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Six Ways to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Nutrition

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research by Cal Crilly

This is not doctor's advice, as you will plainly see when you start reading. Cal is just a normal guy with a bent for ferreting out biochemical connections and finding the important information hidden in scientific studies that the pharma-controlled cancer industry has no desire to make known. Since Cal is not an expert, you must make up your own mind ...


Pineapple flower - by Sepp
(Bromelain is obtained from unripe pineapples)

This is dedicated to Jacquie, my loving ex-mother in law who was a surrogate mum to me for a good decade. If I had known these things 5 years or so ago she might be still with us now but when I press send on this button here I know she'll be behind me with the biggest cheesiest grin and she'll be happy.

I've been giving dietary advice to various friends who have been passing this information on to relatives with differing forms of cancer. So far all the ones who have taken this advice are alive and also free of cancer, this is over a period of 3 years, 2 had surgery first and no more, one had surgery and chemo, one had chemo and radiation.

Writing this is an attempt to get a my interpretation of the cancer phenomena out of my head, to describe with proof what I think the data means and to come up with simple, affordable and doable self treatments that can be used with whatever other therapy is chosen.

I'd like to see the work of oncologists who treat cancer get easier.

I also want to see people get better and get on with their lives.

All I tell them to do is take up to 2 grams of Bromelain with meals. To get some form of Selenium food either from 3-4 Brazil nuts a day or from Broccoli and Garlic. I now recommend a bottle of Cod Liver Oil a week (I do this for psoriasis, it's not recommended if pregnant). I suggest Green Tea as Green Tea and Cod Liver Oil work synergistically. Some Lysine tablets, at least 3 grams worth with cancer. Vitamin C, preferably from food such as lemons though Sodium Ascorbate powder will do. I haven't advised people to take B3 or Nicotinamide but I now think I should.

- - -

So here's why...

I see a tumour as acting like a foetus, this is not new as many researchers both mainstream and alternative descibe cancer in exactly the same way....

The Trophoblast Theory of Cancer is now over a hundred years old, this theory describes Cancer cells as behaving like the invasive Trophoblast cells that occur during pregnancy.

Trophoblasts surround the new dividing baby cells and release enzymes that create new arteries and divert blood supplies from the main spinal artery to the placenta. By late pregnancy the baby is feeding off 40% of the mother's blood supply and a pregnancy will fail if the trophoblast cells fail to create those new arteries, amazing little things.

Or described in other words....

"In the case of cancer, the genetic damage induces the stem cell to become a variant of a trophoblast cell. Layers of trophoblast cells are used exclusively in pregnancy to surround a fertilized egg. Their short-lived role in pregnancy is to attach to the uterine wall using tiny protein pieces as hooks or tentacles and provide a path of nutrition to the developing embryo from the mother's normal cells. Cancer is simply trophoblast-like cells growing in inappropriate locations."
The Pregnancy Connection to Cancer

Harvey Kilman has a complex read on trophoblasts while the pictures are worth a look to get the gist.
From Trophoblast to Human Placenta

Ralph Moss wrote about it, he's a former oncologist who gets pretty savage about conventional therapy, very informative, if you read him you'll be tempted to take a holiday first before any course of chemo.

Caspases are enzymes that tell Trophoblast cells that their job is over and Caspases also tell Tumor cells to shut down and die, the word for this is apoptosis.

These are various non-toxic dietary foods that bring about apoptosis or tumor cell death via caspase.

Caspases as Key Executors of Methyl Selenium-induced Apoptosis (Anoikis) of DU-145 Prostate Cancer Cells

Selenium activates p53 and p38 pathways and induces caspase-independent cell death in cervical cancer cells

How can this be done?
By eating Selenium Rich foods such as Brazil Nuts, Broccoli and Garlic.

BMP-4 and retinoic acid synergistically induce activation of caspase-9 and cause apoptosis of P19 embryonal carcinoma cells cultured as a monolayer

Role of mitochondria and caspases in vitamin D mediated apoptosis of MCF-7 breast cancer cells

How can this be done?
Cod Liver oil as recommended for Retinoic acid/Vitamin A and Cod Liver Oil or Sunlight for the Vitamin D.
Or lots of carrots or yellow, orange and red vegetables if vegetarian for Vitamin A

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate Induces Caspase-3-dependent Apoptosis in Human Gastric Cancer Cell Line

How can this be done?
Drink Green Tea.

"The apple procyanidins increased mitochondrial membrane permeability and cytochrome c release from mitochondria and activated caspase-3 and caspase-9 within the tumor cells."
Apple procyanidins induce tumor cell apoptosis through mitochondrial pathway activation of caspase-3

Bear in mind here that Apricot Kernels are illegal in the US and some countries.
People have gone to jail for selling them as a remedy but here we have the definitive proof that Laetrile or B17 always worked and whoever was in charge of the FDA at that time could have stopped millions of people from dying, what were they thinking?
It's even better than that, caspase-3 and caspase-9 are kind of the aces of spades of tumor cascades in my book.

"Our data show that curcumin activates caspases-3 and -8 but not caspase-9, supporting the rationale that apoptosis occurs via a membrane-mediated mechanism."
Curcumin Induces Apoptosis in Human Melanoma Cells through a Fas Receptor/Caspase-8 Pathway Independent of p53

How can this be done?
Turmeric in curries will do the trick

"Results demonstrated that the activation of caspase-3, caspase-8, and caspase-9 is an important determinant of apoptotic death induced by aloe-emodin."
Effects and mechanisms of aloe-emodin on cell death in human lung squamous cell carcinoma

How can this be done?
Drink Aloe Vera, ugh.

The body needs enzymes to create Caspase otherwise the things above won't work and I believe Bromelain is the safest and proven enzyme to effect tumours.

The other brilliant thing about Bromelain is that it mimics Pancreatic enzymes and this helps digestion and in particular digestion of the sugars which tumour cells can live off.

Bromelain also knocks off CD44 receptors from tumour cells, this prevents them from attaching to other cells and of course stops the spread of cancer.

"Bromelain is a pharmacologically active compound, present in stems and immature fruits of pineapples (Ananas cosmosus), which has been shown to have anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic and anti-metastatic properties."
"Results showed that bromelain application delayed the onset of tumorigenesis and reduced the cumulative number of tumors, tumor volume and the average number of tumors/mouse. To establish a cause and effect relationship, we targeted the proteins involved in the cell death pathway. Bromelain treatment resulted in upregulation of p53 and Bax and subsequent activation of caspase 3 and caspase 9 with concomitant decrease in antiapoptotic protein Bcl-2 in mouse skin."
Regulation of p53, nuclear factor kappaB and cyclooxygenase-2 expression by bromelain through targeting mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway in mouse skin.

You will find with a simple Google that many chemotherapy drugs affect caspases and this is one of the main reasons that they work, the only problem is that chemotherapy is invariably toxic to other cells, that's why I use simple foods that do the same thing.

These are examples of chemotherapy drugs that induces caspase activity.

Actinomycin D, Acrolein, Doxorubicin, Bleomycin, Carboplatin, Cladribine, Cannabinoids, Etoposide, Ginseng, Alemtuzumab, Flavopiridol, Fludarabine, Retinoids, 13-cis-retinoic acid, Tamoxifen, Taxol, 5-fluorouracil.

This is the prognosis for you using 5-fluorocil.

"Pancreatic cancer remains a major unsolved health problem, with conventional cancer treatments having little impact on disease course. Almost all patients who have pancreatic cancer develop metastases and die. The main risk factors are smoking, age, and some genetic disorders, although the primary causes are poorly understood. Advances in molecular biology have, however, greatly improved understanding of the pathogenesis of pancreatic cancer. Many patients have mutations of the K-ras oncogene, and various tumour-suppressor genes are also inactivated. Growth factors also play an important part. However, disease prognosis is extremely poor. Around 15-20% of patients have resectable disease, but only around 20% of these survive to 5 years. For locally advanced, unresectable, and metastatic disease, treatment is palliative, although fluorouracil chemoradiation for locally advanced and gemcitabine chemotherapy for metastatic disease can provide palliative benefits."
Pancreatic cancer.

And Bromelain works better than 5-FU anyway...

"The antitumoral activity was assessed by the survival increase (% survival index) following various treatments. With the exception of MB-F10 melanoma, all other tumor-bearing animals had a significantly increased survival index after bromelain treatment. The largest increase ( approximately 318 %) was attained in mice bearing EAT ascites and receiving 12.5 mg/kg of bromelain. This antitumoral effect was superior to that of 5-FU, whose survival index was approximately 263 %, relative to the untreated control. Bromelain significantly reduced the number of lung metastasis induced by LLC transplantation, as observed with 5-FU."
In Vivo Antitumoral Activity of Stem Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Bromelain.

You can probably work out your dose with that formula?
"12.5 mg/kg of bromelain."

Multiply 0.0125 by your weight.
Mine is only 800g, I take 2000g because it makes my skin well.
Love it.

I think the Queensland Pineapple growers need some marketing.

I'll quickly mention Wormwood, it's kind of gross to drink but I like it, this is the result of an extract but Wormwood tea works anyway, neat results.

"Results. In this study, the deoxoartemisinin trimer had the most potent antitumor effect (IC50 = 6.0 M), even better than paclitaxel (IC50 = 13.1 M), on oral cancer cell line (YD-10B). In addition, it induced apoptosis through a caspase-3-dependent mechanism."
Conclusion. The deoxoartemisinin trimer was found to have greater antitumor effect on tumor cells than other commonly used chemotherapeutic drugs, such as 5-FU, cisplatin, and paclitaxel.
Effects of artemisinin and its derivatives on growth inhibition and apoptosis of oral cancer cells

Just little things like that are useful and as you add a whole arrangement of every day foods as well as teas to your conventional treatment your chances simply increase.

I must warn people to avoid sugar so your pancreas doesn't have to work harder.

There were about 20 clinics successfully using pancreatic enzymes for cancer at the beginning of the last century and they simply went out of fashion, don't you love fashion.

Your pancreas breaks down sugars and so needs enzymes to do that.

"These results are far above the survival at one year and survival at two years for all stages of pancreatic adenocarcinoma reported in the National Cancer Data Base from 1995. This pilot study suggests that an aggressive nutritional therapy with large doses of pancreatic enzymes led to significantly increased survival over what would normally be expected for patients with inoperable pancreatic adenocarcinoma."
Evaluation of pancreatic proteolytic enzyme treatment of adenocarcinoma of the pancreas, with nutrition and detoxification support.

If you add these foods to your diet it simply adds enzymes to digest sugars and the rest.
Bromelain is the lazy way to do it, I use it and it stops any psoriasis nicely.
I'm too lazy to eat fruit.

The best food sources of digestive enzymes are: sprouts (easy and inexpensive to grow on your own), unripe papaya, unripe pineapple, avocados, bananas, and mangos.

Selenium and cancer

I put Brazil nuts in muesli (about 3 to 4, not every night) and you can throw Broccoli and Garlic into all sorts of meals. Seafood also has heaps of Selenium. They are all foods you can get selenium from.

Selenium foods like that also add the building blocks for the cell protective anti-oxidant Glutathione. And also for Methylation, more on that at the end.

Brazil nuts can stop night sweats if needed, works every time I tell friends. Night sweats and weight loss are hyperthyroid symptoms and generally the first signs of selenium or copper deficiency.

And it's useful to know that copper foods like cashews can be used to put weight on if patients get caxechia.

"This paper reports the results of two mammary cancer prevention experiments in the rat dimethylbenz[a]anthracene model by continuous feeding of selenium-rich Brazil nut (processed to a smooth-textured nut material for mixing in the diet). A dose-dependent inhibitory response was observed at dietary selenium concentrations of 1-3 micrograms/g. Interestingly, Brazil nut was found to be just as powerful as sodium selenite, if not more so, at similar levels of dietary selenium intake."
Bioactivity of selenium from Brazil nut for cancer prevention and selenoenzyme maintenance.

"These results demonstrate that dietary supplementation of selenomethionine reduced experimental metastasis of melanoma cells in mice and inhibited the growth of metastatic tumors that formed in the lungs."
Dietary supplementation of selenomethionine reduces metastasis of melanoma cells in mice

See it works....

The reason for this advice is here and it may sound confusing but I should show it.
Brazil nuts have Selenomethionine and that is a building block to make S-Adenosylmethionine or SAM.

"SAM is derived from an ATP-dependent transfer of adenosine to methionine via methionine adenosyltransferase and serves as the proximal methyl donor for most methylation reactions."
"The formation of SAM requires a continuous supply of folate, methionine, choline, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin B2 and energy from the extracellular milieu."
"Higher DNA methyltransferase activity has been observed in tumor cells compared to normal cells. Chronic dietary methyl deficiency also increases DNA methyltransferase activity, which may be an attempt to compensate for diminished SAM supply. Nutrient supply, therefore, appears to play a key role in regulating DNA methyltransferase activity."

What's it all mean?

Well if "Higher DNA methyltransferase activity has been observed in tumor cells compared to normal cells." ... then Higher DNA methyltransferase is not good. If these nutrients "folate, methionine, choline, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin B2" are low then there's not enough SAM to stop the "Higher DNA methyltransferase activity".

I don't agree with Folic acid inhibitors as a result, I don't think you should take a supplement of Folic acid either, just get it by eating well.

Here is the Methionine content of Brazils.

"The proteins found in Brazil nuts are very high in sulfur-containing amino acids like cysteine (8%) and methionine (18%) and are also extremely rich in glutamine, glutamic acid, and arginine."
A hard nut cracked: Brazil nuts' selenium compounds identified

Garlic may be a bit safer, in this study less Selenium accumulated in the bones than with Brazil nuts but since this is cancer I suggested Brazil nuts because you get it more easily, with less Garlic breath. Use Broccoli too, it's another good source.

"This suggests that the anti-cancer activity of the high-selenium garlic was likely to be accounted for by the effect of selenium, rather than the effect of garlic per se."
"Thus, based on the results of several biological responses, it appears that the ability of the high-selenium garlic to protect against tumorigenesis is primarily dependent on increased intake of selenium provided by the vegetable."
Efficacy of cancer prevention by high-selenium garlic is primarily dependent on the action of selenium.

The same goes for Choline, nuts and eggs have it and your liver should make Choline in your body. Beetroot has some of the best Choline in the form of Betaine so maybe drop into a juice bar for a Beetroot and Carrot mix or your wonderful choice of what would go with Beetroot?

I don't recommend eggs at all because they have high levels of Sialic acid and so do the cell surfaces of cancer cells, something to consider.
Whey powder also has very high levels Sialic acid, I know it gets used as a food for cancer patients, I would avoid whey and eggs myself.

"Sialomucins are abundant on the surfaces of certain ascites tumor cells and have been implicated in the escape of tumors from immune destruction and metastasis."
Structural and functional aspects of tumor cell sialomucins

I also look at it another way.

Sialic acid is great for growing babies, it's good for their nerve development, it's also good for Alzheimer's possibly for a similar reason. What's good for growing babies though also feeds a tumor because it acts like fetus.

So eggs, whey powder and milk are all baby foods. Avoiding them helps.

Methionine is needed to make I'll show you Carnitine.

"In cancer patients, abnormalities of tumor tissue as well as nontumor tissue metabolism have been observed. Such abnormalities are supposed to contribute to deterioration of clinical status of patients, or might induce cancerogenesis by themselves. The carnitine system appears abnormally expressed both in tumor tissue, in such a way as to greatly reduce fatty acid beta-oxidation, and in nontumor tissue. In this view, the study of the carnitine system represents a tool to understand the molecular basis underlying the metabolism in normal and cancer cells. Some important anticancer drugs contribute to dysfunction of the carnitine system in nontumor tissues, which is reversed by carnitine treatment, without affecting anticancer therapeutic efficacy."
Cancer and anticancer therapy-induced modifications on metabolism mediated by carnitine system.

So this is how your body makes Carnitine.

"It can be synthesised within the body from the amino acids lysine or methionine. Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is essential to the synthesis of carnitine."

It is one reason why I mention Lysine.

Lysine has many uses, because it's the main building block of collagen it should be used in the clinical health setting for any degenerative disease, heart disease, cancers and all autoimmune diseases.

Lysine stops all Herpes diseases and it's the only thing that always works. So if a patients gets an outbreak of Chickenpox or Cold Sores while on Chemotherapy the first thing to do is take Lysine, serious cases can be treated with any high dose, it's so non toxic.
Success of L-lysine therapy in frequently recurrent herpes simplex infection. Treatment and prophylaxis.

Foods to avoid are Corn, Eggs, Chocolate and Peanuts because the high Arginine content in these foods feeds Herpes viruses.

The reason why avoiding Herpes attacks is so important is because every attack depletes Lysine and makes your Collagen or skin and arteries weaker.

Cancer cells and fetal trophoblast cells release Collagen destroying enzymes.

Weaker Collagen allows a tumor to spread.

So this study shows some effects on breast cancers induced in rats and then treated with the mix of Lysine, Proline, Arginine, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Green tea.

You really should get enough Arginine if you just eat well.

"The limited ability of current treatments to control metastasis and the proposed antitumor properties of specific nutrients prompted us to examine the effect of a specific formulation (nutrient supplement [NS]) of lysine, proline, arginine, ascorbic acid, and green tea extract in vivo on the development of N-methyl-N-nitrosourea (MNU)-induced mammary tumors in rats."
"Results: NS reduced the incidence of MNU-induced mammary tumors and the number of tumors by 68.4%, and the tumor burden by 60.5%. The inhibitory effect of NS was also reflected by decreased tumor weight; the tumor weights per rat and per group were decreased by 41% and 78%, respectively. In addition, 30% of the control rats developed ulcerated tumors, in contrast to 10% in the nutrient supplemented rats.
Conclusion: These findings suggest that the specific formulation of lysine, proline, arginine, ascorbic acid, and green tea extract tested significantly reduces the incidence and growth of MNU-induced mammary tumors, and therefore has strong potential as a useful therapeutic regimen for inhibiting breast cancer development."
Modulation of N-methyl-N-nitrosourea induced mammary tumors in Sprague-Dawley rats by combination of lysine, proline, arginine, ascorbic acid and green tea extract 2005

Or poor mice....

"Results demonstrate that the nutrient mixture of lysine, proline, arginine, ascorbic acid, and green tea extract tested strongly suppressed the growth of tumors without adverse effects in nude mice, suggesting potential as an anticancer agent."
Effect of ascorbic acid, lysine, proline and green tea extract on human osteosarcoma cell line MNNG-HOS xenografts in nude mice

The Lysine, Proline, Arginine and Ascorbic Acid are needed for Collagen repair and since Cancer releases enzymes that destroy Collagen by recreating your Collagen with the right foods you then neutralize those enzymes.

Lysine tablets and Sodium Ascorbate powder can be bought from chemists and health stores.
Don't take too much Ascorbate or you end up moving the bowels too quickly.
Lemons are the best for the Vitamin C, two halves squeezed in water or juice a day is easy, more is better.
The best foods with Lysine are fish or Mung bean sprouts.
I don't trust Soy as a Lysine source, my opinion.

Green tea stops angiogenesis.

Angiogenesis is how our body makes new arteries, cancer cells also divert blood supply and arteries to feed themselves and Green Tea helps stop that.

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate is the stuff that comes out of Green Tea so here's a study.

"We report that compared to non-EGCG-treated tumors, topical application of EGCG in UV-induced tumors resulted in inhibition of protein expression and activity of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 and MMP-9, which play crucial roles in tumor growth and metastasis. In contrast, tissue inhibitor of MMP-1 (TIMP-1), which inhibits MMP activity, was increased in tumors."
Epigallocatechin-3-gallate inhibits photocarcinogenesis through inhibition of angiogenic factors and activation of CD8[+] T cells in tumors

Here they talk about cancer destroying collagen, proteinases are the collagen destroying enzymes that these foods will stop.

"Breast cancer cells frequently metastasize to the skeleton and induce extensive bone destruction. Cancer cells produce proteinases, including matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and the plasminogen activator system (PAS) which promote invasion of extracellular matrices, but whether these proteinases degrade bone matrix is unclear."
"Results - The 3 breast cancer cell lines all produced significant degradation of the 3 collagenous extracellular matrices (ECMs) whilst the normal breast cell line was without effect."
Human breast cancer cell-mediated bone collagen degradation requires plasminogen activation and matrix metalloproteinase activity

So here's a description of Collagen.

"Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue in animals and the most abundant protein in mammals, making up about 25% of the total protein content.'
"Prolines and lysines at specific locations relative to glycine are modified post-translationally by different enzymes, both of which require Vitamin C as a cofactor."
"Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy, a serious and painful disease in which defective collagen prevents the formation of strong connective tissue. Gums deteriorate and bleed, with loss of teeth; skin discolors, and wounds do not heal."

This is why Vitamin C is needed for sick people, without it we actually fall apart.

Green tea also has this awesome quality of being able to block Laminin receptors.

Ok you're going what?

Laminin is like a foundation layer of collagen. Tumor cells love jumping onto Laminin just as a trophoblast fetal cell does.

If you throw in enough Green tea it blocks it and the tumor can't jump on and spread.

If you make enough collagen it's like putting a wall around a tumor and stopping it too.

"Laminin was significantly higher in breast cancer patients than in normal controls. Serum laminin levels were also significantly higher in patients with metastasis than in those without metastasis."
Evaluation of serum laminin as a tumor marker in breast cancer

"One protein component of the matrix of molecules that both surrounds a cell and forms the basement membrane is called laminin. Breast cancer cells attach to laminin using a specific laminin-binding protein (LBP), a cell surface protein."
Novel drugs to inhibit breast cancer metastasis

"The growth of solid tumors is largely controlled by the process of angiogenesis. A 67 kDa protein, the laminin binding protein (LBP), is shed from malignant cells in significant amounts and binds to laminin-1"
Tumor shedding of laminin binding protein modulates angiostatin production in vitro and interferes with plasmin-derived inhibition of angiogenesis in aortic ring cultures

Green tea works even better if Retinoic Acid is around.

15 Mar 2004
"The investigators explain that the laminin receptor is expressed on several types of tumor cells, and its expression level 'strongly correlates with the risk of tumor invasion and metastasis.'

Previous research has identified green tea's major polyphenol, (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), as it active antitumorigenic component (see Reuters Health report, October 17 2003). Dr. Hirofumi Tachibana and colleagues at Kyushu University in Fukuoka found that all-trans-retinoic acid enhances EGCG binding to the 67-LR on the surface of cancer cells.

According to their report in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, published online March 14, EGCG at a plasma concentration equivalent to that achieved after drinking two or three cups of green tea inhibited growth of lung cancer cells transfected with the 67-LR gene. Adding laminin or an antibody to 67-LR to the mix reduced EGCG's binding affinity."
Laminin receptor mediates anticancer effects of green tea

So I myself use Cod Liver Oil for the Vitamin A or Retinoic acid for the skin.

Retinoic Acid gets used for all sorts of Cancers including Leukemia. I could show many, many studies that work.

The other sources are just the red and yellow vegetables, so Carrot juice, Pumpkins, Tomatoes are all useful.

"Retinoids, the natural and synthetic vitamin A derivatives, are effective in inhibiting the proliferation of breast cancer cells."
Prevention of Breast Cancer Tumor Growth by Retinoic Acid

The other sources are just the Beta-Carotenes in red and yellow vegetables, so Carrot juice, Pumpkins, Tomatoes are all useful foods in cancer therapy.

"In this study, we examined possible mechanisms of caspase activation during carotenoid-induced apoptosis in tumor cells. We found that beta-Carotene induces apoptosis by the activation of caspase-3 in human leukemia (HL-60), colon adenocarcinoma (HT-29) as well as melanoma (SK-MEL-2) cell lines. This activation is dose dependent and follows that of caspase-8 and caspase-9."
"These results support a pharmacological role for beta-Carotene as a candidate antitumor agent and show a possible sequence of molecular events by which this molecule may induce apoptosis in tumor cells."
Mechanism of activation of caspase cascade during beta-carotene-induced apoptosis in human tumor cells.

Now I mentioned Methylation before, this is a research idea of mine to measure the nutrients that are needed for Methylating our DNA and keeping retroviruses within our DNA and not jumping around too much.
Measuring Methylation and Retroviruses and my rant afterwards, scary me.

A weird thing happens with both fetuses and cancers, there's heaps of our own retroviruses around.

So what happens as trophoblast cells burrow into the mum to make new arteries, retroviruses like HERV-W do the fusing together or some part of the dismantling and rebuilding that's going on. Without these retroviruses the baby may not get a proper artery for food. These retroviruses also seem vital for attaching the baby to the placental wall and keeping it there.

All new biology.

You can find HERV-W in some tumors too.

L1 and HERV-W retrotransposons are hypomethylated in human ovarian carcinomas

DNA methylation and expression of LINE-1 and HERV-K provirus sequences in urothelial and renal cell carcinomas

Syncytin is a captive retroviral envelope protein involved in human placental morphogenesis.

Trophoblast fusion: fusogenic proteins, syncytins and ADAMs, and other prerequisites for syncytial fusion.

One of the things that signals to these critters to come out is Vitamin A or Retinoic Acid, Vitamin D is one of the other ones.

That's why I'm a fan of Cod Liver Oil.

I'm also sure that if enough Selenium nutrients are in the diet this cancels out any toxic effects of Retinoic Acid at higher doses.

This is because Retinoic acid makes the DNA demethylate, while Selenium remethylates.

All about balance, I could ramble - better not.....

I'll just mention pain... no I'll just show you a study of cancer patients injecting Epsom Salts and you can decide.

We should us it.

"Neuropathic pain may respond poorly to morphine and is often difficult to relieve. Recent attention has been drawn to the role of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor in the potentiation of neuropathic pain. Magnesium is known to block the NMDA receptor. It reduces the neuropathic pain response in animals, and attenuates postoperative pain and migraine in humans. We have examined the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of two intravenous doses of magnesium sulfate in 12 patients with neuropathic pain due to malignant infiltration of the brachial or lumbosacral plexus. The first six patients received 500 mg, the remainder 1 g. Apart from a mild feeling of warmth at the time of the injection, both doses were well tolerated. After receiving 500 mg, three patients experienced complete pain relief and two experienced partial pain relief for up to 4 hours duration; pain was unchanged in one patient. After receiving 1 g, one patient experienced complete relief and four experienced partial pain relief of similar duration; pain was unchanged in one patient. Intravenous magnesium sulfate in these doses appears to be safe and well tolerated. A useful analgesic effect may be obtained in some patients and further evaluation is warranted."
The safety and efficacy of a single dose (500 mg or 1 g) of intravenous magnesium sulfate in neuropathic pain poorly responsive to strong opioid analgesics in patients with cancer.

And Niacin, Vitamin B3 or Nicotinamide, I take a gram most days, it fixes wounds and dandruff in my experience, you can decide, this is all for you to decide.

"Current research suggests niacin, or vitamin B3, may play a key role in cancer prevention through its activities in cellular repair. Leading scientists involved in niacin nutrition believe the vitamin shows promise in treating and even preventing cancer.
Myron K. Jacobson, Ph.D., and Elaine Jacobson, Ph.D., researchers at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, Fort Worth, have demonstrated that cells depleted of niacin develop cancer ten times faster than those having sufficient amounts of the vitamin. Diet is a major risk factor, with both beneficial and detrimental components, and niacin is one of the beneficial components, according to the Jacobson."
Niacin shows positive results in cancer research

"The dietary status of niacin (vitamin B3) has the potential to influence DNA repair, genomic stability, and the immune system, eventually having an impact on cancer risk, as well as the side effects of chemotherapy in the cancer patient.'
"There are various sources of evidence that niacin status does have an impact on cancer risk, including animal models of leukemogenesis and skin cancer, as well as epidemiological data from human populations."
Niacin and Carcinogenesis

Well I think my hero in all of this is Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654) his books on herbs probably opened the pharmaceutical cupboard because his philosophy was that all of this knowledge was of no use to anyone if only a few doctors knew about it.

Just by raising the learning curve for everyone and including the sick in the decision making. Discussion of what works when near death then becomes practical medicine.

I use all of these things, I can say I WAS rather ill and now I'm not, it was to fix my skin and not for cancer but I learnt a lot on the way.

I'll mention Echinacea just for old Culpeper, it has cascades too, he'd be happy to know.
But this is the one that'll make him chuckle.

"Echinacea pallida extract was able to induce apoptosis by increasing significantly caspase 3/7 activity and promoting nuclear DNA fragmentation."
Cytotoxic effects of Echinacea root hexanic extracts on human cancer cell lines

"Three months after leukemia onset--long after all control (untreated chow) leukemic mice had died..."

"Echinacea-consuming, originally leukemic mice were indistinguishable from the corresponding populations of cells in normal mice."

"One-third of all Echinacea-consuming mice that survived until 3 months after leukemia onset went on to live a full-life."
Echinacea: a Miracle Herb against Aging and Cancer? Evidence In vivo in Mice

I want to thank all the rats and mice who made this possible and because I'm pinching their death data a fair bit, I'd like to say sorry guys.

And Andrew Maniotis for feedback, he can disagree.

Plus Beth Newman likewise, I found Caspases by accident from a conversation.

I'd like say hi to Mum and Dad in Blighty, my dad in particular for his attitude to how you deal with cancer. He has a Patent on a salt bag to treat external cancers. He knows it works because he's used it, one lump is left on his head but it's not growing and he soaks it with salt these days.

And salt works...we should use it.

"OBJECTIVE. The objective of our study was to evaluate the efficacy of hypertonic saline for the treatment of liver tumors.
MATERIALS AND METHODS. Thirty New Zealand white rabbits inoculated with VX2
carcinoma in the liver were included in this experiment. These animals were divided into two groups: one for the evaluation of survival time (n = 20) and the other, for tumor size (n = 10). Each group was divided further into control and treatment subgroups. Hypertonic saline was injected directly into the liver tumor of the treatment group under CT guidance 10 days after inoculation.
The liver tumor in the control group was injected with normal saline.
The group for evaluation of tumor size was sacrificed 14 days later. The other group was raised until they died.
RESULTS. The survival time of the rabbits in the treatment group (38.1 ± 2.3 days) was significantly longer (p less than 0.001) than that of the untreated group (29.9 ± 2.9 days). For tumor size, the difference between the treatment group (8.04 ± 2.46 cm2) and the control group (11.08 ± 2.52cm2) was also significant (p less than 0.05).
CONCLUSION. Hypertonic saline injection had the effect of controlling the growth of
VX2 carcinoma cells and extending the life of rabbits.
It deserves further investigation.
Ablation of Liver Tumor by Injection of Hypertonic Saline

If my dad visits a doctor he'll put a cap over the lump.

My favourite quotes from a thick Northern Irish accent.

"It's cos all the relatives freak out and scare them to death"

He might be right there so stay calm as possible everybody.

And "It's not the cancer that kills you it's the treatment"

Well I just wrote this so we could all get on the right road.

Me = Cal Crilly
Star Sludge

Cal's link to this from MySpace

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Just let you know, that my friend with lung mesothelioma has been using Bromelain for 3 months while on Cisplatin and it's shrunk.
He's gone from a 6 month prognosis to 3 to 4 years which is good.
He’s just on the Bromelian, Brazil nuts, Lysine and Cod Liver oil now
Huge thanks again, this link gets passed around a lot.

Thanks for comment, Cal.

Interesting article on Boswellia (Frankincense). Actually there are so many natural cancer cures, you can't shake a stick at them.

Talking about bromelain, have you come across Montagnier's recommendation of a fermented papaya extract (must be very similar to the pineapple enzyme, which is bromelain)...

Thanks for that Sepp, It needs to be read more.
I showed my thoughts on Bromelain to Denis Strangman from the Brain Tumour Support Group over here to find out what ways Bromelain studies could be organised to get it used with cancer patients or put onto the PBS....
It's a long way through labs to get it approved in hospitals but I think it should be in use.
Denis also mentioned Boswellia or Frankincense for use with brain tumours as it also has anti-inflammatory as well as anticancer activities.
I'll just leave a link so people know it's out there and being thought about as well...
Frankincense - a cure for cancer?

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