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Environmentally Induced Disease: Prime Minister Tony Blair named in 'Criminal Complaint'

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A Scottish lady, who has lived for much of her life in Lincolnshire in England, says that suffering from adrenal exhaustion has been an ordeal that health professionals don't seem to be interested in. Rena Scott-Murphy has written a complaint naming British prime minster Tony Blair as the major political figure responsible for and in a position to do something about the pollution and the progressive depletion of health-giving nutrients that are at the heart of the problem.

Although called a "criminal complaint", the work is a personal review of the science of health as applicable to a number of illnesses that are officially left by the wayside. Sufferers these environmentally induced diseases are often told it's "all in your head", when in fact there are physical problems that are more than real.

See also this article on chemical sensitivity and an interview with Martin Walker, author of an excellent book titled SKEWED to get some insight into the interests that lie behind the official negation of all health problems, apparently chemically caused.

Here is what Rena says about her complaint.

The complete text is at the end of this article:

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1. To the media

In an attempt to attract public attention to the contents of the attached Complaint, I have mailed and emailed copies to: television stations, radio stations, national and local newspapers, universities, various public figures and organisations, the Royal Family and others worldwide, totalling seven hundred. I have found it necessary to do this as a more detailed Complaint than my own, presented to the International Criminal Court on June 14, 2003 by Dr Rath and Colleagues failed to appear on any national or international news medium.

Should you be permitted to relay news of this latest Complaint to the public, I would suggest that I am not the story, rather the subject of the Complaint is. I am an ordinary person who got sick and sought answers. Furthermore, my decision to take such extreme action is not an act of bravery, but one of self-preservation. Having realised the simple truth of disease, I was faced with two options: to either stand by my convictions, and dare to raise my head above the parapet, or I do nothing, and feel dead inside. My action is simply the least painful option.

As stated, the motivation behind the search for answers was my own health: Adrenal Exhaustion, more commonly misdiagnosed, then ultimately ‘symptom diagnosed’ as Fibromyalgia (muscle pain) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or M.E.

2. To those with CFS/Fibromyalgia/ME - Adrenal Exhaustion – and Family Members

It is my sincere hope that the following information helps you better understand and manage this condition, and with medical and environmental support - steadily overcome it:

For seven years doctors assured me “Your blood tests are clear” as my body, life and mind steadily spiralled out of my control, and I became unrecognisable to family, friends and myself. For years I wished fervently to be diagnosed with cancer just to have someone listen; for me the feelings of isolation were more unbearable than the many symptoms, and the regular death like lack of energy felt, where the effort made to inflate my lungs became more of a conscious act, than unconscious one. In effect, I had gone from being a happy, strong willed, outgoing athletic woman, to one who felt hopeless, helpless, lost and almost broken.

Eventually I came to trust my own instinct and began to ask questions: Why had so many blood tests failed to detect a problem? And, which organ/s or gland/s play a primary role in energy production and emotional balance?

It turns out that normal NHS tests are not sensitive enough to detect predisposing chemical factors that warn of a diseased condition developing. In addition, doctors and consultants are not encouraged to routinely test for baseline nutrient deficiencies: except calcium, sodium and potassium (primary electrolytes), but fail to check ratios, and appear not to understand why this is important.

Even so, this still failed to explain why doctors were continually failing to recognise such severe symptoms, and why blood tests were persistently returning clear. I have since learned that mainstream medicine once attempted to medicate these glands, but found them to be too sensitive. As things stand, it looks as though adrenal glands are completely ignored, while medication is provided for the thyroid, which can often suppress many early and even later adrenal insufficiency symptoms. Poor functioning adrenals provide a long list of warning symptoms that today’s doctors are not trained to recognise, even though sub-optimal gland performance is powerful enough to result in an individual taking their own life – many have, and still do. …Normal blood tests do however detect absolute failure of the adrenals.

Evidence that we really are our chemistry is found in the adrenals as they affect the deepest part of us in our attitude, hope and will to live. The fact that they are not considered regularly by medical professionals, is all the more offensive when you consider the adrenals also: affect the working of every tissue & organ, regulate fat metabolism, are responsible for converting carbohydrates, proteins & fats into energy, affect the whole digestion tract, excrete anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant hormones, provide 35% of female hormones and 50% of post-menopausal hormones. …Without proper adrenal function pregnancy cannot occur.

Adrenals are also the control centre for an individual’s ability to handle physical and mental stress/pressure; they can be exhausted by either one single trauma, for example experience of war, or by constant negative stress in the form of emotional issues and/or physical ‘poisons’ (please see Complaint diagram). The adrenals produce the hormone cortisol in response to anything that threatens the internal homeostasis (balance) of the body, but they can and do become depleted, which leaves the individual in a pretty dire situation, as cortisol ‘provides’ the body (which is the person) with the energy (the means) to cope and quite literally interact with the outside world. My own experience of this effect has been the most difficult to put into words in order to help my family understand. …Self-imposed alienation is pretty much my main coping mechanism. I should add that persistent elevation of the cortisol hormone suppresses the immune system and undermines kidney function – balance is the key.

Managing the condition means socialising with family when I have a ‘full battery’, which in adrenal exhaustion terms means approx. 15%, which decreases with every interaction and use of energy to walk, sit, stand etc; while I otherwise appear absolutely normal – even healthy by British standards. Choosing to override (ignore) dropping energy/cortisol levels is easy enough, but the times I have chosen or been forced to do this, has meant experiencing first hand the power of hormones (or absence of). I once attempted to explain this to a consultant, only to have him look at me as though my head had just rotated on my shoulders. I had suggested that it felt as though my body was having difficulty breathing at cellular level; having noticed his reaction I decided not to tell him that ...

I invariably lay on my bed waiting for ‘it’ to pass, I also felt hopeless, and utterly helpless to the point where I didn’t care whether I lived or died. In fact, it was more the thought of putting up with this condition, just to remain in a world that is ‘on its head’, that was decidedly unappealing. Fortunately, I have learned to listen to the other voice in my head, the one that is not affected by body chemistry, a voice some might call soul, spirit or collective consciousness. Incidentally, it turns out that I had been describing cellular respiration when I spoke to the consultant, AND, cortisol is in fact known as the ‘hormone of death’- I can understand why.

To the reader who has lost a friend or family member to suicide as a result of this condition, please understand that you could not possibly have known or comprehended what they were going through (or why) in order to help. As strong willed as I believe I am, my spirit has been ‘there’ for the breaking more than a few times; it was knowledge that helped me understand that I was ‘only’ experiencing a severe shortage in some area of my body chemistry. Only knowledge and my Mum assured my stay.

Seven years after I first described my early symptoms to a doctor, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/CFS and informed that had the condition been diagnosed within the first two years, I could have hoped to recover - but not seven years down the line. Thanks to an old friend – Dr Michael Klaper - I held one piece of information many medical professionals appear to be unaware of: every cell in the body (except brain) regenerate. In order for the body to replace a worn out cell, it requires only two things – Instructions & Raw Material. I guessed my DNA (the instructions) were okay since I was not overtly born with the condition, which left the raw material (oxygen, water, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats), and whether they were deficient and/or imbalanced, and in addition, what heavy metal toxicity, and toxins I had accrued whilst my mother was carrying me, and throughout my life.

Given my understanding that while our genes do not state categorically that we will develop a specific disease, they do however suggest what conditions we personally are predisposed to, should our body chemistry veer one way or the other from our birth chemistry. With this in mind I thought all I had to do was cleanse my body and fill up with nutrients, but this turned out to be easier said than done. While the theory is correct, the practice of undoing years and layers of physical and emotional toxicity is long, and not without difficulty.

In the years prior to my diagnosis and throughout my search, I repeatedly attempted to cleanse my organs and systems, in order to allow spontaneous healing to take place, but failed as a result of circumstance both within and without my control. I did however succeed in supplementing my diet with quality nutrients enough to improve my saliva pH level from approximately 4.5 to 6.0, but this supplement ‘shotgun’ approach still failed to get to the root of the problem, which forced me to continue searching. I am now aware that it can take up to one year to replenish just one mineral, on top of which, I learned that while the health of my eyes rely on one combination of chemical nutrients for their structure and function, my adrenal glands rely on a completely different combination, as do other organs and glands. In addition, I didn’t know exactly which essential (building block) nutrients and trace minerals my whole body was deficient or imbalanced in.

Finding a diagnostic method that suited my pocket and circumstance proved difficult, but eventually I came across Dr. Larry Wilson who uses a non-invasive tissue biopsy method (mineral hair analysis) to determine deficiencies, imbalances and metal toxicity; but more importantly (for me), his written work reflected my own research findings regarding adrenals. For those of you with doubts (as I had) regarding the efficacy of hair analysis, you may wish to consider that scientists recently used a hair sample to determine ‘The madness of King George’. It turned out to be arsenic toxicity, a known medicine in those days. …My hair analysis results (received last week) reflect my symptoms and suggest the presence of adrenal exhaustion.

After years of looking for the biological answer to healing the body, I now realise that knowing the answer is merely one aspect of recovery, and that putting knowledge into practice requires both medical and emotional support. For the sickest bodies, this requires literally turning ones life upside down. In addition, root healing can be long and uncomfortable, as the body removes layers of non-nutrient (toxins) via the blood stream, which can make you feel worse – but the worst of the healing crisis is temporary. Many who have attempted root healing have given up, I believe primarily as a result of not understanding this point, and of course, being accustomed to past ‘pill suppression’ of symptoms. But, the point I wish to make here is that root healing can be difficult for any severe condition or disease, and absolutely requires medical and emotional support.

In conclusion, I feel I should touch on the ‘cause’ issue for those of you still looking. I looked, cursed and blamed for many years, only to realise why it is so difficult to sue a pharmaceutical company, and prove any one medicine ‘caused’ the problem. From my own experience I have concluded that no one thing caused the condition, but rather a combination of many chemical, environmental and emotional stressors, and of course my congenital (birth) health and genetic make-up. Having thoroughly inspected my medical records I have further concluded that a birth pill (no longer prescribed) was most likely the catalyst, but not the cause. My very early failure to be diagnosed meant I did not pay attention to my body’s warning signals, but instead used my will power and over the counter medications to keep going, that is until my body stopped me many years later. Now that I believe I see light at the end of the tunnel, I can reflect on what I have learned and how I have grown as a person, however, I would rather have teeth pulled without pain relief than go through the years prior to being diagnosed and listened to.

Note: Over 70% of the population are believed to be living with, and through, under active adrenal glands, that either present as a malady of unexplained symptoms, or a related condition.

3. To Anyone Listening – a theory

Given that our body chemistry (nutrient presence V’s non-nutrient presence) determines the quality of our physical structures and functions (organs, glands, eyes and bones etc.), and in addition, provides the filter through which we see and experience life, the world and ourselves; then it follows that sub-optimal raw-material (food, environment & living) will produce sub-optimal structures, functions AND the Thought that precipitate all action.

Stated Clearly: Higher thoughts and actions, emerge from a mind/body built with quality nutrients, living and loving in a healthy environment.

It is my belief that when years of non-nutrient build up is removed and nutrient levels replenished, the majority of the terminally ill, chronically sick and those labelled: drug addicts, alcoholics, fat, medication junkies, criminals and psychotics, will find themselves in a new body with new thoughts and an entirely different outlook on life. Of those that remain not entirely healed, the emotional body scars may then be addressed. …There will always be those that will not heal, that is, until we choose to create a society that trusts, respects and supports: the self-diagnosing, self-repairing and self-regenerating intelligence of the human body.

4. To Politicians

If there were ever a time for purposeful, meaningful and directional change surely it’s now? Increases in crime and other societal issues, are undoubtedly a very natural and predictable outcome to misdirecting and suppressing the evolutionary possibilities (genius) born into every child. It’s not surprising the world elite are frightened of us finally realising how powerful and special we each are; but even they must be bored by now - where is the stimulation and intrigue in holding most of the cards? It’s time to up the stakes by levelling the playing field through revolutionizing education and health care, and by altering the laws to favour the people.

Any man or woman who is willing to lead the country ‘naked’ would not feel they required deceit and the illusion of fear to be an effective leader, that is, providing the people were educated, informed and treated with respect - regardless of their societal position.

The ideology of a world centralisation of power - which interprets as big business (the few) taking over the world economy – could only mean our further undoing. Our big business puppeteers have clearly demonstrated, that they too have failed to adventure into the other 98% of their possibilities, by their obvious willingness to choose profit and perceived power over life.

In Conclusion

As everything contained in my Complaint began with a personal theory born out of desperation, I must concede that a number of my interpretations may prove to be inaccurate, HOWEVER, I strenuously maintain the underlying truth is firm and clear for all to see:

“For each member of society to realise that they actually ‘have’: a self-diagnosing, self-repairing and self-regenerating body … would de-stabilize the current societal knowledge power base.”

“…If a child were schooled in: logic, precise reasoning and biochemistry, they would have little difficulty in seeing what millions of blindly trusting adults have failed to see: The undeniable laws of chemistry at work.”

“The human organism requires nothing more than oxygen, water, daylight and nourishment, for the miracle that is the human genome to do what it has always done – repair, survive and evolve. Overtly we are humbled at the biochemical capabilities of our cellular intelligence, yet in our arrogance, ignorance and indifference we have persistently failed to recognise our interference with this process.”

“The sheer magnitude of obstacles set in place to undermine, suppress and control the mind, body and spirit of the people, rule out the probability of mere chance. With big business providing the commercial material for ‘what to think - and accept’, in the absence of an education in ‘how to think - and question’, millions accept the ‘no scientific evidence’ line, over their own innate wisdom and common sense.”

It is true, others profit from imposed public ignorance, but as is life – it takes two. We the people can force change by becoming shrewd shoppers, less willing to pay for quite so many products and foods that undermine health. By boycotting those ‘foods’ known instinctively to be produced for highest profit (not optimum health) - the message will be understood. Generally speaking, the simpler the packaging the higher the nutrient content. In addition, support could be offered to the many organisations presently fighting for human rights.

Finally, to those readers who may wish to contact me for further information, I must apologise and decline. I am not medically qualified, which ironically may have been to my advantage as I searched for the simple truth of disease. Medical professionals are invariably highly trained and focused on one area, making it more difficult for them to see what is staring them (and us) in the face. But mostly, I must now respect and provide my body with the nutrients, rest and environment it requires if I am too ever overcome this condition.

I feel I should also acknowledge those readers who may believe me delusional, all I can say in response, is that my belief in the wonder of nature and evolution is so profound, that I am willing to jeopardise my anonymity, which for one living through adrenal exhaustion, is everything.

Until now there has been no mention of exercise in relation to maintaining health, simply because a healthy body free of negative emotional stress is unable to do anything other than: be active, love and laugh.

Respectfully yours,


1. Dr Rath’s Complaint to the ICC of 2003 can be found on: ( - also look for ‘Pharmaceutical Business with Disease’. His non-profit Foundation website is FULL of information that will cut out many hours of searching elsewhere - specially designed supplements also available for various diseases. Tel: 01 49 3491 429 290

2. Dr Richard Schulze an international renowned Master Herbalist found 80% of his patients (and he has had many) became well after deep organ and system cleansing alone - including those sent home to die. ( USA based.

3. Dr. Larry Wilson’s website provides a great deal of information on adrenal insufficiency and adrenal exhaustion. He works with the Endo-met Laboratory to provide hair mineral analysis and a personalised diet and supplement program, all of which is presented on paper and further explained on audio tape. USA based

4. B.A.N.T. hold a register of practitioners qualified in both the science of nutrition and clinical practice: ( Tel: 0870 606 1284. I believe Sarah Stelling a practitioner in Edinburgh also works with the Endo-met Laboratory: 0131 312 7454

5. Sub-Clinical Blood Tests: Biolab Medical Unit is a medical referral laboratory specialising in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine - located in the heart of the West End of London. Tel: 0207 636 5959/5905 (

6. Exatest offer a non-invasive test that involves a light scraping of epithelial cells from under the tongue in order to evaluate crucial, intracellular mineral electrolytes. Will work with your chosen practitioner - USA based. (

7. What Doctors Don’t Tell You: Just found this monthly publication and reference source.Tel:0208 994 9555 (

8. Supplement Petition. The following organisation was set up directly in response to PM Blair’s attempt to stop the sale of key nutritional supplements to the public. The website offers much insight and provides a host of other information: Tel/fax: +44 (0) 1252 371 275

The above reference links offer MUCH information and advice on how to self-help, and offer support to those working behind the scenes to out the truth. I am unable to list the many diagnostic methods available, but they are not difficult to find – above will help. While a few listed represent what I believe has and is helping me, they may not be for the reader. Confidence in your practitioner, as well as an understanding of the approach, is necessary if trust and motivation is to be maintained while the body heals itself.


Parents: ANYTHING absorbed, ingested, inhaled or injected can play only one of two roles in the body – to either hinder or help. A thing is either a nutrient, or it is not. The reason it isn’t clearly evident that the body relies on our daily nutrient intake to repair and continually regenerate new cells, is because it ‘borrows’ what it needs from ‘less important’ areas, but there will always come a time when the debt has to be repaid: diabetes, asthma, low immunity, cancer etc. Cellular starvation occurs long before a child is sick.

Sugar is a cheap non-nutrient. The sugar cane is stripped of nutrients and used in ‘foods’ to tempt children. Non-nutrients deplete valuable stored nutrients in order to be metabolised. Excessive sugar is known to deplete zinc - which increases sweet cravings.

Nutrients in our Food: In 1936 the World Health Organisation warned that as a result of over farming, soil nutrient levels were no longer sufficient to maintain optimum health and that disease would follow. Since then we have failed to re-mineralise our soil and have further poisoned it with pesticides and industrial pollution. Would we have listened had we been told? The point now is to recognise that even if we were to eat an all-fresh, organic, healthy diet and stop taking foods that deplete the body, we can no longer maintain or regain optimum health without the help of good quality supplements, and for the most sever cases – intravenous nutrient infusions. Please note: supplements are not all equal, generally speaking the less expensive they are, the less effective they are. One inexpensive source of minerals may defy this rule is Meridan Organic Molasses – if you like a treacle everyday.

Cholesterol: When the blood runs acidic due to diet or negative emotions, the body produces cholesterol to protect the blood vessels (designed for slightly alkaline blood) from being damaged. Poor diet is considered to be only responsible for 30% of cholesterol-lined arteries, while stress and negative emotions (increase blood acid) provides the other 70%.

Improving Health: Nothing I have written is suggesting that medications are all bad or should be stopped; only that they are simply doing what a healthy body is very capable of doing all by itself. There are undoubtedly many valuable purposes for short-term use of pharmaceutical drugs, whether it is by necessity or as a short-term fix. The move from drug dependency will take time and careful handling, the idea being to steadily build nutritionally from the baseline up, to the point where long-term medication is no longer required. Many readers will choose to continue using prescription medication as the time and effort to switch may be too great or simply not circumstantially possible. For those whose circumstances permit change, I believe it to be imperative, quicker and cheaper to work with someone; but before paying for a private practitioner, I would suggest speaking with your doctor, as many doctors have also become disillusioned with the pharmaceutical approach, realising that their patients are not getting well - possibly provide him/her a copy of one or both of the Complaints prior to your visit? It’s only a matter of time before our doctors are fully conversant with cellular nutrition as many of the pharmaceutical companies have vested interests in the manufacturing of Nutraceuticals (pharmaceutical grade supplements). In the meantime, self-help, increased awareness and loving, seems like a good place to begin.

Please note: The underlying aim of the Complaint is to help others realise, that body chemistry not only affects/determines our internal and external physical functions, but it absolutely affects: the quality of thoughts and emotions, that initiate the actions, that ultimately determine ones life, and life experiences.

This is the text of Rena's complaint:

Prime Minister Tony Blair named in Criminal Complaint

Dated: 12 November 2004

Submitted to:

Police Headquarters
Pitt Street


Ms. R. Scott-Murphy
4 Oakwell Hall Cottages
Woodhall Spa
LN10 5DT

This Criminal Complaint cites Prime Minister Tony Blair’s failure to place the Health and Education of the people before pharmaceutical profits, resulting in the pain, emotional suffering and the death of men, women and children.

The Complaint comprises two main elements:

1. Prime Minister Blair’s unquestioning acceptance that there is NO known cure for cancer.

2. Failure to remove control of the NHS from an industry dependant upon poor health for its survival.


On June 14, 2003 The International Criminal Court in The Hague heard a Complaint by Dr Rath and colleagues, of Crimes Against Humanity committed in connection with The Pharmaceutical ‘Business of Disease’, naming Prime Minister Tony Blair, President George W Bush and other top political figures.

The cause/cure for cancer and disease is so widely known that it defies belief that it is still ‘not known’; to be more precise, the public have yet to have their suspicions confirmed by the media. The answer is so obvious and so clear, that future generations will look back in astonished bewilderment.

This widely known cure is why there are millions of ‘unexplained’ and ‘miraculous’ remissions, and why thousands of scientific papers have been published on the subject, and subsequently ignored by the pharmaceutical industry. It is why those natural approaches that alleviate or stop cancer and disease have one thing in common, while the “Cut it”, “Burn it”, “Poison it”, intervention of mainstream medicine has a devastating failure rate. The simplicity of its explanation has secured ongoing profits for the pharmaceutical industry (and others), while ‘advances in cancer research’ continue to perpetuate the collective rumour that there is NO cure for cancer.

Evidence To Support This Complaint

It is implicit in our society that bacteria and virus are more intelligent than the human immune system - a curious contradiction in terms of our evolutionary status. It is further implicit that the minerals and vitamins for which a healthy balanced diet is recommended, are simply for healthy teeth, bones, hair, skin and general well being, with NO explicit mention of the simple chemistry laws that govern the human organism. No mention of the laws that state: alter the body’s electrical current - you will alter biochemical reactions. If you alter the biochemistry, you alter cellular function. Alter cellular function and you interfere with the DNA’s 24hr cycle of cellular regeneration. Do all this (and we do) then illness, disease and death is both natural and predictable.

Knowledge of cellular regeneration is crucial to the public's understanding of nature’s explanation of disease and cancer. While they are aware of cellular regeneration taking place externally in hair, nails and skin, they are unaware that their eyes, organs, glands, muscles and joint tissue, is continually being repaired and replaced throughout their lifetime, thereby continually providing them with either gradual improvements in health - or gradual deteriorations.

Organ regeneration is the reason why an adult can be the recipient of a child’s liver, as every liver cell is replaced over a six weeks period. In addition, this same innate regenerative intelligence, is why a child of pre-puberty years who severs a finger or toe below the last joint, will experience its re-growth within 3 months - providing the wound is not stitched closed - as Cynthia Illingworth discovered in the 1970’s, a surgeon at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Public knowledge of this type of inherent intelligence threatens everything modern medicine is built upon; namely, the idea that the human body has somehow become a weak and confused thing, requiring poison (drug) intervention in order to function and live. For each member of society to realise that they actually have: a self-diagnosing, self-repairing and self-regenerating body - with as yet unknown capabilities - would de-stabilize the current societal knowledge power base.

‘Known’ and not known in the year 2004:

o ‘We’ have knowledge of: biochemistry, molecules, cell function, essential nutrients, enzymes and DNA …but no known cure for cancer?

o We know (since 1931) that cancer requires an oxygen free, acidic environment in order to live and multiply. On the other hand, blood and other body fluids containing balanced minerals (and no toxins) are highly oxygenated and slightly alkaline …but there is no known cure?

o We know that the body requires nourishing food grown in mineral rich soil, surrounded by clean air and water. We, on the other provide internal and external pollution, yet are perplexed by the presence of disease?

o We know that pharmaceutical companies produce drugs that imitate biological functions (with side-effects), and replicate nature’s herbs and remedies for profit, not health.

o We know that knowledge is power: the few have it - the many do not - the many are sick.

In the absence of effective education in subjects crucial to the development of ALL human potential, the public are forced to accept the ‘reality’ they are presented with, even though EVERYONE instinctively knows the true cause of cancer and disease. However, with limited knowledge and under enormous peer and societal pressure, the individual invariably dismisses his or her innate wisdom. Nevertheless, the fact remains that if a child were schooled in: logic, precise reasoning and biochemistry, they would have little difficulty in seeing what millions of blindly trusting adults have failed to see: The undeniable laws of chemistry at work.

When a couple wish to have a baby, the would-be mother is advised to provide her body with high quality raw material (nutrients), and simply love and laugh a lot. And that’s it! We know this and accept this. We know that the intelligence required to take these seemingly innocent nutrients, and create life, is not a thing for which we are equipped. In this situation we respect our place and limitations, but still, we fail to recognise that this level of intelligence is required daily, as new ‘babies’ (cells) are created to replace those that have completed their life cycle.

Clearly stated: Nature requires little and achieves much. We interfere much and achieve little. Cells die daily - they must be removed from the system; cells are built daily - they require nutrient building blocks and a clean happy environment. If the internal environment is less than optimum, virus, bacteria and disease get a foothold.

Fortunately, the intelligence involved in repairing and replacing worn out cells remains with the child throughout its life, written in to its DNA. For the child to sustain or possibly improve on its congenital (birth) health, parents need only continue to provide a clean, loving and supportive environment, and a wide range of: carbohydrates, protein and fats, containing minerals and vitamins in abundance, with a main course of clean water, fresh air and lots of daylight. …All that is needed to build a child’s immune system, ready to increase it strength as it does battle with the required childhood illnesses.


I. A steady supply of nutritive elements: Given biological fuel the cells genetic blueprint is designed to: a) Convert food into energy. b) Synthesis hundreds of thousands more nutrients. c) Repair and reproduce cells. d) Build an immune system designed to withstand any natural attack. Without optimum intake of essential nutrients, the function of millions of cells affect: eyesight, hearing, taste, organs, glands and limbs.

II. The level of non-essential non-nutrient material in the body: Known as anti-nutrients, these toxins pollute and drain the system, invariably resulting in a relative base line nutrient deficiency. By further suppressing the lymphatic (immune) system and interfering with the endocrine (hormone) system, the level of non-nutrient material naturally and automatically predisposes the body’s systems, organs and tissue to both mental and physical illness, disease and premature death.

III. The removal of cellular waste: Fresh nutrients are unable to enter a cell until waste has been removed. Mineral electrolytes control membrane traffic – what goes in and out of the cell. An imbalance in electrolytes means other essential nutrients have limited or no access; without proteins and enzymes the cells DNA is unable reproduce before the cell degenerates and dies, or, gene expression is completed with errors.

The creation of a disease or cancer cells in the human body is as natural and predictable as brain cells being unable to fire in an acidic fluid environment. The human organism requires nothing more than oxygen, water, daylight and nourishment, for the miracle that is the human genome to do what it has always done – repair, survive and evolve. Overtly we are humbled at the biochemical capabilities of our cellular intelligence, yet in our arrogance, ignorance and indifference, we have persistently failed to recognise our interference with this process.

While the answer to our problems is obvious and simple, years of lies and half-truths have turned this simple answer into a monumental task.

Cancer and Disease

In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the first of two Nobel Prizes for his discovery that cancer requires a low oxygen, acidic environment in order to multiply, and is unable to proliferate in optimal human blood pH levels, characterised by its highly oxygenated, slightly alkaline pH.

While proliferation of cancer cells has been shown to halt in a slightly alkaline environment (pH 7.45), conversely, the body’s organs, glands and systems, automatically improve in their function and natural healing abilities as cellular oxygen levels improve. However, regardless of the cancer type, the underlying cause of the pH imbalance must be addressed and corrected, if the body’s innate survival mechanism is to have the opportunity to successfully regenerate new healthy cells, and deal with the cancer cells.

Body fluid pH levels are an indication of essential mineral levels in the body, however, no essential nutrient is more important than the other, each is dependant upon the presence of others for its best effects. Essential nutrients are just that - essential. Should just one of the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids or fatty acids become completely depleted, death will occur – low energy, pain, other symptoms and disease are simply warnings.

A Chemist provided the basic premise for the diagram on page 4, which offers a simple illustration of the biochemical process leading to symptoms of poor health and disease. It is shown that emotional and physical body stressors act as a drain on nutrient stores - as stressors increase, nutrient levels decrease. Constant negative stress has an acidifying effect on the blood, - thus altering the pH level - which forces the body to revert to a type of ‘bio-borrowing’ in order attempt to return the blood to its ideal slightly alkaline, oxygen absorbing state. Negative stress is considered anything that interferes with the body’s homeostasis (balance), even the simplest of stressors e.g. cold, heat, noise, arguments, or suppressed emotions. Anything the physical or emotional body does not require deters from its objective of optimum health.

Enzyme deficiencies shown as the ‘cause’, are proteins that act as catalysts for ALL chemical reactions in the body, including the breaking down of food into simpler chemical forms to provide cellular energy, and the breaking up of potentially hazardous elements, ready to be escorted out of the body by minerals. Moreover, enzymes are even crucial in the first stages of a new cell being born (gene expression), as they scan for mutated segments and ‘snip’ them out, while an ‘editor’ enzyme stitches in the correct sequence. Even a small error in this process can result in an unrecognisable (alien) cell.

Enzymes are found in abundance in high quality fresh food, but are however reduced and/or completely lost during, freezing, food processing and cooking. This forces the system to synthesize enzymes for digestion and assimilation, by ‘borrowing’ vital proteins and minerals from bones, muscle, spinal fluid etc, leading to shortages and imbalances, and eventually a shift pH levels. Minerals are further depleted as a result of patented medications, electromagnetic radiation, pollution etc. - without minerals there is no enzyme activity. No enzymes – No energy – No life.

Biochemical Process Leading to Symptoms of Poor Health and Disease

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Deficiencies and/or imbalances can exist without any serious disease symptoms for many years, as the body engages an ingenious system that has historically been used during times of famine, war or food shortages. This action combined with insensitive medical tests, permit a subtle type of starvation to take place and continue quietly until cellular malnutrition makes itself heard. Working together the endocrine system and the nervous system quietly utilise body stores, then begin to appropriate nutrients from elsewhere, as medications, anti-nutrients or pollution persist, and/or dietary nutrients fail to be consumed. After years of nutrient depletions, and having the lesser symptom signals of malnutrition ignored and/or suppressed, the body demands attention with what is known as disease.

Without knowledge of this process, this ingenious system has turned out to be a silent killer to the uninformed masses. Without knowledge millions of parents medicate, suppress and ignore a host of signals and warnings, foretelling all is not well at cellular level. Add to this their lack of critical nutrition information, and the result is, well fed, undernourished parents and children, suffering: aches, pains, constipation, colds, dry skin, allergies, ear infections, emotional disorders, attention disorders, asthma, diabetes, infertility, complicated pregnancies - and worse.

Without knowledge, millions of parents are ignorant to the power and purpose of the human immune system, or how it operates. They are completely unaware that a raised body temperature, in the presence of offending bacteria or virus, is the response of a healthy immune system, as it overpowers the offender and ‘writes’ an immunity program. In their ignorance and fear, they medicate before 24hrs has elapsed in order to reduce the temperature, effectively disabling the immune system and rendering the child vulnerable to later attacks, which are invariably medicated and suppressed once more.

Stated clearly: Health/life requires high essential nutrient intake and low non-nutrient intake. Anything absorbed, ingested, inhaled or injected can play only one of two roles – to either hinder or help the body. It is either a nutrient, or it is not.

Without this basic premise being actively and effectively communicated to both young and old, cancer treatment has become the second most profitable business in the world, second only to petrochemicals. The medical industry’s obstruction of the body’s natural healing mechanism, stands in plain sight in the 50% plus people on long-term medication; and in the 30% plus admitted to hospital as a result of earlier (and much earlier) medications.

HEALTH: In the wrong hands

The NHS has for all intents and purposes, become a taxpayer-funded means of creating new ‘diseases’ and new business. It fails to meet even basic requirements for the protection and optimisation of health, by providing a service in the best interest of the patient:

1. Failure to require drug cartels to make available failed trial evidence.

2. Failure to openly recognise cellular biochemistry as the primary predisposing factor for disease, instead choosing to symptom manage with nutrient depleting, immuno-suppressant drugs.

3. Failure to warn the patient which nutrient elements are most liable to be adversely affected, as a result of using patented drugs. For example the birth pill and its depleting effects on: copper, zinc, folic acid and magnesium levels – folic acid and magnesium being necessary for at least 50 and 300 enzymatic reactions respectively.

4. Failure to provide sub-clinical tests, known and widely used in the private sector for the very early detection/prevention of disease; instead preferring to wait many years until health problems and disease become clinically definable.

5. Failure to routinely check toxic metal poisoning e.g. mercury, lead, aluminium, cadmium, arsenic.

6. Failure to recognise that both mental and physical abilities arise from our biochemistry, thereby rendering them interdependent and therefore diagnostically inseparable.

7. Failure to openly recognise the ‘bio-borrowing’ action of the endocrine/nervous system that leads to cellular starvation.

There is no denying the knowledge and abilities of surgeons, anaesthetists and other medical staff, but the disturbing reality is much of their work could be avoided, if only more attention were focused on the simpler cellular level, where disease originates, rather than the more complex organ level, where disease merely surfaces.

It is evident that the real question being dealt with by today’s medical scientists, is not “What is the cause of disease”, but rather, “How does the human body recover and survive the onslaught of electromagnetic radiation, cellular starvation and acidosis”, yet still provide an ‘outlet’ for the human consciousness?

Historical evidence demonstrates that improvements in mortality rates have less to do with the medical industry, and everything to do with improved sanitation and housing, soap and hot water. But most of all, it is our evolved cellular intelligence and its ability to take whatever junk it is given and break it down into its component parts, in order to make the most of what it has, just to survive. However, it has had little time to evolve in order to deal with the level of assault hailed upon it by modern day living and imposed belief systems of the past 50 or so years.

The medical information presented here can be found in standard teaching texts. However the interpretation of any information is filtered through the belief system of the day, thereby allowing the simplest of truths to go unnoticed. Today’s manufactured belief states there is no cure for cancer; combine this with the human ‘comfort zone’ of resistance in believing that which is either to good to be true, or too bad to be true, and we get …one in three diagnosed with cancer, and millions of less than healthy children.

In Conclusion

Prime Minister Blair was elected to a position of trust; it is an unusual trust given public suspicion that governments invariably air the most profitable version of the truth. Without media freedom to speak clearly to a people unskilled and unschooled in reading between the lines, the general public continue the level of consumerism and borrowing that finances the political and commercial power of the few, exerted over the many.

The sheer magnitude of obstacles set in place to undermine, suppress and control the mind, body and spirit of the people, rule out the probability of mere chance. With big business providing the commercial material for ‘what to think - and accept’, in the absence of an education in ‘how to think - and question’, millions accept the ‘no scientific evidence’ line over their own innate wisdom and common sense.

Fundamental omissions from our education curriculum have produced a type of ‘collective powerlessness’, and easy prey for the multitude of unscrupulous industries; omissions that the collective physical, mental and spiritual health of our society depends:

1. The interdependent relationship between: food, body, mind & environment.

2. How the body works and its interdependent relationship to the mind.

3. How the mind works and its interdependent relationship to the body.

4. Critical human nutrition and why unhealthy soil produces unhealthy populations.

5. Communication skills

6. Emotional intelligence

Reading and writing are of little consequence in the absence of: a strong sense of self, effective communication skills, the understanding of emotions and there purpose, or how to nourish and sustain good health, or even choose not to.

In attempting to suppress evolving human potential, young and old alike naturally seek escapism and stimulation elsewhere – normally outside the law. Add to the recipe, imposed belief systems that further undermine individual physical and mental health, then only disillusionment and discontentment can be guaranteed.

The economic growth that currently relies upon the use of psychological techniques originally designed to manipulate and control the ‘irrational masses’, must stop if we are to survive. The power of uncontrolled human emotion in the absence knowledge and self-worth, is a ticking bomb as public officials speak much and say little, whilst spinning a false reality that real people attempt to live their lives by.

‘Everything in moderation’ is a luxury we no longer have in our modern society. Every multinational has produced products that are collectively having a disastrous effect on human health and the environment (which comes back to human health). Individually they are scientifically tested and found to have ‘minimal’ harmful effects i.e. mobile phones, phone masts, preservatives, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, industrial waste, animals pum‘no scientific evidence’ the public become dependent, addicted and nicely hooked. Science has long since confirmed the health costs of industry and technology, however, without this knowledge the public are unable to make truly free and informed choices, in how they wish to use their body and mind to spend their life’s time.

Many adults live and die with the feeling that they are/were capable of so much more. It is now known that our genes represent only 2% of our total DNA; if the 2% represents ‘who we are’ at this point in evolution, then the other 98% may reasonably explain the unsettling discomfort so many feel, from living in a society that fails to recognise the possibilities written into of every new born child. If we continue to thwart our possibilities, and fail to adventure into the other 98% of who we are, we may not survive.

Our continued failure to place health, education and societal interaction above possessions and profit, has resulted in a people willing to pay to be physically and emotionally undermined in exchange for: unnaturally produced foods, furnishings, clothes, toiletries, toys etc, and who further do not care, or consciously understand the implications of decreasing air and water quality, or the ramifications of nutrient depleted poisoned soil.

Already we have hastened the arrival of severe weather conditions as a consequence of poisoning and over farming our soil, and excessive CO2 emissions. Unless we wake up to our indifference, stop talking and take immediate measures to re-mineralise the soil and reduce emissions, not only will health deteriorate even further, but many will be unable to survive the severe temperature decreases. This situation is further exacerbated by our educational systems failure to provide basic life skills that would allow parents to provide food for their young, if the system - we have become unnaturally dependant upon - were to falter or stop. The need for decisive measures to be taken in preparation, have been made very clear as a consequence of Prof. W Broecker’s findings in his study of the Gulf Stream Conveyor Belt.

Finally, Prime Minister Blair holds the most powerful public position in Britain, but he is equally accountable to the people. As leader he is entrusted to make decisions that will strengthen societal integrity, but we the people are the society, and while industry and technology have advanced, education and health have been criminally undermined for profit at every turn, with disastrous consequences.

Prime Minister Blair, knowingly or otherwise, has failed to place the health and personal development, of every man, woman and child above all else, and as leader must therefore be held accountable. In addition, pharmaceutical cartels (and others), have knowingly withheld life saving knowledge, and are therefore forever indebted to the millions that have suffered or died in order to finance their lifestyle. Admittedly, we the public are not without reproach, as our daily activities line the pockets of faceless multinationals, whist animals are tested, slave labour takes place, and millions starve to death …out of our sight & mind. While our individual motivations are not malicious or premeditated, the results are unfortunately the same. Understanding and accepting this unsettling truth about our own choices, is as important to our survival as our authorities openly recognising the roots of disease.

Rena Scott-Murphy
Age 42

Rena says that mail to the address she gave in this complaint will be forwarded, although she no longer lives there. She can also be reached at this email address.

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Rena Scott-Murphy is right on the money, not that Tony Blair cares.

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