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Cocktail of five vitamins may give cancer patients an extra two years

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Three out of four cancer patients survived an average of five months longer after taking the cocktail of vitamins

Cancer patients with terminal disease who take a daily cocktail of vitamins could extend their lives by two years or even longer, claim researchers.

Three out of four in a pilot study survived an average of five months longer than the expected one year, and some were still alive three years after treatment started.

Dr Bob Lister, co-author of the study by British and Danish researchers, said the results were similar to the survival gains from new drugs and in some cases better.

But the important difference was there were no side effects reported by patients taking vitamins, he said.

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'Most importantly, taking these supplements is extremely safe, and there were no adverse reactions among the patients.'

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To anyone familiar with supplements and their use it is no surprise that a range of high dose nutrients would prolong the life expectancy of terminal cancer patients.

But imagine what could happen if, instead of insisting that "people should obtain all their needed nutrients from a normal, balanced diet" as health authorities are usually asserting, the practice of supplementation became a generally accepted and widely used method of prevention.

Would that not change the picture of public health?

Yes, it would, but it might be dangerous ... for the bottom line of pharmaceutical companies, unless those companies re-tooled from largely toxic "treatments" to providing health-supporting nutrients.

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