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Greenpeace targets GM ship


Greenpeace targets GM ship
Source: The Courier Mail

ENVIRONMENTAL activists painted a sign on the side of a container ship in Brisbane today in protest against the importation of genetically modified food.

Three Greenpeace protesters painted the words "Stop GE Imports" in letters stretching for 25m along the side of the container ship Rhein at its berth in Fisherman Islands.

Police interviewed several people in connection with the incident but none was charged.

They plan to use a video from Port of Brisbane authorities to help identify offenders.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Carolin Wenzel said three Greenpeace activists had painted the sign on the ship, which had been carrying 13,000 tonnes of genetically modified soy meal from the United States.

The sign, in letters 1.5m high and stretching 25m, was painted with rollers in white paint.

Ms Wenzel said the three protesters responsible escaped in an inflatable craft before water police arrived.

She said the soy meal cargo was just a fraction of the 300,000 tonnes of genetically engineered soy product entering Australia each year for use in chicken feed.

"Basically, this is letting people know this is coming into the country unlabelled and ending up on people's dinner plates," she said.

In another protest today, three Greenpeace protesters in chicken suits appeared outside the ANA Hotel on the Gold Coast where a three-day poultry conference was being held.

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