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Mercury - FDA Allows U.S. Doctors to Continue Use of FBI-Identified 'Terrorist Tool' in Treatment of Children


FDA Allows U.S. Doctors to Continue Use of FBI-Identified 'Terrorist Tool' in Treatment of Children, Finds SafeMinds
3/11/2004 9:09:00 AM
To: National Desk

Contact: Joe Giganti, 703-928-9695 or, for SafeMinds,

WASHINGTON, March 11 /U.S. Newswire/ -- SafeMinds, America's leading nonprofit scientific organization that investigates and reports on the risks to infants and children exposed to mercury from medical products, is disturbed by the lack of consistency displayed by U.S. government agencies regarding the safety of mercury for humans.

"If the FBI considers a small amount of mercury in the hands of a terrorist to be a chemical weapon, then the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) should realize that a medical product containing a concentrated amount of mercury in the hands of a pediatrician is no safer for our children," responded Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, NP, to a recent FBI-issued warning that stated terrorists may use "pen guns" filled with mercury, among other toxins, to harm Americans.

Since the late 1990s, SafeMinds has been at the forefront of educating the American public about safety concerns regarding certain childhood immunizations containing Thimerosal, a mercury- laden preservative. "Despite a large body of substantive evidence that has been presented to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), the FDA and the U.S. Congress at hearings on the dangers of mercury-containing medical products, no definitive action has been taken to remove Thimerosal from vaccines," stated Redwood.

"It is hard to accept reports from government researchers who say mercury 'should' be safe for children at an Institute of Medicine meeting, when one week later the FBI is warning citizens that exposure to mercury through a 'pen gun' could be fatal," concluded Redwood.

SafeMinds' goal is to protect children from suffering neurodevelopment damage, such as ADD/ADHD and autism, due to mercury-containing vaccines or other medical products.

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