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Natural Healers Must Separate from Allopathic System

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Natural medicine comprises many modalities and goes under diverse names, such as alternative medicine, complementary medicine or a combination of the two - CAM as well as integrative medicine. Wikipedia has an article discussing the various issues.

Recognition of the alternatives is one of the major goals that each school of alternative or complementary medicine is striving for. But wait - says Ronald Modra, the editor of El Guardián de la Salud, a newspaper in Chile that promotes prevention and alternative healing modalities, we must not blindly try to get recognition, as genuine natural healing will be destroyed in the process. We must have the courage to separate natural healing from today's pharma-dominated medical culture and not ask for recognition as part of their system.

An interesting point of view, if not a prophetic vision of what the future is likely to bring.

Here is Ronald Modra's reasoning and his proposal ...

- - -

Dear Health Care Provider, or interested persons,

We are not included properly in the major decisions or any other considerations regarding health care or sickness care as it has evolved on a global basis. We who represent the natural healers and alternate therapists are not invited to the official areas where decisions are made.

That is of course not surprising as we would put more than half of the drug-allopath “industry” out of business if natural healing e.g. prevention of disease were allowed to take hold on a large scale.

The only way we can be part of the present system is to “allow” them to control us and to keep us in a subjective position. We can then be useful to them. We can be “used” to cater for hopeless cases that have been so filled up with toxic drugs that recovery becomes almost impossible. Better they die in “our” care than where they were poisoned. I see this as the future if we continue to try to be “accepted” by the industry that requires more sickness in order to survive in its present form, and the way it is continuing. They want us to become “auxiliars” of the allopath-drug system.

It is becoming very obvious that this is what is planned on a global basis.

This will destroy the genuine natural healers.

We need a movement that is entirely separate and visibly non-medical and non-drug.

We must first have the courage to move away from allopath-drug safe-houses or strong industry organizations and admit, even claim strongly, that we have no relationship with anything that peddles drugs, legal or illegal, and only then can we come to the parliaments of our countries and ask for recognition as an entirely “separate” body of healing.

Right now we are not doing that. We are jostling with a powerful, corrupt industry for space in “their” industry.

This industry, which we are becoming auxiliars to, is the industry of *iatrogenesis on a huge scale. They do not know what to do about their iatrogenesis problems but if we become auxiliars they will have solved their most terrible nightmare. Those dying from the iatrogenic activities of drug-allopathy will become our clients. Given to us willingly. Then for the first time it will be possible for them to admit and circulate this hidden problem.

Nothing is more devious than “their” iatrogenic deaths that are not registered as people dying from secondary effects, mistakes, poor decisions, neglect and worse. The death certificate states what they were treated for, not what they died from, thereby hiding the real issue of iatrogenesis, and the biggest failure of allopathic medicine in the 21st century.

Any comments on this problem, which is a very real one, and a global issue, are welcome.

Ronald Modra

*Iatrogenic or Iatrogenesis literally means “brought forth by a healer”

Sources of iatrogenesis

medical error
negligence or faulty procedures
Doctor assisted suicide
poor prescription handwriting
prescription drug interaction
adverse effects of prescription drugs
minimizing the possibility of negative drug effects
over-use of drugs leading to antibiotic resistance in bacteria
radical treatments
nosocomial infection
mental, nervous, sensorial or muscular disease in physicians (very rare)
medical torture (not so rare)
homicidal tendencies in doctors or nurses

Source: Wikipedia

Ronald Modra, Director of El Guardián de la Salud, a south American newspaper printed in Spanish, but also the main articles are available in English, covering all areas associated with health and the politics of health.

Contact Ronald Modra by email or leave your comment here at the end of the article...

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