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Gardasil Dangers Starting To Emerge

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO
May 28, 2007

Problems with the cervical cancer vaccine for girls as young as 9 starting to emerge.

Five schoolgirls at Sacred Heart Girls' College in suburban Melbourne, Australia, were confirmed to have taken ill after receiving an injection of Gardasil, the newest vaccine to be mandated for young girls. Soon after the vaccination, twenty-six girls were seen at the campus medical clinic; five were admitted to the hospital after being injected. Two of the girls kept in overnight in observation for dizziness; one had temporary paralysis and loss of speech.[1]

In the U.S., symptoms similar to those experienced by the Australian girls have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS.) Since the approval of the vaccine in June, 2006, there have been 1261 adverse events reported. Here are a few examples directly from the VAERS reporting pages:

“Immediately after injection patient complained of severe pain at site. Fell off table and fainted for approximately 10 - 15 seconds. Hyperventilating. Complained of headache, blurry vision; vision test was normal. Vomiting x 1 in parking lot and speech was momentarily inarticulate. Sent to ER where her neurological exam was normal except for word recall "coffee instead of coughing" and said "Sired instead of tired."

“A female patient was vaccinated with a first dose of HPV Vaccine. Subsequently as the patient was leaving the examination room, the patient fainted. The patient recovered shortly after fainting.”

“A 14 year old female was vaccinated with Gardasil. It was reported that the patient was sitting on a bench. When the nurse left the room, the patient apparently fainted and ended up falling off bench. It was reported that it was unsure if the patient had broken her nose but there was blood. At the time of this report, the outcome of the events were unknown.”

VAERS is a passive surveillance system and depends upon voluntary reporting by clinicians of serious health problems following vaccination. Reports can also be filed by parents. Although VAERS reports do not prove causation, they can provide a warning system that a vaccine may be causing health problems.

It has been estimated that fewer than 10 percent, even as low as 1 to 4 percent, of adverse events from a prescription drug or a vaccine are ever reported.[2] If only 1 percent of all adverse events associated with Gardasil are being reported to VAERS, there could have been as many as 126,000 acute health problems from the vaccine in less than one year. The long term neurological or immune system complications are completely unknown. It is uncertain if any of these vaccinated children will go on to develop fertility problems, cancer or damage to their genes, all of which Merck admits in its product insert have not been studied.

John Iskander, from the Center for Disease Control’s immunization safety office has said, "There is absolutely no reason to think that there is anything in this vaccine that's going to make people more likely to faint.”[3] Despite his assurances, there are ingredients in the vaccine that can cause recipients to become dizzy and faint.

Histidine, an amino acid, readily converts into another amino acid, histamine, when it enters the body. When released, histamine causes redness, swelling, itching and allergic reactions leading to widening of capillaries, decreased blood pressure… people can faint. The vaccine also contains Polysorbate 80, an agent used in creams, ointments, lotions, and multiple medical preparations including vitamin oils, and anticancer agents. Polysorbate 80 is a can cause potentially fatal reactions in including anaphylaxis, characterized by a sharp drop in blood pressure, hives, and breathing difficulties… people can faint.[4]

Fainting spells after vaccination can have serious consequences. An article published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine (1997), reviewed the 697 reports of syncope (fainting) that occurred after vaccination and had been reported to VAERS between 1990 and 1995. More than 97 percent of the events have occurred within 30 minutes of a vaccine, establishing a causal relationship. Of these, six patients sustained a serious head injury, including skull fracture, cerebral bleeding and cerebral contusion. Three of these patients required brain surgery and two were left with substantial residual neurological deficits at six months to two years after follow-up.[5] Dizziness and fainting after vaccination is not something to be taken lightly.

As for the children in Australia, the vaccination program is scheduled to continue next month. “The college is confident that this program of vaccination is safe to offer to students," says Christopher Dalton, the school principal. "We will be working with the Department of Human Services Victoria and the City of Monash Immunization Services in the planning vaccination program."

The assumption is that illness and dizziness are “normal reactions” to a vaccine. The overriding theme is that “We've have a vaccine, and we will use it.”


1. "Vaccine linked to sickness."
2. Braun M. Vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS): usefulness and limitations. John's Hopkins Bloomburg School of Public Health
3. CDC Says Gardasil's Side Effects Minor, Additional Warning Labels Unnecessary. Feb. 26, 2007
4. Coors, EA. Polysorbate 80 in medical products and nonimmunologic anaphylactoid reactions. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2005 Dec;95(6):593-9. PMID: 16400901
5. Braun MM, et al. Syncope after immunization. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 1997;151:255-9.

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Hi Debbie, good to see your post, albeit a very late reply by me!

I get asked all the time- "how is your daughter going, did she recover" and the answer is that she has really bounced back great. During the 7 month period where she had to drop out of high school, she suffered from depression and weight gain. I encouraged her to go to TAFE college to do a child care course. That 2 year course is almost complete, she is now stressed about final exams and assessments. Every time she does prac work at pre-school she is always offered jobs to work for them. I am confident she will enter university next year to commence her teaching degree.

She is also into the second year of a relationship with a nice bloke. Her life seems to be very stable and she seems to be back to her cheery happy-go-lucky self. However, as a result of Gardasil, her life has undergone irreversible changes, she could not complete high school, she lost 2 years of University and she lost a lot of friends that she would have otherwise had from high school.

I keep an eye on her, and my wife and I always try to stay close to her to communicate as often as possible and to make sure she is on the right track. I will always be concerned as to whether permanent damage has occurred and whether there would ever be a relapse. That to me would be a terrifying thought. I want her to always be strong, independent and never to rely on outside forces for dependence - that in my view would have to be a last resort for anyone.

I hope your daughter is well and that others who I spoke to including Barbara's daughter who suffered similar injuries are all doing well and have restored their lives to normal. The lesson in all of this is not to take our children being ""normal" for granted. Our children's wellbeing, independence and sanity is of the highest importance.

Take care.

Hi Frank

It is a long time since you posted this message. Could you please let me know how your daughter is fairing these days???


How much longer? How many more lives are going to be ruined until Merek is held responsible? My doctor just told me two days ago to get this shot. If I would not have looked it up on Google, next Fri I would have been one more victim.
Why did my doctor advise me to get this shot!? Why are doctors allowing this!? Only five minutes on Google and I'm reading about deaths, paralysis, blood clots, etc. These are not just simple side effects. People are dying because of this vaccine. I have bookmarked at least 100 hundred pages.
I have told my mom why I won't get the shot. It sounded like she was having a hard time believing me. I told her I will e-mail every article and testimony I have read.


No one seems to take the time to read about the dangerous ingredients.

I'm just curious, how many more girls is it going to take before something is done?

Even though I was lucky enough to read about this before I allowed my self to trust my doctor to inject me with this crap, I am taking it personal.

I have known my doctor for fifteen years. If it were not for all of you (who I do not know at all) who decided to write and do the right thing by informing the public, I would have complete trust in her and it would have ruined my life. I am certain of it. I thank you all for sharing you unfortunate experiences. I will visit this forum along with many others and do what I can to help.

I was so sorry to read the stories here. My daughter too, received one Gardasil vaccine and immediately developed symptoms: nausea, no appetite, joint and back soreness, epigastric burning debilitating lethargy, hypersensitive finger tips (can't touch fabric without pain and sickening sensation) and the list goes on, including elevated liver functions. These symptoms are evident 12 months after the vaccine. Why, why, why do we keep trusting our children's lives to the hands of profit driven corporations???! I am an Aussie clinical nurse specialist of three disciplines. I have balked at each and every immunisation. Gut feeling? You betcha! Nobody loves my kids like I do. Is there something greater than greedy corporations trying to get my attention? How far IS the research REALLY removed from the profiteering corporations. I have started listening to Alex Jones in the States ( have spent significant time in objective assessment of loads of quoted research. I am now just starting to understand - all is definitely NOT what it seems and if I may dare sound just a little, red-neck conspiratal, Gardisil may be just one thread in a fabric of lies being weaved around us. I send my deeply sincere and very best wishes to all who have posted here.

This is an annotated excerpt of a letter sent to Barbara.

I've kept things fairly quiet but every now and again I see a new announcement such as one I saw recently here in Australia that now puts into legislation the personal details of all girls who have received the Gardasil vaccine to be allowed to be accessed by the doctors, allowing them to contact girls/women to remind them to have their second and third shot. A horrible cash cow made by Merck at the expense of our girls. I've started a new job with an organised and successful law firm, it takes about 12-14 hours of my day, leaving very little time for anything else. My immediate goal is to come home and see my kids including our 6 year old who is always asking for his dad.

Like your daughter, my daughter is a very lovely, even tempered and responsible young lady. She turned 18 recently but as a result of what happened she has become very close to us. She had a great birthday party, and she was beautiful how she thanked her parents for our love, attention and positive guidance.

She is at home all the time now, because she has missed out on too much school, 3 months, at the most critical stage of her life. She gets depressed because it was to be her final year and then she was to start university next year (the timetable is a little different in Australia to the US). The school principal allowed her to visit the school and even go to the school formal (prom) this year. But it's not the same; her peers would have finished school and get to choose their university degree. My daughter can't. My daughter does not want to finish high school next year, she wanted it to finish this year with her friends. She has therefore decided to choose child care, as she is wonderful with kids.

After 2 May 2007 when she first took Gardasil, we tried to let her go back to school, because her condition wasn’t acute at the time, but she wasn’t 100%. As she is a quiet girl, we thought that being with her friends would be better for her. However, she was a little erratic and this was spotted by teachers and other girls after her return. At the time that things started to really deteriorate at school, she was very humiliated at how some of the school staff treated her when they realised that something was wrong. She was simply locked in a room and at the same time the staff called me, trying to compel me to agree to allow her to get admitted into a psychiatric hospital. I dropped the phone and rushed with my wife to the school. When I got there, the receptionist would not tell me where my daughter was. It was disgraceful conduct and my wife and I were desperate to know where she was being kept, but it wasn’t the time to lose control and make a scene so we kept our cool in our daughter’s best interests. So I played ball and simply waited to talk to the school coordinator and the social worker, who just tried to grab my arm and attempt to console me. However, unfortunately I took it as a patronising act, as I was quite focused as what I wanted to do - I wanted my daughter out of there.

Fortunately after a few minutes of discussion where they said that they wanted a clearance from a psychiatrist prior to returning to school, we were out of there and our daughter was safely with us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the need for people to get hospitalized if this is necessary, I just knew that it would have been wrong, and devastating to my child to be put in there, as I knew that the hospital would never have attributed the illness to the Gardasil and just treat her as a sick mental patient.

We did almost exactly what you did, I took her to a psychologist the day after she took Gardasil. The psychiatrist, insists that the fact that she took Gardasil was just a coincidence, even though she started behaving erratically on the same evening that she took Gardasil. Some doctors are so set in their ways, they don't investigate the cause of a patient's condition. Plus they have simply accepted that vaccines must be good for you, just as the Minister for Health’s office in response to my repeated letters to Tony Abbott MP. The same office that said that the Therapeutic Goods Administration is the relevant office to address any concerns or complaints. If I were Tony Abbott MP, I would have become quite alarmed, and I would done something about it, made some enquiries, even to protect my own child; since receiving my letter, I would have made some serious enquiries if I were him.

As you can see, many of the doctors get it seriously wrong. I was later referred to a General Practitioner (GP) doctor who specialises in assisting autistic children and he also has a special interest in patients who suffer serious side effects after being administered vaccines. He put my daughter on compound pharmaceuticals. I rushed to buy them, and they were specially made for her and had the compound pharmacist get it ready on the same day at a cost of about $500. However, she became much worse. She started to laugh at nothing. She would talk to herself, pace up and down the room. She was lost, and we had no idea what to do. Her worst weekend was when my wife and I went to a christening, where we were chosen to be the Godparents, and my in laws all saw my daughter in her condition, laughing about nothing, talking to herself, it got my wife's parents very upset. She never behaved that way, it was obvious that it was out of her control. Prior to the ordeal, she was the most reserved sensible girl I have known. Nothing bothered here before she took Gardasil, she took everything in her stride; when she was a young girl, for example if young neighbours became nasty over nothing she would just think it was funny and laugh it off and keep her cool, I thought she had an amazingly good natured character. I thought she had a character that was stronger than her parents and I was proud of her for it. I could observe absolutely no psychological predisposition. But a mix of ingredients like what is found in Gardasil can hurt a person, even ones who appear to be strong.

Our whole family went north to Queensland on holidays for a few days to try to see if she would get any better. I realised what a dangerous situation that I was in when we got into the 6th floor of a beachfront hotel. My wife and I couldn't sleep, we were scared because if she could be so disoriented, God only knows what could happen up there.

So the only thing that could get her out of the terrible state was the drug Respirodone. She started taking half an mg, then it was increased to 1, then 2, then 3. She was still not getting better. I hated her taking it in the first place, but she was still very unwell and the psychiatrist warned me that it would be harder for her to become normal again, the longer she remained in that state. Now that my daughter is better and that she has full insight into what happened, she is embarrassed as to how she was, as she recalls everything. At least she thinks it was funny, now that she's better. The psychosis was very aggressive. Maybe it was simply telling us that the Gardasil was well and truly causing damage in her body, and anything would then trigger a psychosis.

My daughter's treating psychiatrist was less generous with her opinion of the GP's treatment. I found that sometimes doctor's egos get in the way of doing the right thing for the patients. It's scary to know of the sort of people we are relying on when our lives depend on it. However I found that the more humble doctors, practitioners who genuinely look at our best interests, who listen to patients and really try to find an answer that is evidence based, do in fact exist.

My daughter is fortunate enough to continue doing her self defence classes, and she has also started an assistant instructor's job and she's doing very well. However, she often gets headaches and she gets tired at night. The dosage of Respirodone has now reduced to 2mg. I would have wanted her to stop taking it altogether, but the GP told us that the vaccine is still in her body, and that she might be vulnerable and that she might have a relapse. She is now very reserved, and even much more mature because of what happened. She realised that she has only 2 real friends who stuck by her in thick and thin. I try to give her positive thoughts and try to learn from the experience, and say that it happened for a higher purpose, for her to help or empathise with people who are mentally ill and become stronger for it. If I can help it, I don't ever want to see my daughter ill like that again.

The GP has spoken to a visiting professor woman from the USA and we've been told that there is a growing number of doctors who are complaining about Gardasil and it's side effects and they are starting to make some noise about it.

The GP said he spoke to another local woman who specialises in removing the vaccine from the body altogether. I was very interested in proceeding with that, however, since the previous insult happened to our daughter, I am afraid as to whether her body was still vulnerable and whether it could trigger her in becoming ill again, so I'm putting it off. We arranged for an appointment to see the, but I'm a bit reticent about proceeding. I need to know what's in her “anti” vaccine, and I want some in depth background information about it backed up by some convincing science. So if and when we press on with the removal of the vaccine, I will keep you posted as to exactly what the story is in that regard. At the end of the day I just want my daughter off the Respirodone. Drugs like Respirodone is slowing down lots of things, such as allowing her to learn to drive a car.

In my opinion, from what I've read, anti psychotics and anti depressants are not good for you in the long run. At the end of the day we are at the mercy of our treating doctors and hope that we are receiving the right advice, as often we simply don’t have any other alternative in the hope that the serious side effects will go away. I learned the hard way that it’s not that easy.

I finally received a response from the Minister for Health, Tony Abbott. He's got great aspirations about being one of our next prime ministers (equivalent to your president). He only responded to me after I sent a third letter, via fax as well as in the normal mail. It wasn't even from him. It came from his department, and all it said was that if we had a problem we should address it to the governing body who allows the drug to be released on the market, the Therapeutic Goods Authority. The letter then harps on about the usual stuff, the wide majority of the medical profession believe that vaccines are very good for you. It all looks very convincing. But the fact remains that our daughters became very sick. It would be different if Gardasil did this to an MP’s daughter. It could have caused irreversible damage to my daughter, I may never know what's going on in her head. I am very scared for her. At the moment, she doesn't want any boyfriends, she said she just wants to live with us and stay at home. She has become so caring for us, very perceptive about everything, and she always worries about our wellbeing.

I hope your daughter is doing well, who knows one day in the future she and my daughter can meet.

Take care to you and your family,

Sydney Australia

Hi Toni, thank you for your kind words. I sent an email to Barbara, excerpts of which is annexed here. This email is really meant to everyone who has suffered th indignity of suffering side effects, great or small, from any vaccine when it could have been avoided.


Email to 5.8.07

Hi Barbara,

I saw your message today.

I was interested in writing to you as I continue to have an interest in combating the distribution of Gardasil in its present form.

I am outraged that it continues to be widely distributed to the public. Just as I was sending a serious and urgent letter to the Australian Minister for Health, he announces to the media that Gardasil would be free for all females under 26 years of age. They are totally ignoring the risks. They should at the very least advise the public to receive specialist medical attention to determine whether they can handle Gardasil. They should also seek to change the mix of ingredients in Gardasil, which, as you would be aware contains Aluminium and Histidine which can be dangerous to some people. It cannot be determined to be safe.

I received a response from the government (after 3 letters) where they simply told me to address the complaint to the Therapeutic Goods Authority (the licensing authority for all drugs in Australia). They said that the TGA goes through a rigorous testing process and that the vaccine was proven to be safe. It basically brushes off my concerns and complaint, even refutes it. The fact is, that something seriously wrong happened to our daughters. And it happened as a result of this horrible vaccine. I regret the day that I signed the consent form, I'm beating myself up about it all the time. However, I was relying on an assurance that was contained in the form, that there were very limited types of side effects. This was misleading, as it relied on very limited data, and dare I say data that was kept from the public. Because, of course, it's all about the billion dollar enterprise in pharmaceutical companies selling their vaccines, putting the fear in all of us that we must trust them., that they are putting our best interests over their own.

The same companies that have convinced governments all around the world into subsidizing this "miracle" vaccine that stops cervical cancer. What a vote winner to the electorate, it's too irresistible for the politician to refuse. And it's free. It's no wonder that the government did not try a little harder to explore the pitfalls, to search the world database to establish whether this vaccine had bugs in it. Did the government know that girls have even died in the US after taking the vaccine? Would you or I have allowed our daughters to take the vaccine if we were made aware of this??? Absolutely not. It's a disgrace that this terrible physical and mental insult happened to your child and mine Barbara.

This was why I wanted to know about what happened to your daughter, so that I can advise our local medical authorities so that they can take us seriously. You would not only be assisting women in your country (I assume you are in USA) but you would also be assisting women in Australia. This is the election year, and the government would not want to receive any negative publicity so that are likely to address the issues more readily. Primarily, I want what's best for my daughter but I don't want this to repeat itself with other girls if it can be avoided. The government needs to be accountable to what has happened, especially given that it has been warned of the injury that Gardasil can cause. The media needs to be informed about this.

My daughter cannot go to school, she had to drastically change her plans for the future. I am afraid of the black dog called called "depression" and the damage this can cause. I never mention this at home, I just keep it to myself, as I want my child to really rise above it and become a better person for it, to even think that it happened for a higher cause, perhaps so that she would mature quicker, to become stronger than the average girl, but even more so- to assist other girls and to understand others who have suffered from mental illnesses and to warn others to get real and not trust big business, to continue to think independently.

My daughter was such a positive girl who always took things in her stride, she never took things to heart, she always laughed things off, but I always admired her kind, calm compassionate heart. It still haunts me to see her the way I did, where she was lost and confused, and she wasn't getting better for such a long time, plus the fact that she didn't know that anything was wrong...I could no longer function on my own and I needed to free my wife's time to be with our daughter full time, to monitor her and to also ensure that she does not slip emotionally, as she is so precious to us. I feel so blessed to have a sweet, decent child who instead of turning her back on faith she has become closer to God; she wants to go to church on Sundays and she has become involved with church youth groups. However she has become more introvert, she doesn’t want to get attention and she had a low self esteem for a while, and this is continuing to a great degree. I’ve have tried to gently point her in the right direction with strong advice and so far it appears to be working. She has become an assistant instructor of self defence classes and she is working part time teaching girls and women to defend themselves. She does this with such great care and humility which I find awe inspiring.

I hope that you have documented what happened to your daughter, and that you have received good medical advice from doctors that would be respected and who are not afraid to say the truth. We would not be doing the right thing simply forgetting about it. I think we can also keep our anonymity and privacy at the same time if this is approached properly with care and discretion.

Please let us know about your situation. I hope things are well with you and your family, and our family send our warm regards to your daughter.

Best regards,
Frank & family
Sydney Australia

Frank and Barbara,

thank you both for commenting on this very important subject. Your comments are being read. You have many people pulling for you and your daughters.

please do keep us informed about any new developments in the health of your daughters.


Frank, please email me when you get a chance -

Hi Barbara,

I sent a much longer response which I hope will come up on this blog but I just wanted to say that we should keep a close eye on our girls as my daughter's condition initially improved but then it became drastically worse; she is now close to normal and has full insight. Keep things very steady and go slow, remove all pressure from her. I withdrew my consent, she isn't having Gardasil or any vaccine (in their present mix) any more. Are you in Australia? Best of luck.


Hi Barbara,

I feel that it is incredible that your daughter suffered similar symptoms to ours. Since I wrote on this page, her condition worsened. She started to talk to herself, pace up and down around the house, laugh to herself all the time and totally lose insight as to what has been going on. Our family and greater family have openly cried about the ordeal, and have prayed that her condition would improve, for example to even to turn to religion to take her to Italy to bless her at a sacred place and to beg for divine help.

I could no longer work in my personal injury legal practice run by myself and my wife and decided to close it and bring my practice into a large practice where I have commenced working recently. I otherwise had no reason to close my practice down.

My wife is still looking after our daughter full time. My daughter has finally realised what has gone wrong, regaining insight after over two months. I was forced to get my daughter onto anti psychotics, and followed the psychs advice to increase the dosage to 4mgs, being extremely reluctant to do so. You see, she was not getting any better, she was getting worse, and I knew that I could not simply allow her to get worse and stay in that terrible state. She hasn't been at school for 2 months.

My daughter recently tried to get in touch with her friends and they all say that they are busy. The High School Certificate exams are starting next week and she can't undertake the exams. An acquaintance at school called her and asked her what's going on. My daughter said that she suffered side effects from taking Gardasil. The friend said that all the girls at school are asking about her, stating that she had psychiatric problems, wanting an explanation. My daughter decided not to go back to the school and instead of going to university next year as planned, has decided to go to a technical college to study child care. Then she has to go through the stigma of being asked if she has ever had a psychiatric condition, which technically she did. This horrific experience will never go away, almost like a criminal record. She will miss out on her school formal (her prom) and I am scared that she will become depressed or worse. I wrote to the Minster for Health in Australia and he simply ignored the email. I wrote to the opposition Minister and the State Minister. I have been chased by the State department this week by phone and they want my daughter to be tested in a clinic.

The problem is, that I asked the State department whether they undertake research all over the world about side effects from Gardasil and was advised that they do. I have also asked whether they have ever received any reports of similar side effects from Gardasil or any other Vaccine and was advised "no", no side effects similar to my daughter's.

However, I have read that many girls have died from "unexplained" deaths in the USA after receiving Gardasil, and I have read similar symptoms as my daughter in the US. I was told that the department never heard of this but they'd be interested for me to pass on this information which I saw with my own eyes, from medical notes available to the public, not just innuendo. If these people who do the research work for a living have not been able to see that girls have died after receiving Gardasil in USA, and have been advised for the first time by a guy who found it on the net, then something is seriously wrong, to say the least.

I have therefore become increasingly distrustful about all of this with respect to the department (not to mention the pharmaceutical companies).

I am told that pharmaceutical companies stand to make billions from this (the same ones that lost billions from Vioxx), and I am astounded by the brilliant marketing campaign sustained by the companies who have successfully managed to lobby many governments all over the world into a scare campaign with respect to cervical cancer in order that the governments will fund the vaccine to provide it free to young girls. A vaccine that can only allegedly deal with two strains of the cervical cancer.

However, it contains harmful ingredients such as Aluminium to stabilise the vaccine, and this is causing serious damage to girls, and our cries are being ignored. Fair enough if it works, but why insist on a dangerous mix of ingredients in a vaccine that are clearly harmful to even a small amount of people? Pharmaceutical companies have to do more to protect the public, they have a duty to do so.

The public, through the media, must be informed of this atrocity that is ruining innocent children's lives.


My 17 year old daughter has had a very similar experience to your daughter after receiving the Gardasil vaccine and we are suffering as you are. I feel as though I could have written exactly what you wrote. I don't have time to fully explain now, but please get in touch. I never correlated the vaccine with her sudden and unexplained psychological problems until after her second dose of the vaccine on 5/25/07, but she is starting to get back to her normal self. I feel blessed that we did not follow the psychologist's initial advice to go on anti-depressants, as I believe that would have masked the real issue and caused a further downward spiral. Keep the faith. We will get to the bottom of this and our daughters will rise up stronger for it.

Barbara Bahoshy Fernandez

My daughter was vaccinated with Gardasil in a Sydney private school on 2 May 2007. Ever since that day, our family's life has been in constant turmoil, and it is worsening every day.

On the evening of the vaccination, she started to mumble erratically and started to make very disjointed comments, she found it difficult to sleep. She also complained of itchiness in her back in the morning.

She became lost and confused, a very pale comparison to the daughter we were used to seeing. We went to a psychologist the next day to try to see what was wrong. The psychologist was concerned with the responses that she made to his questions. We became extremely worried about her, undertaking urine and blood tests as well as an MRI scan to the brain. Soon after, the school contacted us saying that they didn't want her to return unless she was psychiatrically evaluated and that she would not harm herself or others.

We received this evaluation when she was not in an acute stage. Her condition has steadily worsened and she recently had a more severe psychosis. For the first time last night, she did not sleep at all. She is presently on Risperdal, which she has started to take about 3 days ago, however her condition is worsening. There's much more to state about what has transpired in the past 6 weeks, and this is documented. We feel that our daughter's life has been stolen from her, and that we are on our own as to what help she can receive. One coincidence is a certainty- we had a modest, humble quiet, organised, kind and intelligent young woman, who is now lost, disjointed, who cannot go to school, she has lost friends, her future, whose life has come to an abrupt halt, ever since the day she was administered Gardasil. But the thing that is being ignored is that Gardasil contains ingredients that include Aluminum and Histidine, and it has too much of it. I was told that human vaccines contained mercury until 2002, when it was banned from animals in 1991. Our treating doctor believes that this is a classic example of a major reaction of toxicity caused by a vaccine which pushed our daughter over the edge. The question is, will we ever get our daughter back. Do the makes of Gardasil care? Aren't they the same makers of other banned drugs? What is the full extent of the test results? We are now desperate for help. I want to know if there are people out there with similar experiences.

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