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Monsanto's attempt at global food control... Dr. Frankenstein at work again.

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November 5, 2008
by DrTruth

Big business greed, selfishness, power lust, and total disregard for human life and all life in the natural world continues on with its diabolical schemes to control all food production in the world. Monsanto's attempts to patent pig genes, and subsequently, many other life forms through genetically modified organisms (GMO) is as criminal as they come.

It is bad enough that Monsanto's total vanity and ego could believe they own any aspect of the natural world, regardless of what they might do to it, for them to do this for money and control is insult to injury. This is a purely evil agenda and they are a clear example of domestic terrorists at work to subjugate others.

Imagine this: You have a field of corn you are raising cleanly... without GMO corn seed. Your neighboring fields have those GMO seeds and crops. The pollen from those fields cross with your clean corn plants, carrying the genetic material Monsanto's perverted corn contains. Now, your corn crop can be claimed as their property because of their patented gene found in your crop and they can either demand a fee from you for having this gene, or put you out of business with a lawsuit.

Sound like science fiction? There's much more. GMO foods are completely untested. Here we have human intervention into the natural system, almost instantaneously, as time goes, and there is no way to know what results will come of this. In the natural world, there are two belief systems; 1. That all life evolved over millions of years to arrive at what we see today. 2. That a creator God designed and created all life, which includes all genetic material. In either belief system, we have the exact same threat... the natural world is being subjected to things nowhere found in the natural world in the way of new gene sequences and life forms.

There is a clear design in the natural world. It functions according to established laws and parameters. Subjecting life forms, cells, tissues, organs, plants... to something never before encountered within the natural world is a disaster waiting to happen. There is no time for natural adaptation to occur, and where laws are being violated, harmful affects WILL occur. (This isn't even touching on the 10's of thousands of chemicals in the environment and food supply that people are being exposed to that are bringing disease and death to millions on the installment plan). Doing all this to control and manipulate food, and therefore people and nations, is unconscionable. Forcing farmers to purchase this perverted seed or go out of business simply adds more evidence to these sycophant delusions of grandeur.

This is a national security threat of the first caliber, not to mention a survival threat for life itself. Sound farfetched? You need to look at just a taste of the evidence by viewing the following video: Then do some research into GMO foods, and realize that Monsanto, and any others following in their sick footsteps are threatening the very genetic foundation of life and ability to even grow or raise food.

Unless this madness is stopped soon, we will have permanently altered the genetic makeup of a variety of life forms, and these life forms will be "owned" and controlled by big businesses.

Jeff Maehr is a health and wellness professional dedicated to truth and Constitutional law, and educating our people in true health, personal freedom, personal responsibility in maintaining freedom, and resisting tyranny and lawlessness on every level. Dr. Maehr has been in natural health for 35 years, and is dedicated to educating people about the natural health system and how it can change your health and life. Websites include,,, and!

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Watch up Monsanto, Nuremberg is waiting for you....

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