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Green Tea May Protect Bladder Cells

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May 21, 2007

Lab Studies Show Lower Inflammation

Cells in the bladder are less likely to become inflamed when they're also exposed to components of green tea, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh say.

In a paper presented at an American Urological Association conference, Dr. Michael B. Chancellor said that lab tests show that catechins -- an anti-oxidant found in green tea -- prevented the cells from becoming irritated when exposed to hydrogren peroxide, which damages or kills cells.

A news release said the result shows promise for the 10 million adults who have trouble controlling their bladders because of inflammatory disease.

It also pointed out the levels of possibly beneficial chemicals could be obtained in the diet. Sometimes, studies that tout the benefits of a certain chemical in food are based on massive doses that could not be achieved in normal food and drink.

About 10 million American adults have problems controlling their bladders.

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