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Aluminium in drinking water again exposes Health Minister's unanswered questions on fluoridation


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Press Release

Dublin May 12th 2004.

Aluminium in drinking water again exposes Health Minister's unanswered questions on fluoridation.

Among the '50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation' that were presented by US Professor Paul Connett to Health Minister Martin over three years ago, are several relating to the increased toxicity of aluminium when combined with fluoride in drinking water. " I was promised answers to these concerns when I testified to Micheal Martin's Fluoridation Forum in October 2000 but have still received nothing. I am now extremely concerned at the ongoing health risks not just to bone but also to the central nervous system and cell messaging in Irish people. "said Dr Connett.

He will address again the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health that has also been investigating fluoridation policy. Whereas in 2000 the Minister assured the Committee as well as local authorities, that the Fluoridation Forum would answer all concerns about the practice, nothing has come of its recommendations and the Committee's rapporteur, John Gormley TD, has dismissed the report as a whitewash.

Dr Connett added " I have learned at first hand from campaigners in Ireland that many fluoridated water supplies contain excessive amounts of aluminium (1). There is extensive scientific research on the damage to the brain and to hormonal messaging by G-proteins throughout the body when fluoride at the same concentration as in Irish drinking water complexes with aluminium. Even though I alerted the Minister to these threats in 2000, his Fluoridation Forum has completely overlooked them".

Dr Connett will elaborate on these and other issues with the Health Committee on Thursday 13th May and reiterate why the science demonstrates that water fluoridation must stop. Ireland is unique in Europe on insisting on compulsory fluoridation of drinking water. The practice was banned in Sweden in 1972 and rejected by every other EU State bar small parts of the UK.

VOICE spokesman Robert Pocock added " Eleven councils from Kerry to Donegal have already voted against fluoridation of their water but have been blocked by a uncaring minister. 91% of replies to his Forum are against fluoridation. In March we accused him of prohibiting pollution of work place air while at the same time forcing an untested pollution chemical --- fluoride --- into everyone's tap. And if you live in one of the 14 counties (1) whose fluoridated water routinely contains too much aluminium, your health, Prof Connett will tell the Dail Committee, could be yet further compromised.

1. EPA Drinking Water Report 2002. Counties routinely exceeding Aluminium maximum allowed : ( % of samples above legal limit of 0.2mg/L )

Leitrim 52%, Wicklow 47%, Donegal, Kilkenny 29%, S.Tipperary 26%, Longford, Westmeath 22%. Limerick City , Clare 20%, Cavan 19%, W.Cork 14%, Limerick County 12%, S.Cork, Kerry 11%. ENDS

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