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TWO VIDEOS - TeenScreen and her Evil Sister TMAP

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TeenScreen Video, view here: and pass the word!

In less than 24 hours that video has received "4 honors" in YouTube lingo:
#14 - Top Favorites (Today) - News & Blogs - English
#16 - Top Favorites (Today) - News & Blogs - All
#58 - Top Rated (Today) - News & Blogs - All
#64 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Blogs - All

TMAP Video - view here:

TeenScreen's Evil Sister - TMAP, Texas Medication Algorithm (guidelines) Project is a plan by drug companies to influence government officials to push the newest most expensive antipsychotic drugs.

At a minimum the plan has also been exported to these states: Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Washington, D.C.

TeenScreen keeps the schools they have infiltrated secret and confidential, but these have been dug up by investigators scouring the country:

Pick a school in your state and raise hell (in a polite way) with local school officials and the media.

Only with your help will the entire deck of cards collapse.

See the effects other parents across the nation have created:

Give TeenScreen a good whack for Christmas! Pass the word far and wide - really wide!

If you're being a Scrooge this Christmas - whack TeenScreen even harder!

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