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Louis Pasteur Vs Antoine Béchamp and The Germ Theory of Disease Causation - 2


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DNA may also be damaged when excess acetaldehyde reacts with it, creating the following symptom pictures: pancreatitis, cardiomyopathy, dilated cardiomyopathy, brain atrophy dementia, atrophied brain with large ventricles, jaundice, spider angina, enlarged spleen, stomach ulcers, esophageal varicosity, ascites, cirrhosis, enlarged spleen, tremor, bleeding tendency, bruising, ankle edema, and reddening of the palms, and others. Another example of the damaging effects of the waste products of yeast and fungus is the mycotoxin cyclosporin. This toxin suppresses the immune system so greatly that it's used to prevent the rejection of transplanted organs. The irony is that people rarely get it directly from the fungus, but are dosed with it by doctors doing transplants. Cyclosporin has been shown to cause cancer and atherosclerosis in all humans who have been long-term survivors of transplants. Other mycotoxins, such as uric acid and oxalic acid, provoke symptoms ranging from gout to kidney stones. Cancer and AIDS are nothing more or less than a cellular disturbance of the electromagnetic balance, disorganization of the cellular microzymas, their morbid evolution to bacteria, yeast, fungus, and mold, and their ensuing production of exotoxins and mycotoxins. Cancer, therefore, is a four-letter word--acid, especially lactic acid, a waste product of yeast and fungus.

The amount of uric acid and acetaldehyde produced by yeast and fungus can be overwhelming to the body. When acetaldehyde is converted into alcohol in the liver, the body is depleted of magnesium, sulfur, hydrogen, and potassium, thus reducing cell energy. The body chelates uric acid and other toxins with fats, raising LDL cholesterol. In a similar balancing act, the body reacts chemically to neutralize uric acid by binding it with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and calcium; this process further reduces mineral supplies and can create deficiencies. Fungal hampering of red blood cells also reduces oxygenation. The less oxygen there is in the body, the more alcohol is produced, which can give the symptoms of being drunk, disoriented, dizzy, or mentally confused. Acetaldehyde further reduces cell energy because it destroys essential enzymes. The immune system is provoked into trying to neutralize it and to retard the yeast and fungus by releasing large amounts of free radicals. If body pollution is constantly generated, then immune response, our amazing house-cleaning process, eventually becomes overloaded and exhausted. Thus, all immunological problems and infectious conditions are caused or worsened by the presence of mycotoxins. Yeast and fungus take advantage of the body's weaker areas by poisoning and overworking them, and by direct penetration of cells. Yeast and fungus have the bizarre ability to change shape--to turn into a hard-edged arrow. Once transformed, they can aggressively plunge into the cells of the body, even penetrating the nucleus.

The fungus can now damage the genetic structure by feeding on it. Eventually, the cell may be converted entirely from normal fermentative metabolism (oxidative metabolism) to abnormal fermentative metabolism (absence of oxygen)--CANCER. Since cancer is primarily a systemic condition that localizes, not a local disease that spreads, it shows up in the body's weakest links. These are like dead zones; they carry a declining electromagnetic charge. All healthy cells carry an electromagnetic negative charge. All fermentative cells and their acids carry an electromagnetic positive charge. These rotting cells and their acids act like glue, which causes healthy cells to attract and stick together. This leads to oxygen deprivation and the disturbance and disorganization of more healthy cells. Simply put, healthy cells begin to rot! Fermented cells can instigate the fermentation of other cells by fungal penetration or by poisoning them and provoking a morbid evolution of their inherent microzymas. Biopsies are a major cause of this by puncturing the capsule (tumor) that the body creates to isolate the morbid mass, but it can happen by itself. The body is spoiling, fermenting, or going bad--molding just like cream cheese.

In all cancer autopsies lactic acid or yeast, fungus and mold is found, and sometimes both. Perhaps the connection is not being made. But medical science is beginning at least to notice, if not recognize the significance of, the presence of lactic acid and yeast in cancer. They are present in cancer, but are also present in the blood before cancer, and without the presence of other symptoms for that matter! Hopefully biologists will approach the question of why and how the yeast gets into someone's blood in the first place, rather than merely pursuing expensive DNA research to see if they can kill it. This is the mental limitation imposed by the germ theory--spend millions to kill a symptom of dietary and nutritional misguidance, without realizing that the human organism itself is the main source of the yeast. The two primary parasites in all infectious and degenerative disease are of the Aspergillus strain and the Mucor strain. These morbid forms can change rapidly when conditions change. They can revert to their original state after completing their recycling work. A pool of lactic acid--the waste product of a cancer microform--surrounds every cancer tumor, but the microform itself may or may not be there.

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