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by: Beldeu Singh

Educating people on the pseudo-science on which the AIDs industry is based is not easy. Governments will not stand up to the truth. They do not tell people that the test kits used to hand down the HIV diagnosis carry the disclaimer stating that "the test kit cannot be used to diagnose and treat AIDs" and that the cocktail of drugs used are immunosuppressive. AZT is "toxic by inhalation" and it "causes the same symptoms as AIDS"! How nice. Now that is a hallmark in modern medical science. But the truth is coming out on the internet.


Now let’s take a look at the treatment philosophy in the case of AIDS patients. The AZT package insert reads – “AZT use “MAY BE ASSOCIATED WITH HEMATOLOGIC TOXICITY INCLUDING GRANULOCYTOPENIA AND SEVERE ANEMIA” (destruction of white and red blood cells respectively), and “PROLONGED USE OF RETROVIR HAS BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH SYMPTOMATIC MYOPATHY (gross atrophy of muscle tissue) SIMILAR TO THAT PRODUCED BY HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS”.



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"If HIV is claimed to cause AIDS by killing T-cells, how is it possible for the mass production of HIV to continue indefinitely in immortal T-cell lines as shown in the patent of 1984 as a source of HIV proteins for “AIDS tests” by Gallo/NIH, Weiss/Burroughs. Wellcome (UK), and Montagnier/Pasteur?” So, the SECOND PARADOX IN AIDS is… If the gallo-HIV actually attacks these infected cell lines, how come they are still producing HIV 21 years later! The proponents of the gallo-HIV theory have proven exactly the opposite - that HIV does not kill T-cells and cannot be the cause of AIDS. (he may be growing them in cancer cells).

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