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Cholesterol Lowering Statin Drugs Save Zero Lives, Says Comprehensive Research Published in JAMA

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Medical fraud alert: Cholesterol lowering statin drugs save zero lives, says comprehensive research published in JAMA
July 20, 2004

The hype about statin drugs is relentless these days. Physicians are urging patients to take statins even when they don't have high cholesterol. The American Diabetes Association, for its part, ridiculously suggests that all diabetic patients should be on statins just in case scientists one day discover some benefit to diabetics.

The hype surrounding statins is the con job of the decade, and statin manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank. But all this begs the question: is there really any health benefit to taking statins? If so many doctors and drug companies are pushing this drug, it must be saving lives or improving peoples' health, right?

Nope. A critical review of thirteen clinical trials, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reveals some startling facts about statins:

▪ Statin drugs save zero lives.
▪ Statins are utterly useless as prevention.
▪ Even in people with high cholesterol, statins don't reduce the risk of death one iota.
▪ There has never been a single study that demonstrated statins extend life for women.

So much for the hype surrounding statins. These pharmaceuticals are utterly useless, even for their intended patients. And yet they're hyped up like some sort of miracle drug.

To make matters worse, statins actually cause an alarming assortment of side effects, including alterations in sex drive, nutritional deficiencies, muscular disorders, sudden death and widespread hormonal imbalances. Statins actually cause disease while preventing nothing! (That's one reason why the FDA has already banned some statin drugs from the market.)

If statins are so bad for you, then how can modern medicine promote them so obediently? I've always been amazed at the chasm between modern medicine and real scientific thought. Modern medicine parades as science, but it's really nothing more than a medical religion where anything is considered true if the right people say so. Scientific merit is thrown out the window. Simply put, drugs don't have to be useful at all to be heralded as breakthrough pharmaceutical that will save tens of millions of lives. Even if the claim is a lie, it gets airtime, and both doctors and their patients buy into the lies.

The current hype about statins is a lie. These drugs are utterly useless and serve no purpose other than to extract billions of dollars in profits from the general public. Even people with high cholesterol don't benefit from statins, the research now shows. But of course statin manufacturers don't talk much about the real science. These studies are all swept under the rug. Why? Because they'd be interfering with a windfall scam: the great statin con of the 21st century!

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About the author:
Author Mike Adams is a holistic nutritionist with over 4,000 hours of studies on the causes of disease and health. In the technology industry, Adams is president and CEO of a well known email marketing software company and author of the 2004 CAN-SPAM Compliance Audit that reveals the secret spamming practices of global corporations. He serves as the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Research Center, and is author of several books about health and nutrition, including Low-Carb Diet Warning and Superfoods For Optimum Health. In his spare time, Adams engages in pilates, cycling, strength training, gymnastics and comedy improv training.
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If you're a woman like me who worries about your blood cholesterol level, there's something you should know.

The researchers found that for women who are taking statins as a preventative measure - they've never had cardiovascular disease but may be at risk - it wasn't clear the pills bestowed any benefit.

That's because so few women in this group have heart attacks to begin with.

For women who have cardiovascular disease, the drugs reduced the risk of another heart incident - but did not reduce overall deaths.

Last year, scientists at the University of British Columbia's Therapeutics Initiative came to a similar conclusion about the use of statins in men who didn't have prior heart disease.


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