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Jon Rappoport
Investigative Reporter
May 17, 2011

Well, it's actually vaccine world.

I've written many articles about the so-called outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics of the last 25 years-SARS, bird flu, West Nile, Swine Flu... The stats show these illnesses, at best, were duds. They never spread to a fraction of the extent predicted.

And was there ever prediction! Everybody and his cousin got in on the act. Doctors, public health agencies, political leaders, conspiracy researchers. Franky, to blow my own horn a little, I was one of the people who put this crap to bed. I raked the fear mongers over the coals and showed, from a number of angles, why the predictions were based on no firm evidence at all.

But the mainstream epidemic mongers did accomplish one goal. They took the opportunity to hammer the global population over the head with the idea that WE ALL MUST GET VACCINATED.

In some countries, alas for them, it didn't work. People caught on the to the basic scam.

However, the PR never stops. In one small example, the governor of Washington state, last week, signed into a law a measure that makes it necessary for parents (who want to opt out of vaccinating their kids) to first visit a health practitioner, who is now duty bound to provide information about vaccines. This appointment has to precede even the action of claiming a religious or philosophical exemption for children.

The medical strategy is to keep up relentless repetition about the need for and value of vaccination-and these fake epidemics providethe opportunity in spades.

You should know that.

The mindless PR campaign also provides citizen fools, who think they're quasi-doctors and scientific elitists, with the chance to spout off about vaccination as a duty of every responsible parent. Typical boomer nonsense.

However, it does work, because peer pressure is a strong force-and so parents who are on the outside looking in, and don't want to vaccinate their kids, are thought of as crazies. Dangerous crazies, who are exposing their own children, and other children in the community, to illness.

Many PR campaigns have this component. They may not succeed in all their goals, but they do define two basic groups-the normals and the nuts.

The normals (android types) look at the nuts and build up resentment toward them. And the nuts feel oppressed.

It's called a squeeze play.

During the centuries of Roman Church domination, it was called excommunication.

From a purely political angle, it's quite ingenious, this vaccine promotion...because it pretends that, without all the shots, whole populations will fall under the gun of communicable disease and we will all revert back to darker times.

I've spent many hours writing and talking about this false premise-how the decline of infectious disease in the West was the result of non-medical factors: basic sanitation, elimination of overcrowding, the rise of the middle class, and improved nutrition.

The vaccination PR campaign has the objective of making everyone into a Group. One big group. All of humanity. Interdependent. The Global Village. That's the vector of attack against our freedom to choose, to vaccinate or not:

"No, you can't do that. You're part of everyone else, and if you don't follow our vaccine directives, you're endangering the collective."

It works beautifully, once you accept the basic fallacious medical view of disease-one germ, one cause, one remedy, one method of prevention.

This is why, for the last 23 years, I've been educating people on the fact that medical propaganda and enforcement is the very best method for attaining long-range political control. The propaganda has no apparent partisan slant. It seems to favor no political cause at all. It has a neutral concerned scientific attitude. Along with, of course, the notion that the experts know everything and we, the children, know nothing.

And since we know nothing, we have no right to exercise our freedom to choose. That freedom stops at the door of "science."

If you believe that one, you're cooked. They've got you.

Look up the road into the future. Use a little common sense and a little imagination, and you'll be able to see where this is heading. Unless it's derailed.

I'm betting it's not a place you want to be.

That's why freedom matters.

I know, freedom is now a dirty word. Well, that's the result of a whole other propaganda op.

They're connected, believe me. The medical cartel and collectivism. They're on an elite chessboard.

Two streams coming together.

Here are the best statistics I could find for the phony epidemics I've been talking about. These are global, and cumulative:

SARS: 774 deaths.

WEST NILE: 1,088 deaths

BIRD FLU: 262 deaths

SWINE FLU (H1N1): 25,000 deaths.

Keep in mind that the CDC claims ordinary seasonal flu in the US kills 36,000 people a year, and the World Health Organization states that ordinary seasonal flu kills between 300,000 and 500,000 people a year, globally. None of this is called an epidemic.


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