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Reversing autism and seizures – Jonathan’s story

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Health Sentinel
By Roman Bystrianyk
November 20, 2006

When Jonathan was four years old it was apparent that he wasn’t quite the way a four-year-old should be. He didn’t focus and was not very verbal. He often got angry and punched his own head and physically attacked others. He didn’t sing. He just didn’t seem normal.

His parents, Denise and Jose, took their son to the pediatrician. After several visits he was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) and more specifically with autism. PDD refers to a group of disorders characterized by delays in the development of socialization and communication skills.

After his diagnosis, a pediatric neurologist saw Jonathan and performed and EEG. An EEG or electroencephalogram is a test to detect abnormalities in the electrical activity of the brain. Although there were no petit mal or grand mal seizures detected, as you would see in epilepsy, there was clear evidence of brain seizures.

As a result of those tests he was taken to a psychiatrist who prescribed Depakote, which is a medication used to control seizures and convulsions. The Depakote was too strong for Jonathan – because he would lose his balance and also “space out” – so he was switched to Topamax, which he seemed to tolerate better. He was also prescribed Strattera because of his violent outbursts.

In October of 2005, Denise happened across a radio program in New York City on 91.5 FM WNYE. The program was the Gary Null show and that day Dr. Null was reading a news story titled “Stopping epileptic seizures using omega-3, vitamin E, diet and more”. Denise found it very interesting and exciting, and when she got home she found the article on the Internet and read it.

Absorbing as much of the information as she could, she decided that she wanted a change for her son. She found the scientific information referenced in the article, “absolutely amazing”, and she was determined to try a natural approach. On her own she began giving her son supplements that were discussed in the article. She started him on 1000 mg of omega-3, 400 IUs of vitamin E, 500 mg L-Carnosine, 500 mg L-Glutamine, selenium, Vitamin C, zinc, and B-complex.

She made changes in his diet, eliminating dairy and wheat and all processed food, which Jonathan frequently ate. “Now that I look back at it he had an awful diet.” She switched to all organic food and began using filtered water. She also started reducing the amount of Jonathan’s medication.

Within two weeks Jonathan started showing some amazing changes. Denise noticed improved eye contact and increased “clarity”. He suddenly became more focused and articulate. He had more patience playing games and wasn’t as angry. Jonathan also began singing, something that he never really did before. Denise was happy and surprised, “He’s actually singing! Oh my God he’s singing!”

Each week Jonathan improved. They got letters from school asking what has changed at home because Jonathan was now doing “wonderful”. He became more focused and patient.

She went back to her pediatrician to let him know that she was trying a natural approach and was reducing the medications Jonathan was taking. “I was so sorry I did”. The doctor became very angry and yelled, “Your son needs to be on Ritalin. He needs to be on stronger medication than he’s already on what are you thinking about cutting his medications in half?” Denise was stunned by the pediatrician’s belittling attack and didn’t go back to see this pediatrician and instead switched to a more understanding pediatrician.

In November they went to see Dr. Marty Feldman, who added a brain supporting powder that Denise adds to soymilk to make a shake for Jonathan for breakfast. He also recommended a product called Ultra Clear to help detoxify, vitamin B-12, and increased the omega-3 fatty acids.

In December, 2 months after the start of the protocol, she went back to the pediatric neurologist that had done the original EEG on Jonathan. She explained that she hadn’t been given Jonathan all the prescribed medication and that she felt he should be retested to see if he is having any brain seizures. They performed the EEG again and this time Jonathan had “no clinical evidence of seizures”.

Denise asked the doctor, “So is there any reason for him to be on any medications to control seizures?” The pediatric neurologist replied, “No. He doesn’t need them.” The neurologist asked what she was doing and Denise let her know of the protocol she had put Jonathan on. She was very supportive, “Great! Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Denise made an appointment with a new pediatrician and informed him that Jonathan was off all his original medications. The new pediatrician made a suggestion that Jonathan get plenty of physical exercise.

“He rides his bicycle and scooter weather permitting. In the winter the family goes ice-skating twice a week. He often plays baseball with his Dad and he does nightly yoga with the family. In school Jonathan has Adaptive Physical education daily.”

Today, a little over 1 year from the start of a journey, Jonathan is a normal and happy boy. His behavior is excellent and he has even been awarded “Student of the Week” numerous times in his class. “There are no problems with his behavior. None. He doesn’t hit other children – he’s very kind to them. He compliments his teachers. He’s a model student. Everybody in their family is shocked at the amazing changes.”

For more information please contact Denise at or Roman at

REFERENCE: Stopping epileptic seizures using omega-3, vitamin E, diet, and more –

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Sounds like a miracle. Or maybe just a good advertisement. Cheers

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