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by Stephen Fox

Source: The UN Observer

2004-05-15 | Numerous unchecked multinational corporations are churning out millions of metric tons of harmful additives. We have reached epidemic levels in the United States, the 21st Century womb of junk food, neurotoxic additives and carcinogens. The worst of these is Aspartame, the artificial sweetener, which for 16 years, the US Food and Drug Administration objected to, but finally capitulated and granted approval in the first few months of the Reagan presidency, in 1981.

The actual story is rather sordid and is reported in detail on websites like , and the websites of Dr. Russell Blaylock (Neurosurgeon) and Dr. H.J. Roberts, M.D. (Internal Medicine), as well as that of the World Natural Health Organization. (Please see links, below.)

The USA has now had 23 years to recognize and accept the growing body of clinical evidence and massive varieties of symptoms, actually 92 symptoms recognized by the FDA, including headaches, asthma, cardiac arrhythmias, even death.

The USA seems pathetically unable to correct these matters; millions of Americans unknowingly ingest aspartame; thousands of products contain aspartame (including children's vitamins, and its effects on children are particularly insidious); millions of Americans suffer from neurodegenerative effects of aspartame, with afflictions like Lou Gehrig's disease, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, seizures, etc.

Some of the latest corporate euphemisms for aspartame include: Nutrasweet, Equal, Equal Measure, Spoonful, Naturataste, Canderal, Benevia, E951, Nutrataste, Joe Sweet, Indulge, Hermestas Gold, Sanecta, Trisweet, and Crystal-Lite.

Overweight Americans are driven to ingest millions of tons of aspartame, hoping to lose weight, and end up losing their health and brain cells instead, because aspartame breaks down into, among other compounds, formaldehyde.

It may be too late for the USA. One encouraging development and a small but significant “drop in the legal bucket” are the April 2004 recent lawsuits initiated in California against some of the largest food corporations in the USA, including Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Wrigley's Gum, Kraft Foods, Dannon Yogurt, and others. These suits will become important international precedents, which in fact may truly change the world by shedding the Codex Alimentarius, the ostensibly highest authority in food quality.

I am very deeply concerned for other nations and their health. When these corporations attempt to sell their products in Namibia, Egypt, Brasil, Paraguay, Vietnam, and the Philippines, they submit that these products have obtained US FDA approval, ostensibly the “strictest regulatory agency in the world.” What nonsense! Yet this corporate tactic usually works! And thus, this travesty and tragedy of neurotoxicity is extended to a few more million people.

We Americans sometimes forget that there are many industrialized nations that are blessed with high literacy, strong reasonable constitutional democratic monarchies or republics, a compelling impetus to protect their citizens’ health, a long history of ethical dealings internationally, especially helping poor nations, and true global statures.

Through their combined efforts, we could create a new “United Nations Under-Secretary General for Nutrition”, in order to get the truth to all nations, particularly to Health Ministries. By “truth”, I mean truth permanently free from all corporate manipulation and distortion. This could be initiated in the 2004 UN General Assembly through the UN Charter in a Resolution. The “Under-Secretary General for Nutrition” and a new “United Nations Advisory Council for Nutrition” could be given the instructions and interdictive powers by the General Assembly to recommend compensatory lawsuits in national and international courts against these corporations (no matter in which nation they were based) comparable to the USA's tobacco suits of the 1990's, which resulted in judgements of $225 billion against the tobacco corporations. The “UN Advisory Council for Nutrition” would be composed of internationally renowned biochemists, Nobel Laureates in physiology and medicine, etc., a consortium, above all, free of mendacious corporate influence.

To counter: this is too big a leap; the UN is too antiquated and moribund; the UN is really no place to introduce a new idea; the USA's control of the UN through the 22% budget for its functioning is controlled by the corporations which control the USA's political processes.

Many nations in the UN express deepening contempt because of the USA's abnegation of the UN's processes by its presence in the Middle East. Definitely, any resolution resulting in suits against American, European, and Japanese corporations are going to be a winnable uphill battle. Given the hostility and contempt for the USA within the UN at this time, as an American with a great new idea, I am taking this case directly to the citizens of several other nations, starting with Norway, New Zealand, and Costa Rica, asking them to introduce this Resolution in the September 2004 General Assembly. Their UN Ambassadors and Foreign Ministries will actually listen to their citizens, unlike many other nations.

As a Draft Resolution, this was discussed in 2003 in great detail with UN Ambassadors and Heads-of-State. Only one needs to put this on the Agenda for 2004, which could be done by any nation that recognizes this solution. If readers wrote to their Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and to the UN Ambassador, this could begin in 2004. Even a pilot project would be a step in the right direction, and would produce a plethora of good results, which could then be further built upon in 2005.

Some nations already have a strong Health Minister and Ministry which limit or prevent the import of these kinds of harmful food additives and processes; most of the European Union nations have the same kind of strong guidance in the realms of health and consumer protection. Other nations are not so fortunate, yet even they have turned back so-called ‘gifts’ of genetically modified foods rather than accept bio-engineered crops for their starving citizens. Thus, Zambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger, might also show strong leadership in this regard.

Through their ambassadors, several nations could use their strength, moral stature, ethical history, and international good karma to introduce this plan in the 2004 United Nations General Assembly. To not do so condemns millions of people in over a hundred nations to further abuse from multinational corporations, since nothing exists in the UN - the highest international forum - to protect people from these products, some of which have become a witch's brew - a chemical feast, with ghastly and terrible medical effects, ALL OF WHICH ARE COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE.

Stephen Fox, Founder, New Millennium Fine Art, 217 W. Water St., Santa Fe, NM 87501 (505) 983-2002

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