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VIDEO - National News - School Shooters on Antidepressants

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Fox News -- The Big Story With John Gibson
October 4, 2006


FNC 10/04/06 17:17:42: sisters, aged 7 and 8. their horse drawn wagons will pass right by us here in front of this church, john. john: rick leventhal, thank you very much. tragedies like this one in pennsylvania and in colorado last week seem to be inexplicable, but listen to this. more often than not, antidepressants are involved. they found antidepressants in duane morrison's jeep. and we know that the f.d.a. warned doctors that antidepressants can cause both suicidal and homicidal thoughts. in 2002 douglas kennedy was the first to expose the link between antidepressants and violence, a report that sparked congressional hears and he's here with us now. >> four years ago we showed that seven out of the 12 previous school shooters were either on anti-depress acts or withdrawing from antidepressants. and since then the trend has continued with 16-year-old jeff wise who snapped while on prozac, killing nine people and wounding five at his high school in red lake, minnesota. and moments ago i spoke with sheila matthews of, trying to get congress to protect schoolchildren from this kind of violence. so what do you want congress to do here? >> i want an investigation into the correlation between the psychiatric drugs and the school shooters. i want toxicity screening done on the school shooters to see if they were on any antidepressants because clearly there's a link. >> when you had a relative who had a bad time on antidepressants. describe that to me. >> my brother-in-law committed suicide while withdrawing from antidepressants, and totally out of character, a loving man, we miss him dearly and we want to prevent this from happening. >> you run into lots of stories like that? >> that's right. >> describe some of those. >> well, as a founder of the able child, victims come to us all the time, their children are committing suicide on these drugs and we're very concerned. it's a public health issue. >> now lots of new studies show antidepressants, not only do they not prevent suicide, they actually cause suicide and violence. >> that's correct. >> why are so many people still taking them? >> because the evidence is not being broadcast and i think that it's time with all of...

See video here: (it may take a moment to open depending on your internet connection speed - press the Play button in the middle)

Stop a future school shooter. Get this out and into the hands of the public.

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