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Gov't shots destroy children: Just Say NO.

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From 1983 to 2007, autism rates have climbed from 1 in 10,000 children to 1 in 150 children, a growth rate of 6,000%

In the same period, the CDC's recommended vaccine schedule more than tripled. The CDC is another illegal agency of the executive branch of the US gov't in DC.

"The simmering debate over the cause of childhood neurological disorders shows no sign of cooling, but no study had ever been done to look at un-vaccinated children."

This is another reason, if more are still needed, why it is seriously unwise to trust gov'ts with such fictitious powers. There is no authority whatsoever for a dept. of the executive to dictate medical procedures for you or your children, or anyone else.

Remember, Congress can not delegate authority it does not have. Acting on this presumption is illegal.

People in every population district of their state elect delegates to go to DC for the purpose of representing them in each body of the legislature.

As it was clearly stated at the time of ratification of the constitution and first ten amendments and also at later times as well, people granted their representatives authority to act on their behalf, according to law, and no more. If acting as representative they have authority to obey the low, not to break it.

That's why people, even in the politically selected delegate conventions, reluctantly, and under very high pressure sales tactics, finally approved the constitution illegally replacing the articles of the original confederation.

They expected their representatives to use the authority granted to them under the constitution; but if representatives did not use the authority given, voters expected that authority to be returned to them.

There is no provision in law for Congress to delegate legislative authority to another branch of gov't. to a bank, to any international organization, to lawyers for organizations seeking monopoly privileges, or, anywhere else.

Men used to be able to understand the constitution by reading it. If it did not allow what they wanted, they knew they would have to amend it. This is not easy to do, -- legally.

Politicians, most of whom have been lawyers, did not readily forget the tricks they learned in prison, and consequently proceeded to amend the constitution illegally.

They did this as soon as possible in the executive branch with Washington's war on farmers and craftsmen in Western PA, and the Alien & Sedition Acts of John Adams designed to censor and punish critics.

The Judicial branch went haywire under John Marshall and Joseph Story who dreamed up penumbra and emanations of judicial review right out of Pandora's box, -- twisting the so-called supreme court entirely out of the shape in which it was created.

None of these things were done by amendment as they should have been.

It is good to remember that the only legal gov't in America is the original Confederation of Free & Independent States; which, incidentally, is covenantally still in effect.

Men did not die fighting to rid their land of a national gov't just to resume another one with the same monarchical trappings under deceptive names. But many me did die to gain this victory over tyranny, and dead men don't vote.

To understand the simplicity and foresight of these men, remember; the Articles of this original confederation made no provision whatsoever for either an executive branch of gov't or a judicial branch.

Why did they do this? They did not create a national gov't. They were in the process of driving one out. They wouldn't create another one. They designed a confederation of Free & Independent States that would have an annual meeting in November. Each state had one vote and sent a delegate to the annual meeting to see that the language in the Articles was obeyed. A unanimous vote was required to enact any changes.

They did their part, and gave their lives to win their liberty, a liberty they surely believed would long endure. But when a gang of Philadelphia lawyers gets in a locked upper story room and holds secret meetings all Summer look out. Put your hand on your wallet, and don't say yes to anything they suggest.

We can honor their intentions today anytime we are willing to readjust our thinking back toward regaining that Liberty they wanted us to have.

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