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Hamer out of Prison - Asks Recognition of 'New German Medicine'

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The German medical doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer, who has faced serious persecution by German and French courts for advocating his 'heretical' views of cancer etiology and cure, is now asking for his "New German Medicine" to be scientifically reviewed and recognized as a state-of-the-art therapeutic system.

Hamer has run afoul of the courts after discovering the mechanism of cancer genesis and formulating his "iron rule of cancer". His open insistence that cancer is based on psychological factors and may be cured by eliminating lingering blocks from previously suppressed dramatic shock-type experiences has done nothing to endear him to official medicine which is advocating both chemical causes and chemical cures.

The latest disadventure for Hamer was a case that started in the French town of Chambery Savoie. Hamer, who had never set foot into France, was sentenced in absentia to a short prison term. Later, that sentence was overturned. The prison term increased and then a request for extradition from Spain brought Hamer into the French prison system. He was released in February this year, not before having been asked to submit to psychiatric treatment in prison, and to promise he would no longer promote his scientific views on illness. Hamer refused to compromise on both counts and was released after a Europe-wide campaign of letters and protests. He says that the case apparently got too embarrassing for the French justice system, after he [Hamer] had discovered and made public that judge Bessy, who had insisted on his incarceration, was the also the head of the rabbinical talmudic school in Chambery and the highest ranking rabbi in France.

Intriguing background

Chambery Savoie is the historical seat of the house of Savoy, the ruling royal dynasty in Italy up to the time of World War II. It just so happens that in 1978, prince Victor Emanuel of Savoy, heir to the Italian throne, killed Dirk Hamer, Ryke Geerd Hamer's son, in what appears to have been an accidental shooting. He was not held responsible for this by French justice. Hamer kept asking for Victor Emanuel to be brought to justice, but instead he himself was imprisoned by the French on trumped-up charges in a case that originated in ... Chambery in France's Savoy province.

Now that Hamer is free he has, with renewed vigor, re-launched his efforts to have his "New German Medicine" scientifically tested and confirmed and incorporated into standard medical treatments. An international protest event is planned for 21 October 2006 in Rome, and other actions are sure to follow.

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