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California Vaccine Mandates and The Boiled Frog Effect

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By Karri Lewis – AWAKE California

Do you remember that old “science” experiment where a frog immediately jumps out of a pot of boiling water when placed directly into that boiling water?

However, when the frog is placed in a pot of cold water and the temperature of the water is very slowly raised to a boil, the frog stays in the pot and boils to death?

At this point, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with California, vaccine mandates, and BOUGHT, Pharmaceutical-owned politicians?

Stay with me here.

Imagine now that the frog is the public at large, the boiling water represents vaccine mandates and the Pharmaceutical Industry; and the cold water represents the California State government.

This is ALL very good imagery to explain HOW the Pharmaceutical companies became so entangled and enmeshed within the California State government.

Like the frog being brought to a boil, slowly, the California public has been led to forced vaccination medical experimentation and mandates.

Vaccines and the mandates that followed, were very slowly foisted upon the gullible and unsuspecting public.

Interestingly enough, these vaccine mandates were all put into place WITHOUT ANY Prestigious, Scientific Medical Journal publishing a single, peer-reviewed scientific study that showed vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated children.

If a Peer-Reviewed Published Scientific study showed that vaccinated children were healthier than un-vaccinated children, THAT information would have showed up EVERYWHERE by now!

HOW can THAT possibly be?

Like the frog in the cold water, the California government and Big Pharma slowly turned up the heat, aka., adding more vaccines to the mandated schedule; while the frog (the public), happily sat there and allowed the water to get hotter and hotter, until it boiled to death (forced vaccination mandates; California senate bill 277 and senate bill 792).

HOW does one REVIVE a Boiled Frog, the California Public?

Fortunately, the Pharmaceutical companies and California government did not count on so many parents coming forward with their stories of vaccine-induced injuries and deaths.

The California government tried to sweep all of these horrific vaccine injury stories under the rug at the state committee hearings last year. The people of California did not get to tell their stories of vaccine injury and were shushed by the committee chairs when they over spoke their opposition to forced vaccination mandates.

I was there and saw it all.

You would think that the California legislature would be interested in hearing what their citizens, that they are supposed to be representing, had to say. But sadly, the majority of California legislatures’ minds were already made up ahead of time.

The Pharmaceutical lobby had been very generous with donations before and after these forced vaccination mandates were railroaded through.

California citizens’ freedom of speech rights were trampled by the California legislature when they were only allowed to state their name, their city and their opposition to any of the forced vaccination bills.

Microphones were immediately shut off, if a person said anything other than what they were allowed to say.

…so much for the First Amendment and freedom of speech!

Another problem for California citizens is that they had a hard time getting into appointments to see their representatives to convey their objections to forced vaccination mandates.

Many California State representatives claimed they were booked up during the months that forced vaccination mandates were being legislated and decided upon. Allegedly, only a handful of appointment slots were available per issue with some representatives. And those slots were gobbled up quickly, most likely, by Canary Party cronies with their “Safe and Effective” messaging.

I remember parents and activists being steered towards specific groups and people for “effective” messaging. These “thought leaders” were also quick to point out that you could not say that vaccines are dangerous and cause injury.

The focus could only be about personal rights. These people claimed that our representatives would never understand or “hear” a story about vaccines not being safe.

Hmmmm, just WHO was being lied to here?

The messaging was wrong from the get go. Instead of real Californians that experienced first hand, the true damage that vaccines had caused to their children and families, telling their stories to their California State representatives, we had so-called “thought leaders” telling people exactly what they should tell their representatives in closed door meetings.

Interestingly enough, these meetings had been scheduled weeks in advance and were sometimes the only meetings that California legislators would allow.

When I asked one of these “thought leaders” for a copy of the presentation that they were bringing into their representatives, this person refused to give me a copy or share any information as to what was being said or shared. I asked others in the group to share that information and I could not get anyone to share. They apparently were all sworn to secrecy.

Through the grapevine, I did hear that these “thought leaders” were pushing arbitrary statistics and numbers that put the legislators to sleep; glossy-eyed, dazed and confused, as to what the point of the meetings even were.

Without knowing their agenda, I refused to participate in their scheduled and highly-orchestrated meetings with California representatives. And this is just what I experienced locally last year!

Can you imagine if real Californians with real vaccine injuries had shown up to confront their representatives about the damage being done to children? I seriously doubt the California legislature would have passed the forced vaccination mandates as easily, if at all.0

Back to the Boiled Frog, the California Public…

Pharmaceutical companies and the highly BOUGHT California State legislature do not want the TRUTH about vaccines to get out to the public.

Real vaccine safety and efficacy data being given to the public is what Big Pharma and the California legislature FEAR the most. Can you imagine the Public Relations nightmare?

The longer that Big Pharma can keep up the charade that vaccines are “safe and effective” the longer they can hang their hats on these forced vaccination mandates.

The TRUTH is the only thing that can revive the boiled frog, the California public. Throw the California public into the boiling water and watch them jump out en- masse.

Vaccine Injured children and adults must get their stories out en-masse – and to their local, state and federal legislators. All of this needs to be recorded on public record.

These same folks need to be at every town hall, official public event, public outing in mass telling their stories in brightly colored t-shirts with VACCINE DAMAGED written across every shirt; as Tim Bolen has suggested in a previous article:

Doctors and healthcare workers need to be educated about the lack of vaccine safety testing and clear conflicts of interest at the CDC, and the BOUGHT California State government.

Scaring the public is how Big Pharma and the California State legislature passed these forced vaccination medical mandates in the first place.

It’s time they get a little dose of their own medicine, administered with a large dose of TRUTH!

By Karri Lewis – AWAKE California


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