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Aspartame May Be the Cause of Your Health Problems


Adverse Reactions to Aspartame
From Judy Tidwell,

Aspartame May Be the Cause of Your Health Problems
Commonly known as Nutrasweet or Equal, aspartame, is an artificial sweetener that replaces sugar in many products. It is one of the most controversial products on the market today.

Those who have suffered adverse reactions from aspartame use claim it is a chemical poison, whereas, the United States Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) claim it is a safe product. Whose claim do we believe?

Aspartame is made up of three chemicals. It is a mixture of 40 percent aspartic acid, 50 percent of phenylalanine, and 10 percent of methanol. Does this chemical combination cause health problems?

Although there are no publicized studies to substantiate the risks of aspartame, there are many who suffer from adverse reactions. Listed here is a small sample of the 92 reactions that have been reported to the FDA:

• Angioedema or swelling of the eyelids,lips, hands or feet
• Anxiety attacks
• Breathing difficulties
• Depression
• Dizziness
• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Heart palpitations
• Hives
• Itching without a rash
• Muscle spasms
• Nausea
• Numbness
• Rashes
• Respiratory allergies
• Weight gain
• Memory loss


People have been talking about adverse reactions to aspartame on the Allergies Forum as well as email to the Allergies Guide. Here are a few excerpts that you may find interesting:

Judith Alta Kidder wrote in an email: "Two days before I discovered how dangerous aspartame is I made an appointment with my doctor because my heart palpitations had become so bad they were painful. It was increasingly difficult to see. Even though my eye doctor said my eyes looked fine, everything was blurred. My thinking was fuzzy and at times I was barely able to function. When I awoke mornings, after less than five hours sleep, I hurt so much I could hardly get out of bed. My hair was falling out and I have a nearly bald strip on each side of my head from front to halfway to the back. I had an almost constant headache, not severe, but nagging.

June of 1999 I stopped using any food or drink that contained aspartame. Within 24 hours after I stopped using aspartame, the palpitations stopped and the headaches disappeared. Today, my hair is growing back, my vision has improved to where I seldom need my glasses to read and I have my brain back!"

Dave Rietz shared through email: "If one has medical problems that their doctors cannot seem to cure (or they are too young to have old-age related problems) *AND* they consume products laced with aspartame, then try the FREE at-home 60-day NO-aspartame self-test... and simply observe the results.

When the dust settles and the truth is known... that aspartame was one (if not all) of the reasons for a persons medical problems... I DO ask, when they have convinced themselves that THEY were a victim, that they tell other folks... and help them to get well for free."

Mrs. McBear shares on the Allergies Forum: "I drank a lot of diet pop when Nutrasweet first came out, but had tremendous problems with headaches and memory loss. Quit for a long time, tried it again, and had headaches again."

Beth Hubrich, MS, RD, the Nutrition Communications Specialist for the Calorie Control Council responds to this article via email: "The various testimonials to which your article links are not backed by sound science and are merely anecdotal. Self-diagnosis by consumers can be harmful in that it may prevent them from getting treatment from a qualified health professional."

Read the Labels

You will be amazed at all the products that contain aspartame. Here is a partial list of products that may contain this sugar substitute:

• Breath mints
• Cake mixes
• Candies
• Chewing gums
• Cereals
• Cough syrups
• Diet sodas
• Drink mixes
• Jellos
• Laxatives
• Medicines
• Instant breakfasts
• Puddings
• Toothpastes
• Yogurts
• Vitamins

Share How Aspartame Has Affected Your Health

If you have suffered from adverse reactions to aspartame use, please share how aspartame has affected your health. Complete the user submission form to tell us your personal experience. Remember, others may benefit from your story.

Read What Others Have to Share

The Aspartame Testimonies keep coming. Read how aspartame has affected others.

For additional information on aspartame, please refer to the collected Internet links.

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