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The Autism Epidemic- Updated Articles- Should we just call Hillary Clinton "Thimerosal Hillary"

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The following articles and research show the present status of this huge raging issue of autism and childhood autoimmune disease which is epidemic in our children.

This issue and the articles presented may have great relevance to national politics. If you do nothing more than read the first 15 or so articles which appear below, you will be doing yourself a great favor in understanding this critical issue. This issue has huge implications for our society. It also raises truly historical issues regarding ethics and medical care.

The following information is provided to shed light on this issue. Note that the issue is discussed from both a conservative and liberal ideological position, depending on the article. This is information uncovered during research to help a number of autistic children who were damaged by the government's mandatory vaccine policy and the toxic (for them ) levels of mercury in those vaccines which the parents were forced to give to them. There are millions of kids affected by this issue.

As Hillary Clinton decides that she will run for US President, perhaps she will reflect on her own vaccine record in the United States. Is it true, as some contend, that her Vaccines for Children program is responsible for poisoning (from high levels of thimerosal) an entire generation of US children? Think of the policies- mandatory vaccines, electronic tracking systems, the use of public funds as leverage to force vaccination- all with vaccines containing hazardous waste levels of thimerosal. Is this a record to be proud of- or to run from?

You may wish to share the research with others in your organization, with school districts which are suffering under the financial burdens of special education budgets or with parents who have had difficulty dealing with some of these issues. Please feel free to share this research with your colleagues.

But first, please review the following post from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and consider the following.

Virtually every thimerosal containing vaccine which was administered during the 1990's (a large number of the total mandatory vaccine protocol) contained levels of mercury which were hundreds of times more toxic than hazardous waste according to the EPA's own website.

This is a federal law that applies to all states

"If mercury levels in a waste exceed the Toxicity Characteristic Leach Test (TCLP) level of 0.2 mg/L for mercury, then the waste is identified as a hazardous waste based on the toxicity characteristic".

Note that most vaccines administered during the 1990's to infants (all children younger than two were subject to the mandatory vaccine schedule) contained levels of thimerosal consistent with those solutions being hundreds of times more toxic than hazardous waste according to the above set-forth EPA website.

Presently, most flu vaccine contains 50 mg/l of mercury from the thimerosal preservative. The concentration of mercury in the flu vaccine (containing thimerosal) presently being recommended to babies and pregnant women is 250 Times more toxic than the above level the EPA considers to be hazardous waste. Note that most vaccines contain thimerosal at concentrations of 0.01. This amount corresponds to the equivalent of 50,000 parts per billion of mercury. The EPA defines hazardous waste at a mere 200 parts per billion of mercury and contaminated water at only 2 parts per billion of mercury. Thus, most thimerosal containing vaccines contain a concentration of mercury which is 250 times the concentration in solutions the EPA defines as hazardous waste.

The biohazards of thimerosal are presented here:

A number of questions emerge:

Why did the government mandate that babies be injected on numerous occasions before their second birthday with vaccine solutions which were hundreds of times more toxic than hazardous waste defined by the EPA?

And why does the government now say that the vaccine program has nothing to do with the epidemic of autism and autoimmune diseases our children are exhibiting. Even though these disease states are consistent with mercury poisoning and immune dysfunction/dysregulation. Why would they do that??

And why do they have no explanation for this epidemic?

Why do they say that it's just a mystery to them?

And why does Congress refuse to commit funding to study the issue of thimerosal in vaccines despite numerous attempts to have public funds committed to this research. Why do they now focus on showing that there is an autism gene, when, prior to the vaccine protocol of the 1990's, autism was extremely rare. Have the genes of children changed so dramatically in 15 years?

And yet with all of the information about the delterious effects of thimerosal, why are certain government agencies and pediatric institutions now recommending flu shots to pregnant women and babies knowing that the concentration of mercury in those shots is up to 250 times more concentrated than hazardous waste and there are numerous research articles now implicating thimerosal with neurological disorders in our children?

These are all very disturbing questions which require an immediate answer.

Against the above backdrop, please consider the following articles:

The first is an article from United Press International entitled "A Big Secret".

This article, which can be accessed from the url below (please copy and paste into webbrowser if the website won't open upon double clicking), points to the fact that of a rather large population of children (somewhere north of 35,000-probably greatly in excess of 100,000) all of whom were unvaccinated-

Not a single child was autistic, had asthma or diabetes!!!!

This was absolutely astounding, given that each of these conditions is an epidemic in our nation's children.

In any event, further research into this issue eventually uncovered insight into the government's mandatory vaccine program, which all children must abide by in order to attend school. As we began to understand the possible damage to our nation's children which was apparently done by the mandatory vaccine policy, the information we discovered was quite disturbing. Numerous parents contend that the mandated program forced them to damage their children. The following websites are a small portion of the articles we reviewed our search for information related to this horrendous epidemic. They provide a current understanding of autism/autoimmune and related diseases, which are epidemic in our children, and the history and related issues of this apparent tremendous self-induced tragedy.

Please review all of the articles listed below. You may find this information compelling.

Please review all articles. They will give you a fine historical understanding of this issue and how it has been handled since close to the autism epidemic inception. But there is a crisis of similar autoimmune/immune dysregulation diseases in our children and this should also be ackowledged.

After you go through the first article from UPI, review the other pieces, most of which you may already by aware. They place the autism/ADD/asthma/allergies/learning disabilities debate in historical context.

Note that these articles are not anti-vaccine and should be construed as such. We are very much pro-vaccine. But we consider it our social obligation to get the mandatory vaccine program, related agencies and our government officials to be more transparent about what they force on our citizens- and allow informed choice by parents. The vaccine program needs to be cleaned up/restructured as soon as possible.

We are not affiliated with any political party or any political candidate. However, some of the websites which are presented herein may have political implications.

We think this information is crucial. Please review it all. Thanks.

Remember- you may need to copy and paste url into webbrowser to view article. No autism, asthma or diabetes in unvaccinated!!!!!!!
You mean the government knew about the connection between autism and vaccines as early as 1991?<> (use internet explorer for this site) Note explosive increase autism since 1992
use internet explorer for this site Much more than just autism!!!!
effects on our future!!!!! Allergies as well some flu shots 250 times more toxic than hazardous waste!
Flu Shots and Alzheimers Parents being sent into bankruptcy by their having to treat their children after mandatory vaccinations

Shows declining neurological developmental impairment with elimination of thimerosal containing vaccines!!!!!!

Thimerosal causes dentritic damage
Shows how pediatricians can bully patients


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