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Microwave Pollution - The Slow Frying of America


Microwave ovens have been accused of changing the properties of our foods by violently shaking water-containing molecules, altering the physical properties of what we eat. The scientist first blowing the whistle on these "modern cooking method" was silenced by industry initiated legal action.

It seems that, despite health concerns, microwaves are becoming ubiquitous. Not only are they used in the transmission through networks of antennas, of television programming, they are also what radar runs on. Not enough, we recently have launched into a planet-spanning communication technology using "packets" of information riding on microwaves, to transmit our voice on the mobile phone network. Amy Worthington examined the question and wrote about it in the Idaho Observer two years ago.

A recent message from someone who says he has worked in radar systems adds a personal perspective tending to confirm the data from others...

Message found on the Alternative Medicine Forum:

Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 18:22:12 -0000

As someone who has worked in the microwave energy field for the last 25 years (radar systems to be exact), I thought I'd contribute my opinion that a genuine travesty is being hoisted on the public via the widespread use of "cell phones".

Cell phones, as you may know, operate in the "microwave radiation" section of the radio-frequency spectrum. this portion of the electromagnetic spectrum has only been used sparingly, until now. But with the proliferation of devices vying for space in the rf spectrum, it became only a matter of time before general useage of this portion of the rf spectrum became common.

So why is there a problem with microwave energy?

The major problem is that microwave energy tends to excite (heat) water molecules. Your common microwave oven operates at around 2.45 ghz (giga-hertz), and your digital cell-phone operates at 2.40 ghz.

Amazingly, the designers of the digital cell-phone technology chose a frequency which is basically the sweet spot that microwave ovens operate at!

Your digital cell phone is literally a small microwave oven. there was a time when ensuring your microwave oven was not 'leaking', was important. today, that has been downplayed by industry for the simple fact that you are receiving far more microwave energy from talking on your cell phone, than you will ever receive from a leaking microwave oven.

Did you know that talking on your cell phone exposes your head to as much microwave energy as if you sat 20 feet away from a running (medium power:700 watts) microwave oven with the oven door wide open?

Odd how the cell phone people never told you that.

Another thing the cell phone industry would rather you not know is that your eyes are the most sensitive organs in your body to microwave energy. The next most sensitive organ, in males, are the testes.

So as you talk on a cell phone, you are exposing your eyes, and brain, to copius amounts of microwave radiation. It is well known in the industry that this radiation causes eye damage, including cataracts.

So you are literally damaging your eyes every time you talk on your cell phone. You are also exposing your brain tissue to similar amounts of radiation. Yes, you are cooking your brain, eyes and all body organs that are within a foot or so of your cell phone.

And when you hang your cell phone on your belt? Well, cell phones continually 'pings', or talks to,
a local cell phone tower every few seconds maintain handshaking. this 'pinging' will subject a man to enough microwave energy, over time, to cause damage to his reproductive organs (testes).

Odd how the cell phone people never told you that, either.

Now add in the fact that, for convenience, cell phones are designed to minimize the antenna, typically even recessing the antenna into the body of the cell phone unit, your cell phone needs to crank out more microwave energy than would be normally required if they had simply used a full length, (full wave = 5 inches) antenna.

The half-wave antenna used guarantees maximum microwave energy exposure to you when you are talking. This is all done to minimize the cell phone dimension,. basically, to keep the cell phone "pretty".

Another 'benefit' of the short antenna used is the fact that cell towers now need to use higher power levels to respond back to the cell phone.

Theres a famous anti-drug commercial where someone's about to cook some eggs, and the announcer says: "here's your brain, here's your brain on drugs" then you see the eggs frying in the frying pan.

What would be far more accurate is if the announcer had said...
"here's your brain, here's your brain while you talk on your cell phone"

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