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Scurvy in intensive care despite vitamin supplementation


Presse Med. 2004 Feb 14;33(3):170-1.

Scurvy in intensive care despite vitamin supplementation
Source: Pub Med

Perret JL, Lagauche D, Favier JC, Rey P, Bigois L, Adam F.

Federation de medecine, HIA Legoust, Metz-Armee.

INTRODUCTION: Scurvy can occur in hospitalized patients despite vitamin supplementation. OBSERVATION: A 63 Year-old patient who had spent several weeks in intensive care developed an unexplained anemia and ecchymoses. Despite daily administration of 130 mg/day of vitamin C since his admission, his ascorbic acid blood levels had collapsed. Administration of 1g/day relieved the symptoms within four weeks.

DISCUSSION: Whether a deficiency had existed prior to admission or not, scurvy developed during the week of intensive care despite parenteral nutrition supplying a daily dose of 130 mg of vitamin C. Such deficiencies decompensated in surgical situations remain a reality in developed countries. CONCLUSION: In certain pathological contexts and in all the growing number of cases in elderly patients and many surgical indications, the need for vitamin C supplementation has to be defined. The needs at that particular time must be taken into account and the prior nutritional status.

PMID: 15029029 [PubMed - in process]

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