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Fluorine is a Deadly Poison! 

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June 22, 2007

Millions upon millions of innocent people have been brainwashed by the aluminum companies to erroneously believe that adding sodium fluoride to our drinking water will reduce tooth decay in our children. Over 135 million Americans drink a daily dose of sodium fluoride in their water without thinking of it!

Fluorine, the gangster of the chemical underworld, made the atomic bomb possible. The only scientific way to free the necessary quantities of fissionable Uranium 235, buried in the inert mass of its parent U-238, is to force uranium hexafluoride gas through many acres of porous barriers. The next part of the process gradually concentrates the elements, creating a deadly hazard from radiation. "Hex" is what they named this vicious stuff.

Millions of Americans drink water spiked with a sodium fluoride solution. A chemical cousin of sodium, fluorine is not as toxic as "Hex" . . . but toxic enough, in high concentrations, to be used as a standard roach and rat killer and a deadly pesticide.

Yet this terrible, deadly sodium fluoride, injected virtually by government edict into drinking water in the proportion of 1.2 parts per million (PPM), has been declared by the United States Public Health Service to be "absolutely safe for all human consumption". Every qualified chemist knows that such "absolute safety" is not only unattainable, but a total illusion!

The Grim Story Behind Fluoridation

It was in the year 1939 that a famous institute in the eastern part of the United States commissioned their biochemist to find a use for the sodium fluoride wastes produced by aluminum foundries. Some 45 other industries also had fluoride disposal problems. Many were tormented by expensive damage suits arising from the noxious effects of the poison on livestock and crops. Oil refineries, metal smelters, tile, brick, steel, fertilizer and ceramic plants and many installations of the Atomic Energy Commission were involved. The cost to eliminate this chemical was fantastically high. Was there no way this byproduct could be put to a profitable use?

Now this biochemist was a clever and cunning man. He came up with a big moneymaking idea: why not dissolve the stuff in drinking water? He had absolutely no medical background and had not conducted any clinical research into the effects of sodium fluoride on our body's chemistry. His idea went over big with companies who were burdened by what to do with sodium fluoride wastes.

The next step was not difficult . . . turn the idea over to the advertising companies and let them brainwash the public into believing that the greatest health measure in modern times had been discovered. Give a "tall tale" to the gullible American public and if it sounds scientific, they will bite hook, line and sinker! So they used the tall tale that sodium fluoride in drinking water would prevent tooth decay in children, as they found a Texas town that had naturally occurring fluoride and, it seemed, fewer dental cavities. The public was eager to hear more. At last, a way to prevent tooth decay! Sadly, most became convinced at first despite that every smart thinking person knows that tooth decay comes from poor nutrition and especially the high consumption of refined sugar drinks, candy and products.

Big business and large professional organizations have a way of sticking together. Remember, they have the power of the media behind them because of the economic control exerted by the publishers' chief source of income advertising! With the aid of television, radio, newspapers and magazines, the major business, professional and social organizations promoted the 'great merits' of sodium fluoride, although totally false and dangerous to the American people.

Any person who publicly questioned this poisoning of drinking water with sodium fluoride was called stupid, ignorant, uninformed and backward! Most doctors and dentists surrendered to these powerful forces for fear of being discredited by their professional associations and communities. However, you can always find some honest and sincere professionals who fight for truth no matter how others might ridicule them! Extreme pressures were put upon city and state governments to fluoridate the drinking water. Big business and large professional organizations, which can act like the Mafia, do not take "No" for an answer! They know how to pressure state, city and water officials to think and take action their way, often not for good!

Shocking Historical Fluoride Facts

Adolf Hitler sought a means to make people docile and suggestible. He discovered that odorless sodium fluoride slowly poisons and makes dormant the small tissue in the brain's left rear occipital lobe that normally helps a person resist domination. Fluoride allows muscles to move one way, but not relax. In large doses fluoride causes paralysis and death.

Sodium fluoride is classified with arsenic and cyanide as a dangerous poison and is used in rat poison. Hydrogen fluoride is an industrial pollutant. It is illegal to sell or give away a fluoride pill of 1 mg. Fluoride slowly destroys the body's self-repair and rejuvenation capabilities causing premature ageing, bone damage and deformities.

Fluoride increases the risk of hip fractures up to 41%. Fluoridation can cause tooth enamel mottling, poor health, mongolism in infants and increases the growth of cancer cells.

"Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not all time."
- Robert Carton, Ph.D., Toxicologist

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