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by Beldeu Singh

There appears to be the most complete analysis of H1N1 (NST, p44, June 7, 2009) and Dr Nancy Cox, Chief of the influenza division at the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says that the results of their study show the global need for a more systematic surveillance of influenza viruses in pigs. That suggestion may be only partially correct but it is of critical importance in view of their researcher’s findings that clearly confirm that that the H1N1 is a new virus which is a “mixture of mixtures”. We may need more than a systematic surveillance.

It is unlikely that such a virus had been “circulating undetected among swine herds somewhere in the world.” And it is unlikely that pigs were the source of the current human pandemic, not even a remote potential. They have not yet seen this new virus infecting swine. Let’s consider the facts about this new virus and relate it to mutation and evolutionary biology.

The researchers confirm...

- - -

The researchers confirm that the new virus is an “odd mixture of human, pig and bird genes” and their study on the genetic code sequencing of the 70 samples from the US and Mexico confirm that this new virus is a mixture of genes from human, pig and bird genes as it is possible to determine where each of those genes originate. This new virus is called a mixture of mixtures because it includes :-

1. Part of so called reassortant virus first seen in 1998 that contains elements of human, bird and swine strains.

2. Bits from so called Eurasian strains of flu, including a segment most closely related to a sample from a patient in Hong Kong infected with swine flu in 1999.

One must note that in item (2), it includes bits, not from a Eurasian strain of flu but bits from Eurasian strains of flu. Secondly, note that these bits are incorporated into the reassortant virus first seen in 1998. That beat both evolutionary biology and the normal process of mutation and hence scientists conclude that it is an odd mixture and how such an odd mixture can arise so quickly is the real mystery especially from strains in different parts of the world that reemerged in Mexico in humans, not in pigs. The mystery now begins to draw a very suspicious frown.

It is a very deep frown because we are surrounded by runaway approaches in medical science. They use toxic drugs that can cause the symptoms of AIDS to treat patients tested positive for a virus (HIV) infection by tests kits that carry a disclaimer that these kits cannot be used to diagnose and treat AIDS. Then they try to position toxic drugs as “well tolerated and improving cognitive development” that make them look like health supplements but may in fact be “toxic by inhalation.” Some oncologists in third world countries tried to position chemo-drugs by saying that they are safe and kill cancer cells selectively, again trying to bring them close to the category of as safe as health supplements. Then we have drugs that can cause nausea to treat nausea. Next we have blood-thinners that destroy adhesion molecules in cells and prevent clotting as well. We also have anti-inflammatory drugs that can effectively destroy adhesion molecules that they can cause serious side-effects like intestinal bleeding or create problems through the bio-feedback mechanism. Some specialists say that IBS is caused by stress when quite clearly the underlying causative factors may lie elsewhere that are related to diarrheal disease and blastocytosis and protozoal infection. These facts are the basis of a persistent frown of concern.

If you look at the prevailing crude and raw equation that governs the drug industry, it does draw a frown of some other economic interest …

Drugs + patients = side-effects + ADRs + problems that may appear later + $$$

If a real economy is about creating value then the first thing to notice is that while many do benefit from medical science as currently practiced, it does create a loss as well for a large number of people and it fails to always create value and the desired benefit to the economy that grows and creates wealth through creation of value and circulation of money. Within this scenario, let’s go back to the new virus – H1N1.

The critical piece of information about this new virus, something that any scrutinizing investigation must take into account is that :–

1. The new H1N1 shows very little genetic mutation and what is most disturbing is that a sample from Mexico is virtually identical to samples from US states and other countries.

2. Flu experts get worried when viruses go straight from animals to humans. Usually they do not get any further from one person. So, it is unlikely that the new H1N1 was circulating undetected in hordes of swine somewhere in the world and then suddenly it spread in humans in Mexico.

3. The new H1N1 does not have the usual mutations that allows animal viruses to jump into people and then to spread in people. (source, NST, June 7, 2009).

It is more of recombinant and not one that arose through mutation. So, Nancy Cox did come to the correct conclusion that, without this possibility of such a mutation, ability to cross species, and then spread among humans so rapidly and with special reference to the fact that it is an odd mixtures of genes from several sources from different parts of the world that this “indicates that this virus may have been introduced into humans in a single event” as many humans were suddenly and quickly infected with the genetically identical viruses.

The five parts of genes from the swine fly virus cause the symptoms of the flu, the two parts from the bird flu genes makes it spread easily while incorporating the human flu genes allows it to infect humans and cause the flu symptoms in humans. How ingenious, indeed. But it is this very ingenuity that takes it out of the known dynamics of evolutionary biology and mutation and makes it look more like an artifact created in the laboratory. That is the most apt explanation to date that accounts for the observation that it may have been introduced into humans in a single event. Since pigs were not found to be infected and hence they suggested that it be not called swine flu virus but be referred to simply as H1N1 proves that there was no cross-over from other species but that it was suddenly found infecting humans. Its mystery is not in missing links.

Only a proper investigation can show where and who created the H1N1. From the facts available so far, it is pretty clear that the various strains were placed together in a tube with enzymes to splice the genetic molecules. After 25 minutes, the spliced viruses and the enzymes were separated through a very simple process and after the separation the spliced genetic molecules were allowed to recombine which were sequenced and the selected sequence was used to reinfect healthy cells to produce copies for introduction into humans in a single event.

A nice piece of science and a good plot for a movie but deadly from the ethical and moral point that can affirmed only by a virusgate investigation. But, from the information already available, this is a very grave and serious matter for it is nothing short of criminal bio-terrorism against humanity. And it is very bad for the economy and much worse for an ailing economy suffering under the weight of the Wall Street meltdown. It is certainly bad for insurances that cover such treatments.


Cultured in a laboratory?

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