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Psychiatric "Chemical Imbalance Fraud" confirmed by Three New England States

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Posted by Amy Wheeler
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Jun 29 2006

BOSTON - Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island have released statements undercutting the fraudulent "chemical imbalance of the brain" marketing that is the foundation of billions of psycho-pharmaceutical dollars and the entire mental health diagnosis process.

All six New England state mental health agencies were given Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to produce documents "showing a) the existence of chemical imbalance of the brain, b) any known test for chemical imbalance of the brain and c) any test that shows what a correct chemical balance of the brain would be." While Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut continually refused to answer this very controversial request, the other three New England states admitted to having no such data or documents.

"Psychiatry, drug companies and their front groups, like the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, (NAMI) have fraudulently claimed for years that their mental disorders are illnesses that are based on brain chemical imbalances that can only be corrected by psychiatric drugs," said Kevin Hall, New England Director of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) intent on investigating and exposing Psychiatric abuses of human rights. "This data confirms that psychiatry's drugging and diagnosing have no scientific basis whatsoever."

Per CCHR and other critics of psychiatry, millions of adults and children are merely being dangerously drugged to mask behavioral symptoms which is the same reason people often take street drugs. CCHR also points out that unlike medical illnesses that are found through scientific research and discovery, mental disorders are merely groups of symptoms that are voted into existence by American Psychiatric Association committees. "In effect, three New England states are now admitting that they have paid billions of dollars to institutionalize people, remove children from families and funnel school children into a mental health system that labels and drugs them for no scientific reason," said Hall. "Cancer and diabetes can be scientifically diagnosed while calling ADHD, anxiety or alcoholism a medical disease is simply a lie. The clothes have been removed from the psychiatric emperor."

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