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Reforming Medicine - Can it be done?

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Western scientific medicine has been dominated for almost a century by a strong industrial interest group, the pharmaceutical manufacturers. This domination and the commercial interest behind it, prevent any real reform even in the face of evidence that some natural treatment method works better than the pharma-based method of choice.


Since public health is deteriorating, reform seems needed.

A recent discussion I have had with some friends on facebook, may serve as an illustration and could perhaps show how reforms may become possible, despite the seemingly overwhelming strength of the pharmaceutical juggernaut.

It started out with a link to a study that shows how ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in pharmacologic concentrations could have an important role in cancer treatment...

- - -

Laura linked a PubMed abstract (Pharmacologic ascorbic acid concentrations selectively kill cancer cells: action as a pro-drug to deliver hydrogen peroxide to tissues.) and said:

It means Vit C kills cancer cells selectively. This study was done in the lab with cancer cells and non-cancerous cells. One hour exposure of therapeutic levels of ascorbate killed cancer cells but normal cells were unaffected.

She added another link about a recent case of successful application of intravenous vitamin C in a serious case of what seems to have been swine flu infection and said:

In real life the Vit C therapy is intravenous

Karri then commented:

I've used I.V. Vit C therapy on many occasions with great success.

A super book on Vit C therapy and many different diseases is called "Curing The Incurable" by Thomas Levy.

A MUST read for anyone dealing with cancer or other illness.

So Cal jumped in saying:

pretty definitive study... why are we waiting?

Jairaj, referring no doubt to Linus Pauling, then said:

A famous Noble Laureate has done extensive research on Vit C and has found the same results.

To which Laura replied:

Yes, and he was right all along. But they designed a trial in such a way that it had to fail in order to 'disprove' his results. That delayed the truth coming out for 30? years. How many people could have been helped in that time?

Sepp then intervened saying:

I believe that, in order to get this and other study results that prove efficacy of simple and mostly natural cures actually applied, we have to first clear the way by reducing the public credibility of those who would oppose implementation, to zero...

Laura said:

How do we do that?

And Jairaj added:

I want to know too Sepp you put it down again so succinctly.

How do we oppose it.

Any claim to any disease is shot down without even checking it out.

What I found interesting is, the general sentiment against homeopathy in USA. They call it "magic water" and placebo effect. Seems to be only existing in the mainstream media.

There are enough colleges that teach homeopathy in USA and UK.

I just thought it was banned or something there.

There is a some sort of a smokescreen created by the media (I only guess).

very strange.

Sepp's reply:

How do we do that? Good question.

What we have is an unholy alliance between pharmaceutical producers, mainstream media, medical schools and universities, and what are called the institutions of public health. There is an agenda, mutually protected and reinforced, where those parts of the alliance work together tightly to direct research, communication and public health policy, slanting health measures and publications in the direction of pharmaceutical and high tech surgical/radiological intervention, AGAINST basic health policies that would involve nutrition, herbal and other natural substances, spiritual and other "soft" healing tech, homeopathy, naturopathy and so on.

In order to break up this unholy alliance and re-direct public health policy to include proper prevention and simple methods of healing, we should find and hammer away at the weak link in the alliance's chain.

Fortunately we know what that weak link is: Pharmaceutical medicine, although immensely profitable, is both largely toxic and DOES NOT WORK in most cases. All we really need to do is to continually direct people's attention to that fact, until the weak link breaks. That is when reform will become possible and when effective natural treatments can get the exposure they deserve...

Cal then came back saying:

They don't have credibility anyway and everyone is working around the extremist orthodox medical mafia...or the Inquisition as I call it...

Linus Pauling the double Nobel winner did the work, his co worker Dr Rath of South African infamy developed the Vit C and Lysine heart disease cure in 94 and Dr Rath simply kept going with idea of creating collagen to stop cancer in it's tracks.

Green Tea in his mixture blocks Laminin receptors which tumours use to spread.

Effect of ascorbic acid, lysine, proline and green tea extract on human osteosarcoma cell line MNNG-HOS xenografts in nude mice

works even better with some Vitamin A

To which Sepp then comments:

@Cal "They don't have credibility anyway and everyone is working around the extremist orthodox medical mafia..."

You are talking about a very specific public here, which are the health conscious people who have understood that natural options are better.

What I am referring to is the mainstream, including press and government health officials, and with those, Pharma DOES have immense credibility, to the tune of determining editorial and public health policy choices.

That is what needs handling. The mainstream, including press and government, needs to change their mind and they won't unless we give them a good reason.

So my recipe is quite simple: Make the pharmaceutical ruse of "we are only interested in making people healthy" transparent. Show both the commercial agenda and the damage the pharmaceutical exclusive does to public health and we eventually WILL have real reform in medicine.

Could it work?

Gary Null reported the results of an exhaustive independent review by the Nutrition Institute of America in 2004. The reviewers concluded that the number one killer is not heart disease or cancer but conventional medicine itself. Conventional medicine was found to be responsible for an estimated 783,936 deaths annually, including 106,000 deaths from adverse drug reactions, 98,000 from medical errors, and 88,000 from infection; and those figures were conservative, since no more than 20 percent of iatrogenic (doctor- or drug-caused) mishaps are ever reported.

Study at

Cartoons offered by Alan Schmukler (see also his comment below):


Reproducing results in medicine


The FDA career ladder


Restrictions on ... vitamins


Court sees no connection with autism

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Thanks so much for posting this conversation Sepp and to Alan for your fantastic cartoons.

I am so glad to read this as it is a very practical and effective action that has been set forward by Sepp. I was noticing yesterday while at the laundromat and looking at a junky magazine that pharmaceutical advertisements can now take up three whole pages, with most of it in small print telling of possible side effects and whatnot.

I also noticed in this magazine a short half page article on vaccinations which was slanted more towards that medical industry but which did have a full paragraph of a very well stated argument against vaccination, which wasn't much, but in the recent past there wouldn't be anything at all about vaccination.

I think the mainstream is ripe for the picking!

I totally agree with Sepp. Pharma is absolutely vulnerable on their products and motives. Every day on TV people hear the horrible side effects in the quick voice over of the ads, and also the constant news of drugs withdrawn after deadly side effects. Add to that the fact that Pharma has given us toxic herbicides and GMO in the food supply and they are clearly GUILTY as charged. We must get them on the defensive.

I offer some of my cartoons as examples of how to ridicule Pharma. Saul Alinsky said that ridicule was one of the best ways to fight powerful interests. (Reproducing results) FDA career ladder (Restrictions on vitamins) - U.S. (Court sees no autism link)

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