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Viral HPV DNA Contaminant Found In Gardasil

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Aware And Prepare

September 7, 2011

By admin

As California has set forth a mandate allowing children 12 and over to be vaccinated with Gardasil without parental consent, nor even telling the parents it has happened, recent news has been released highlighting the danger in the Gardasil vaccine also proving its low quality bunch science. A viral HPV DNA contaminant has been found in Gardasil according to SANE Vax.

As reported via SANE

A sexually naïve 13 year old girl from Toronto had developed acute juvenile rheumatoid arthritis within 24 hours after the third Gardasil™ injection. Two years later, her blood was tested by a local clinical laboratory and found to be positive for HPV DNA.

Local physicians could provide no explanation. Human papillomavirus is an epithelial virus which does not survive in the blood stream for long. HPV only thrives on skin and mucosal membranes. They could not explain why HPV was in her blood instead of HPV antibodies.

Desperate for answers, her mother called SANE Vax to see if there was any research available that might shed some light on her daughter's situation. Not having any contradictory information available, the SANE Vax team agreed to contact some experts for their professional opinion.

Many phone calls and much research later, the only option left was to try to determine whether Gardasil could have been the possible source of HPV in the girl's blood.

Dr. Sin Hang Lee, a pathologist at the Milford Hospital pathology laboratory well-known for using cutting-edge DNA sequencing for molecular diagnoses,[i] was initially contracted to examine a single sample of Gardasil for possible contamination. This sample tested positive for recombinant viral HPV-11 and viral HPV-18 residues, both of which were firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant.

So whats the problem with recombinant DNA, aside from being attached to aluminum which has an affinity for the brain and has been implicated in issues of alzhemiers and neuro degeneration?

'Recombinant DNA' is a DNA that has been artificially attached to DNA from another species or a man-made DNA construct, in other words, genetically modified. 'Recombinant DNA,' also known as genetically modified DNA, is considered a biohazard. This is what states, drug companies, doctors and other medical professionals what you to inject into your children.

SANE Continues:

Concerned that recombinant DNA, if present, might have triggered some of the autoimmune-based inflammatory disorders and malignant tumors observed among children/young women after receiving Gardasil™ vaccinations, medical professionals and vaccine safety advocates from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, and Poland donated samples of Gardasil™ currently distributed in their countries to be examined.

In all, 13 different lot numbers were tested by Dr. Sin Hang Lee. One hundred percent of the samples were found to be contaminated with viral HPV DNA residues, firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant.

At the time of Gardasil™ approval, both Merck and the FDA represented that there was no viral DNA in the vaccine.[v][vi][vii] Both the FDA and Merck knew, or should have known, that any residual recombinant HPV DNA left in the vaccine could pose a health risk to any medical consumer injected with Gardasil™.

Folks it is apparent that Gardasil should be removed from the market, as independent science has shown that Merck and the FDA might have been looking the other way since Viral HPV DNA contaminant was found in Gardasil, and both parties said the biohazardous element was not present. The Gardasil is causing damage in children and parents hands are tied, while no clear benefit has been proven. Additionally, there needs to be a separate vaccine fund set up to help these children and parents, while not giving overt legal protection to the vaccine makers or the FDA, or states which mandate Gardasil use.

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