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Chromium supplementation may improve glucose and insuling metabolism


Chromium supplementation may improve glucose and insuling metabolism
23 Jul 2004
Source: Medical News Today

Richard A Anderson, PhD, a US Department of Agriculture nutrition research scientist presented clinical findings about the role of chromium supplementation in maintaining metabolic health and improving insulin resistance at the American Diabetes Association 64th Scientific Session symposia "Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Diabetes."

Anderson provided evidence showing that chromium supplementation may lead to improvements in glucose and insulin metabolism in people with glucose intolerance, depression, and gestational and type 2 diabetes.

In association with the improvements in insulin function, supplemental chromium also improves blood lipids and decreases the risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases.

Anderson's data showed that stresses on the body, including high sugar diets, strenuous exercise, pregnancy, lactation, infection, physical trauma and glucocorticoid treatment increase chromium losses.

"Research has found that chromium nutrition leads to improved insulin function and alleviation of the signs and symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes," said Anderson. "The research on chromium's role in insulin function is critical to addressing the current worldwide diabetes epidemic."

Chromium is an essential mineral that is needed for healthy insulin function and the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein. Double-blind clinical studies have shown that daily supplementation with 200-1,000 micrograms per day of chromium, as chromium picolinate, can increase insulin function and improve blood sugar metabolism.

Additional clinical data have suggested that chromium picolinate supplementation may help with end-points related to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Chromax chromium picolinate, which is the most studied form of nutritional chromium, was used in the studies. Nutrition 21, Inc. is a bioscience firm that develops chromium-based nutritional products, which are supported by clinical research.

The company markets Chromax, the leading brand of chromium, and holds 35 patents for nutrition products, and 22 patents for chromium compounds and their uses.

This article was prepared by Diabetes Week

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