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Squeeze Play On Supplements


by: Jon Rappoport

JANUARY 14, 2004. A new report from a prestigious government-connnected medical institute is calling for tighter regulation of nutritional supplements.

This report is timed to coincide with the final Codex push to place heavy restrictions on what supplements can be traded across national borders.

I'm told that the FDA is working with and watching Codex with great interest, as a possible prelude to trying to lower the boom on supplements sold within the US.

Reading the AP article below, you'll see that several key issues are being folded into the new report and the consequent follow-up from "medical experts": nutritional manufacturers need to step up their quality control procedures (what's actually in the capsule and how much of it is in there---this is a legitimate concern for consumers---although the US regulatory system that could govern this area will go about it in the wrong way); the inherent safety of supplements needs to be investigated in full (this is mostly nonsense because the overwhelming number of supplements are much, much safer than any drugs and have caused very, very, very few, if any, deaths around the world over the last few centuries); the efficacy of supplements in maintaining or restoring health must be tested in the same way that drugs are tested (this is complete crap---efficacy should not be the purview of the government at all, and the cost of studies that could be mandated will drive most supplement companies into bankruptcy); and health claims made by supplement manufacturers should be governed and controlled by the FDA (although some manufacturers make ridiculous health claims, we should err on the side of allowing such claims, since the supplements are inherently safe, and the consumer should be the judge of these claims).

There are already laws on the books that handle problems. If a manufacturer places poison in a pill, he is a felon. Drug companies take note. If a manufacturer can't or won't attain standard quality control, he is guilty of false advertising. No regulatory superstructure necessary in either case.

What is most alarming about the new report and the follow-up from it in the press---all these issues I listed above are being melded together, as if possible concern about one implies deep concern about all. That's the strategy. Cast a wide inclusive net. Confuse one issue with another.

As usual, the medical and government honchos are occupying the high ground, as if they and not the people set the standards and the laws. As if the medical naturally and normally trumps the nutritional.

It should, in fact, be the other way around. However, supplement manufacturers and their trade associations have long cowered in fear and abdicated any sense of mission in this struggle. They should be out front exposing the horrendous effects of pharmaceuticals and the sold-out criminal FDA. They should be playing OFFENSE and rocking the drug boys back on their heels every day. They should be paying big PR firms to take the truth to the people through the press. They are not. They are stupid and often corrupt and venal and greedy. They dream that all will be well. They have betrayed their customers through their inaction. They should be hung by their thumbs. De facto, these companies are opening doors and inviting the FDA in to make supplements into drugs, with all the accoutrements attached.

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