, brain, mouth, neck, stomach, gut...gum...oral and caries lesions...

They all come up bingo.

HLA-DR is not a racial gene as I once thought but one that kicks in for wound repair.

Africans and blacks in the US etc are just poorer so are battered about more as we all know from poverty.

And they also get tested more.

That is also an aspect of this epidemic, the medical profession have proved themselves to be blind bigots.

Very few doctors have even registered that the presumption that gays, prostitutes, junkies and Africans and Hispanics will be all carrying a sex virus is quite dodgy.

And if you test these groups over and over again with a dodgy test well someone will look positive.

This test that had nothing to do with a sex virus but was trying to pick up the 'leukemia' retroviruses we all get with cancer so of course the 'sex transmission' belief will stuff up all the data.

Intravenous drug addicts have lesions - well duh.

The gays that first appeared with 'AIDS' snorted drugs that made their lungs bleed.

Hemophiliacs bleed.

Only junkie prostitutes get AIDS the others get paid enough to eat properly.

Even sperm uses HLA-DR to attach with???

"Remember that sperm binds to HLA-DR on white blood cells. Interestingly enough, it turns out that the AIDS virus is covered with a protein coat that mimics HLA-DR in several important respects, including its structure. This suggests that sperm are able to attract and acquire AIDS virus particles."

This study may have clicked it all for me.

These African women became HIV after this using drug tenofovir which causes lesions.

"About 127 Zimbabwean women who were HIV negative are feared to be now HIV positive after they participated in trials that were aimed at testing a set of drugs that medical experts thought could reduce the risk of infection."
HIV Negative Zimbabwean Women Test positive After Drug Trials

The drug causes lesion in all sorts of places like kidney and liver too.

Or skin rashes will do the trick to react with p24.

"Among 210 patients at 2 indigent care HIV clinics, 9 cases of tenofovir-associated skin reactions were reported. (23) Eight patients were diagnosed with tenofovir-related reactions--a pruritic eruption involving the face (n=7), extremities (n=5), trunk (n=4), and entire body (n=2) occurred within the first 2 weeks of tenofovir therapy. One patient developed concomitant urticarial lesions, angioedema, and shortness of breath. In 2 instances, skin lesions first developed after resumption of a previous tenofovir-containing regimen. Six out of the 8 patients were rechallenged with tenofovir or tenofovir/emtricitabine and developed recurrence of skin eruption and pruritus within 24 to 48 hours, resulting in permanent discontinuation of tenofovir. Three of these patients were taking efavirenz as part of their regimen, which is also associated with cutaneous reactions."
Cutaneous drug reactions associated with newer antiretroviral agents

Or the standard AZT used in millions of gays, women and children...mice study but really what was anyone thinking?

"Although MgD alone led to a 1.9-fold increase in plasma thromboxane B(2) (TXB(2), derived from the highly vasoconstrictive TXA(2)), AZT + MgD increased the TXB(2) level 3.5-fold. AZT (+/-MgD) provoked prominent hepatic damage expressed by distortion of lobular architecture, nuclear and cellular swelling, and inflammatory lesions and loss of hepatocytes. AZT alone caused mild cardiac lesions, resulting in partial cardiac fibrosis, especially in the atrium. AZT + MgD caused only scattered small-size cardiac lesions consisting of microscopic foci of inflammatory infiltrates in the ventricles but led to more prominent lesions, fibrosis, and scars in the atrium. MgD or AZT alone caused varying degrees of skeletal muscle degeneration; in combination, more intense degeneration and regeneration of muscle cells were evident."
Cardiac pathologic effects of azidothymidine (AZT) in Mg-deficient mice

"AZT alone caused mild cardiac lesions, resulting in partial cardiac fibrosis, especially in the atrium."

I'm going a bit further and I'm saying that antiretrovirals cause heart disease and blood poisoning, well of course it's no secret.

But even more so than that is the possibility that stopping HIV and other retroviruses makes us fall apart.

They are cell to cell fusion RNA in other retroviral studies.

What is different with HIV?

Did HIV just stay a vague cash in and everyone hoped no one will notice?

The transmitted claim really got the panic and money flowing and this has been from day one.

But if you fix lesions HIV goes.



All this analysis has little point unless it can be put into practice.

It looks very much as if repairing any lesions from psoriasis to candida or TB can stop the HIV test from cross reacting with your wounds.

Also the growth seen with leukemic T-cells is a HIV positive.

The advice below largely works on heart disease and leukemia so make up your own minds????

It won't hurt and if you do have real fungal or bacterial infections these things will help hold the body together.

I use Thyme tea and recommend copper foods with avoidance of iron foods in infections as a fix.


"Three recombinant proteins from HIV-1 (p24, gp41 and gp120)".....these are the antigens to knock off....

New membrane assay for the detection of antibody to HIV-1 and HIV-2 using recombinant proteins.

I think you can try Bromelain, Turmeric, Olive Leaf Extract and and Green Tea, Sage or Lemon Balm to block the antigens.

Maybe not Sage a week before the test as it has estrogens which in theory could stimulate retroviruses.

Green tea definitely is needed.

Eat enough veggies like the brazil nuts, broccoli garlic for selenium, lemons and all the rest of the yum stuff with a folate and B12 supplement or food, that's for the viral load test.

Eat good amounts fat (: that keeps T-cells up and repairs wounds and get enough sun and sleep so you're hormones stay normal.

Cod liver oil if it rains or gets cloudy for days - as low Vitamin D makes viruses express - or sun.

When you stay in front of a computer at night you destroy the melatonin in your pineal gland and that effects things too.

So get good sleep.

Fish may be the best, it also has decent lysine levels, milk and red meat have a molecule we are allergic to and can cause inflammation.

Most of these recommended foods have anti-inflammatory effect.

CD44 is an attachment molecule that always turns up in tumours and is a good indication cancer will spread.

So HIV buds there.

There is a cross over with HLA-DR here, they occur together.

"CD44 was concentrated in two locations: in clathrin coated pits and at the base of budding HIV virions. For many (although not all) virions, CD44 co-located with budding HIV and appears to form a "collar" at the base of the budding virus. We saw no differences in CD44 localization between HIVLAI/III and HIVBAL isolates, nor differences in HIVLAI/IIIB and HIVBAL gp120gp41 "spike and ball" morphology. No significant immunogold staining of ICAM-1 was seen in these same experiments although low expression of ICAM-1 on the cell surface was shown by indirect immunofluorescence and flow cytometry. However, by using AA5 cells with high expression of ICAM-1 on the cell surface, an even distribution of ICAM-1 both HIVLAI/IIIB-infected and uninfected AA5 cells was observed. We saw only rare association of ICAM-1 molecules with HIV virions. Co-localization of CD44 with HIV virions at the site of virus budding supports the hypothesis that CD44 may be involved in HIV budding."
Co-localization of CD44 expression with HIV budding in HIV-infected cells.

I think and suspect Bromelain may have an effect on p24 but I may be wrong, I'll work out the maths later.

But it stops HIV budding in CD44.... so therefore the p24 is likely to disappear.

Be careful with bromelain being a blood thinner, it's good to be on lysine first with enough fat foods and make sure you have vitamin k in the diet to not bleed.

Bromelain has never made me bleed, I've been on it 4 years for psoriasis.

Green tea has vitamin K.

Bromelain knocks off CD44 so there is nowhere to bud.

"CD44 cell surface proteins are involved in leukocyte binding to endothelium and the metastatic spread of tumor cells. Using flow cytometric analysis (FCMA), we investigated the effects of the proteases bromelain, papain, trypsin, and chymotrypsin on the density of CD44 molecules present on human leukemia Molt 4/8 cells. Bromelain was found to be most active in reducing CD44 receptor density."
Bromelain proteinases modulate the cd44 expression on human molt-4/8 leukemia and sk-mel-28 melanoma-cells in-vitro.

And if HIV is as Gallo made out a retrovirus that appears with leukemia then bromelain will work as it cures leukemia.

High levels of the adhesion molecule CD44 on leukemic cells generate acute myeloid leukemia relapse after withdrawal of the initial transforming event

Recent experimental study found that OLE (olive leaf extract) has anti-HIV activity by blocking the HIV virus entry to host cells
Computational study of bindings of olive leaf extract (OLE) to HIV-1 fusion protein gp41

Binding of the green tea catechin, epigallocatechin gallate, to the CD4 receptor on human immune cells resulting in inhibition of HIV-1-gp120 binding and HIV-1 infectivity

These teas below all have effect on wound healing by the way, as does green tea.

Try them all, Sage will stop dementia.

"Extracts from lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.), peppermint (Mentha × piperita L.), and sage (Salvia officinalis L.) exhibited a high and concentration-dependent activity against the infection of HIV-1 in T-cell lines, primary macrophages, and in ex vivo tonsil histocultures with 50% inhibitory concentrations as low as 0.004%. The aqueous Lamiaceae extracts did not or only at very high concentrations interfere with cell viability. Mechanistically, extract exposure of free virions potently and rapidly inhibited infection, while exposure of surface-bound virions or target cells alone had virtually no antiviral effect. In line with this observation, a virion-fusion assay demonstrated that HIV-1 entry was drastically impaired following treatment of particles with Lamiaceae extracts, and the magnitude of this effect at the early stage of infection correlated with the inhibitory potency on HIV-1 replication. Extracts were active against virions carrying diverse envelopes (X4 and R5 HIV-1, vesicular stomatitis virus, ecotropic murine leukemia virus), but not against a non-enveloped adenovirus."
Aqueous extracts from peppermint, sage and lemon balm leaves display potent anti-HIV-1 activity by increasing the virion density

Also use things like turmeric as this is used in leukemia to stop leukemic cells going out of control and any thing that stops leukemia naturally stops a so called "leukemia retrovirus" like HIV and while you're at it use coconut oil in the curries.

Tomatoes are fab too cos of lycopenes, artichoke pastas... actually all the foods with flavonoids have effect... lemons, berries etc..

Mushrooms I believe should thrown in a plenty due to wound healing properties and the sulphurs.. all of them

hope this helps


The reason things like coconut oil work on HIV is wound healing..


VCO-treated wounds healed much faster, as indicated by a decreased time of complete epithelization and higher levels of various skin components. Pepsin-soluble collagen showed a significant increase in VCO- treated wounds, indicating a higher collagen cross-linking. Glycohydrolase activities were also found to be increased due to a higher turnover of collagen. Antioxidant enzyme activities, and reduced glutathione and malondialdehyde levels were found to be increased on the 10th day after wounding, which were found to have returned to normal levels on day 14 in the treated wounds. The lipid peroxide levels were found to be lower in the treated wounds. A histopathological study showed an increase in fibroblast proliferation and neovascularization in VCO-treated wounds compared to controls."

Effect of topical application of virgin coconut oil on skin components and antioxidant status during dermal wound healing in young rats.

"neovascularization in VCO-treated wounds compared to controls."
Means it made new arteries, I think it gives fats for HIV to bind on and finish repairs.

Things like Butyrate are odd, they fix wounds.

"Researchers working with an experimental drug for sickle cell anemia noticed an unexpected side effect: the incidental healing of debilitating leg ulcers in seven patients.

That serendipitous observation led to a 25-patient phase II study in which treatment with the compound, arginine butyrate, healed 17 of 37 leg ulcers. In contrast, among 24 ulcers that received standard local care for wounds, complete healing was documented for one ulcer.

Several of the participants had suffered with large open sores for decades."
Arginine Butyrate Heals Sickle Cell Leg Ulcers

or a patent on Butyric for wound healing...

Methods For The Treatment Of Wounds Using Butyric Acid Salts And Derivatives

Though butyric acid stimulates HIV!!!

We thus found that P. gingivalis could induce HIV-1 reactivation via chromatin modification and that butyric acid, one of the bacterial metabolites, is responsible for this effect.

My point being should you risk a therapy like butyrate that might stimulate HIV and fix your lesions???

Or use anti-retrovirals that stop HIV and create lesions????

As a final point retinoids in general seem to stimulate our retroviruses.
That is Vitamin A.

I tell people to be careful with carrot juice as vitamin A hypomethylates DNA.

This also makes retroviruses come out of the genome.

Now if this was really bad for us then why is vitamin A so good for us in the right dose?

"We show that levels of virus replication in monocytes cultured 7 days before and continuously after HIV infection in 1 to 10 microM retinoic acid were 10- to 20-fold greater than those of control cells."
Enhanced HIV-1 replication in retinoid-treated monocytes

That's a lot more HIV in cells exposed to Vitamin A...!!!!!

When people take steroids it kind of stops cells from growing and tones down cytokine activity and inflammation.

The inflammation being where all the HIV is.

But those types of steroids stop wound healing....

"Anti-inflammatory corticosteroids significantly impair wound healing. Retinoids partially, but significantly, reverse this effect. Little is known about the mechanism of steroid retardation or retinoid reversal. We hypothesized that corticosteroids lower transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) levels and tissue deposition in wounds and that retinoids stimulate corticosteroid-impaired TGF-beta and IGF-I release and collagen production."
Effects of steroids and retinoids on wound healing

But "Retinoids partially, but significantly, reverse this effect."

Retinoids just switch on the critters or RNA or messengers or retroviruses or whatever you want to call them.

And this inexplicably leads to wounds healing.

While the nutrients that also make the retroviruses go back into DNA like B12 also patch the area.

B12 is better than drugs and it also methylates DNA so helps keep retroviral activity lower...
Cutaneous lesions and vitamin B12 deficiency An often-forgotten link


Don't look..

If you're desperate this works..

"Human urine treatment orally produced a significant increase in the breaking strength, dry tissue weight and hydroxyproline content in dead space wound model. It was concluded that human urine applied topically or administered orally (10 ml/kg, p.o) possesses wound healing activity."
Wound healing activity of human urine in rats

Thing is though it's really not funny, I'll cry when this is over.

A good guide to fixing yourself with google is type in "whatever you are using" well not literally, with the words "wounds" or "lesions".

And learn yourself, every person to their own taste.

Fix AIDS yourself.

I'm now summoning the dead to clear the way.

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