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'We Become Silent' - Documentary Exposes Codex, FDA, WTO Health Agenda


I just watched a documentary, produced by Kevin Miller, that takes up the subject of international health legislation, as promoted by the European Union, Codex Alimentarius, the FDA and other, lesser players. "We become silent" is the first comprehensive effort to bring together testimony and information about an ongoing battle for health freedom.

Under the pretext of "protecting consumers", international rules are being put into effect, first in Europe but soon in other parts of the world, to tightly regulate healthy foods. The upshot is: kiss your vitamins good bye. And not only vitamins are due to be legislated out of existence. These new rules passed in secrecy will make it impossible to say NO to pharma-dominated medicine because one by one, the natural alternatives will all have been eliminated.

See the only known footage from inside a Codex Alimentarius meeting. Find out how, starting from Germany, the health madness spread all over Europe and is soon to engulf the rest of the world. And see what US legislators have to say about the mechanism of enforcement by which these new rules are going to be made binding, even on the mighty US. If you don't know Codex Alimentarius like the back of your hand or if anyone has told you that Codex is "nothing to worry about", like recently did, you should see this film.

If you use supplements or natural medicine in any form, you should see the film to find out what's coming your way - and please ... SPREAD THE WORD.

See the Video here: "We become silent"

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