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The Day Monsanto Falls

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The Day Monsanto falls...

by Jesaka Irwin

The Day Monsanto goes down will be a victorious day for Humanity... Will we converge in the streets as though World War III has ended... Or like the Funeral for Princess Di? Or will we allow the media to sugar coat it or simply ignore it and fall back asleep in our unawareness of what a triumphant victory it will actually be for the future of Humanity.

These Chemical Corporations have incited violent revolutions in other countries... People shot in the streets trying to protect thier food supply and individual health rights as their families are poisoned by the spraying and thieir crops destroyed. Yet we sit here and consume our slow death with great ease and acceptance. Believing that Humanity is actually benefiting and please show me a scientific document that proves we are living longer and healthier than we did before the Industrial Age?

While the small farmer disintegrates... our only hope in economic catastrophe wiped out by some mad scientist that has stumbled on the fact that controlling the food supply is the most solid way to control the World.

I am sorry but humanity has not evolved beyond its inherent nature to control the world that has been in existence and has created the most catastrophic realities since the beginning of time... do not pretend that somehow suddenly after 50 years since the last blatant holocaust that somehow people of power have suddenly stopped having these tendencies... I promise you they have simply become more clever.

Does no one notice how they have tried to patent such simple things like Turmeric, and Rooibos... and what about our genetic make up... our miracle genes that make us smart or disease resistant. Owned by the biotech industry or even worse the Pharmacuetical industry... Things not even native to the great America, things not invented but belonging to nature and humanity. Things that impede science and research and your ability to have a real cure or breakthrough.

Does no one care that while they destroy mother nature's natural evolution they are buying up native seed until nothing will be left but their inferior products. Welcome to the age of dependence and fear... the most powerful tools of control.

Does no one have the slightest bit of concern to look into the scientific research that shows the negative health effects, the antibiotic resistance, the ability to mutate dormant viruses, and most of all the ability to infiltrate human DNA? No, we continue to eat the soy... Oh you healthy Vegetarians you if you only knew. Poisoned by our own ignorance - we accept death like a means of attention getting. Does it really not affect us so we don't have to worry about it? Tell me then... what illnesses are your families dying from... can one of you claim immaculate health through your whole genetic line? Your parents' generation the blindest of all accepting their cancers and taking blame when the rise is due to serious changes in our food and environment... do you think we are benefited by the fact that it is also a major industry for profit making.

Slow Death - the biggest earner for the 20th Century.

What does it take for humanity to wake up and make a stand. Privatising everything... people die of thirst with a water plant next to them because their right to water has become some corporation's private interest as the Country itself tries to seek creative ways to free itself from the extortion. Dependence again. I begin to pray for the second coming and I am not even denominational as I start to wonder that that is the only hope for humanity.

I love the "NOW" but by ignoring our future what does that mean for our children, our children's children? We have a hundred years of escalating issues mounting year after year... and what is being done... Silenced voices fighting a war for us when simply our participation can catalyse the whole reality of truth. Can change the whole institution. Can manifest that golden age so many meditate on. We are brainwashed and brain dead. Letting them convince us that we are powerless. Following the pied piper into a consumerist matrix of every man for himself. My motivations too are myself and my family... and extend out to the whole of humanity... as their future is humanity's future... Maybe thats why they are discouraging us from having children... because without them we are inherently selfish... Focused only on Image and aquisition... No awareness of how empty and unhappy we are... cause we can just accept that is another of our flaws and eat the poison to remedy that too...
Eliminating the need to face our own demons and do the inner work necessary to transcend those negative emotions that are generally linked to a flawed reality where we are manipulated to live against our nature.

Forever aware of how our reality begins to resemble science fiction from the fourties I wonder when it will begin to resemble current day science fiction... and we notice less and less or simply disbelieve that it is actually part of the real reality because we watched it last week on The X Files... or in the latest made for TV movie. We can no longer distinguish the difference between the two. What a great triumph for the master minds... All marketing based on the clever awakening in the birth of PR... that we can be totally molded by our selfish desires... and we try to believe that somehow we are a superior species. Simply superior because some clever idiot figured out how to prey on our stupidity maybe.

WAKE UP AND SAVE YOURSELVES! I guess death is the greatest escape.

Jesaka Irwin 2007

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Good for you ! You summed it up just great!

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