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NTN: Big Pharma's exploitation of women + lies about breast cancer

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October 5 2006


Dear readers,

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, you'll start seeing "pink" products everywhere and you might be urged to donate money, buy pink products or run for the cure. Even though we're told that every penny helps, where do those pennies go? If we are donating all this money for a cure, then why are women not being told the truth about preventing breast cancer with vitamin D, green tea, foods, herbs and alternative therapies?

Why are the treatment options explained to women limited to high-profit drugs, radiation, surgical procedures and more mammography -- a procedure that actually causes breast cancer by irradiating breast tissue?

Cures for breast cancer exist right now, but the cancer industry censors and discredits them, then pretends that a chemical cure will be found if people would just donate enough money. (It's always about more money, isn't it?) Shame on the public for believing such nonsense.

Breast Cancer Awareness is a modern variation of the oldest confidence scam in the book. It's actually a recruiting ploy to victimize women by exploiting their bodies to generate profits for some of the wealthiest corporations in the world: Drug companies.

Most drug companies are headed by men, by the way, who earn ridiculously large salaries in the hundreds of millions of dollars. So it's the same old story: Rich, powerful white men telling women what to do with their bodies, all while raking in obscene profits on every dose of toxic chemotherapy injected into a woman's body.

It's time to tell the truth about Big Pharma's exploitation of women. If drug companies and non-profit cancer groups really cared about women, they would be teaching them how to prevent breast cancer in the first place. Yet that approach is almost entirely ignored because it keeps women healthy and denies revenues to the extremely profitable cancer treatment industry.

It's no exaggeration to say the cancer industry thrives on disease and suffering while marketing its services by terrorizing women through the use of proven fear tactics like telling women they only have six months to live unless they submit to chemotherapy. And guess who funds the cancer non-profits the most? Pharmaceutical companies, of course.

The cancer industry is all about corporate profits, not women's health. And yes, I'm willing to tell the truth about it, because I actually care about the health of women, and I'm outraged at how many have been victimized by the cancer industry.

Read today's feature to learn more:
October 5 2006

The "Race for the Cure" scam exposed: The cancer industry's guilt-powered shakedown of a gullible public

You've probably seen billboards that proclaim "Race for the Cure." There are a multitude of false presuppositions in this statement, but let's start with the obvious -- the myth that there is a "cure" to the disease being fought by the race. Let's take breast cancer as the disease of choice, for example. The slogan on these billboards presupposes that there is a chemical cure for breast cancer just waiting to be discovered, and if we could just turn over enough rocks, we could find this magical cure and all live happily ever after without breast cancer.

This presupposition is just plain wrong. There is no chemical cure for breast cancer because breast cancer is not a germ-based infectious disease in the first place; it's just a name given to an observable pattern of symptoms that are indicative of cellular malfunction and a systemic failure of the immune system in a human being. There is no breast cancer disease in the same sense that there is malaria, AIDS or cholera. Breast cancer is a name given to the side effects of poor health that just happen to emerge first in the breast tissues.

It is also ridiculous to imply that if we all race enough, run enough miles or walk enough steps, then somehow a chemical cure will magically be found. (Click here to see the 'Race for the Cure' cartoon.) Of course, we have to raise money while we're running around in circles in order to find this elusive cure, but that's the whole point, isn't it? To raise money and donate that money to various nonprofit groups that actually function as front groups for the cancer industry, which is all about Big Business and big profits. If money actually solved cancer, the disease would have been solved long ago, because billions of dollars have already been poured into research for this fictitious disease, and still, there are no solutions.

Everybody hurry, hurry to raise more money for the cancer barons

Another odd presupposition in the "Race for the Cure" is that there is a limited-time race underway, and we all have to hurry up and participate to find a cure before the deadline expires. It creates a sense of urgency, as if we have to urgently participate by running in circles or donating money to this race.

The real urgency, however, should be in prevention, because if we could prevent breast cancer now -- which we can do very easily through herbs, nutrition and natural therapies like sunlight -- then we could eliminate the billions of dollars spent on breast cancer treatments, research and chemotherapy and prevent virtually all of the deaths associated with breast cancer in future years.

Naturally, the nonprofit breast cancer front groups never promote urgency in prevention. They just want to raise more money to study the disease without actually preventing it, because preventing the disease -- and wiping it out through prevention -- would make all the people involved in these "Race for the Cure" events seem irrelevant. Just as military leaders desire to have a war because it makes them important, the people involved in disease-mongering desire to see those diseases because it keeps them relevant and allows them to go on television and make urgent appeals for participation in these "Race for the Cure" shams.

The last presupposition, which is more present in the advertising and the overall philosophy of these money-raising efforts, is that we should all be involved out of the goodness of our hearts. If we are good people, the message seems to imply, we will also race for the cure, and if we fail to participate, we must feel really guilty about it, because we are not part of the solution to breast cancer.

This hidden presupposition is, like the other three, blatantly false. Again, there is no genuine disease as they define it, there is no cure and no urgency to raise money for finding more ways to treat the symptoms of breast cancer with patented chemicals.

If there's any kind of urgency, it should be the urgency to educate people about ways to prevent breast cancer. Prevention is remarkably inexpensive, and it can be put into practice right away. The preventions for this disease are already well-known and well-documented, so there's really nothing to run around in circles for -- unless you want to get some exercise and sunshine, which are probably the best cures for breast cancer in the first place. The healing power of sunlight and its ability to promote vitamin D in the body -- which halts the growth of breast cancer tumors -- is far more powerful than any pharmaceutical human beings can create. Add in the power of green tea, chlorella, Una de Gato (Cat's Claw), selenium, zinc and other nutrients from foods and herbs and you already have the tools to help prevent more than ninety percent of all cancers.

If you want your "Race for the Cure," go ahead and race, but race for your own sunshine, your own exercise and your own cure. And don't be suckered in by a corporate-sponsored guilt trip that only functions as a financial shakedown of a gullible public. Mark my words: Breast cancer will never be cured by patented chemicals. The "race for the cure" is a massive deception that distracts us from what we all need to be focusing on in regards to this condition, which is prevention through nutrition, detoxification, avoidance of cancer-causing chemicals, stress reduction and physical exercise.


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