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Science Made Simple: Shopper's Guide to Mental Disorders

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Bonkers Institute for Nearly Genuine Research
February 6, 2007

Exciting news from the Bonkers Institute!

Announcing the publication of SCIENCE MADE SIMPLE: Shopper's Guide to Mental Disorders.

Have you been diagnosed with a mental disorder? If not, chances are pretty good that you will be sooner or later.

Prepare yourself in advance with our handy Shopper's Guide to Mental Disorders!

* Learn how mental illness is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain!

* Learn how psychiatric medications work to restore chemical balance!

* Every disorder listed in the Guide is officially recognized by the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-- so you know it's a real medical disease!

* All data contained in the Guide was copied directly from drug company web sites -- guaranteed to be unbiased and 100% scientific!

* Each psychiatric drug reviewed by the Guide is fully approved by the FDA -- so you know it's safe and effective!

Read the complete Science Made Simple series:
* ADHD Made Simple
* Anxiety and Panic Disorders Made Simple
* Bipolar Disorder Made Simple
* Depression Made Simple
* Schizophrenia Made Simple

And don't miss the special bonus section:
* Canine Behavior Made Simple

Depending how fast your donations roll in, the Shopper's Guide to Mental Disorders will be published as a pamphlet to be distributed FREE OF CHARGE at mental health clinics, hospitals, and medical offices NATIONWIDE!

Please support this important effort!

SCIENCE MADE SIMPLE: Shopper's Guide to Mental Disorders may be viewed online RIGHT NOW:

Spread the word!


Fighting pseudoscience with pseudoscience and SMASHING PSYCHIATRY... one lie at a time!


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