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No right to impose fluoride on us


No right to impose fluoride on us
Source: The Border Mail
April 21, 2004

I FELT moved to send the following short submission to the Deniliquin council, based on our interesting experience with water fluoridation in Geelong.

The State Government proposed fluoridation for Geelong early in 2002.

A community group, BAFF, brought international toxicologists to Geelong and ran public seminars in July, 2002, and June last year.

Interestingly, both the Health Minister and Australian Dental Association backed off from sending speakers to these seminars, despite many requests.

The scientific evidence at the forums was quite overwhelming.

There were numerous studies demonstrating bone damage, including fractures and arthritis, and possible bone cancer risks being high in fluoridated areas.

Studies of the toxic effects of fluoride ingestion on the pineal gland, thyroid gland, nervous system and other systems were presented.

Literally hundreds of scientific studies werediscussed in great detail.

The participants were left in no doubt as to the reasons that most countries of the world have now rejected fluoridation.

In fact U.S. and Australia are two left standing in a tiny group that continue to support fluoridation.

All of the advanced countries of western Europe, with excellent public health systems, have quit fluoridation (if they ever practised it).

Interestingly, when you look at the World Health Organisation data, these countries like Holland, Sweden, Switzerland and others, have lower rates of tooth decay than the U.S., the great champion of fluoridation.

Australia, with most cities fluoridated, is no better than these European countries. Brisbane, which never fluoridated, has had equal reductions in tooth decay rates over the last 30 years, as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

The upshot is that the Victorian Government has now declared that Geelong will not be fluoridated.

It must wonder how to justify the continued fluoridation of Melbourne.

I doubt that it will be much longer before it is under serious public attack there and the Government will be looking for a graceful way out.

In addition to the fact that it causes harm and is not effective, the people in Geelong recognised that fluoridation is a gross violation of medical rights and freedom.

No authorities have the qualifications or moral right to give medication compulsorily to all the citizens.

They are simply not qualified to decree that you and I and our neighbours and families must take this medicine constantly and forever.

This, without knowing us and examining us without knowing whether we need it, or can tolerate it, without care for those people who will be extra sensitive to the toxic effects.


Geelong West

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