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South Africa: Umlingo Wamangcolosi - 'Curing Aids' by Being Healthy

You probably remember how, for some time, South Africa was resisting the distribution of the highly toxic antiretroviral treatment for Aids patients also called HAART. That was when South African president Thabo Mbeki had looked into the background of the Aids epidemic that the 'experts' said was about to devastate Africa and found the science wanting. Mbeki had hosted a conference where - God forbid - scientists were allowed to question medical orthodoxy, but in the end, the pharma-inspired experts prevailed. Mbeki had to go, and HAART is now being delivered to the poor. Mind you, they do not get clean water or proper nutritional support, but they do get the medication. Big Pharma won. Hail scientific orthodoxy.

Perhaps that was a rather pyrrhic victory however, because even though everything was done to discredit any budding alternatives in Aids care, especially if they involved nutrition, those things that work have a habit of refusing to die. They keep passing from person to person. They just can't be wiped out.


The then South African health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang was attacked and ridiculed for advocating "lemon, garlic and olive-oil" and her recommendation was "given a firm thumbs-down by the South African Medical Journal" (without having done any studies, by the way). But those natural, good health promoting things that grow in our gardens are not going to go away so easily, especially since more and more people are finding that the mixture, called UMLINGO WAMANGCOLOSI, is helping them get healthy where the toxic medications have miserably failed.

Our friend Cal Crilly in Australia, a musician who spends much of his free time reading up on the latest biochemical research, has looked into this and has written up an interesting story. It is about endogenous (meaning natural to all humans) retroviruses that help cells grow and that are present when there are illnesses to heal. The story is also about nutrients that help do the same thing, and where those nutrients can be found in our foods.

If we could just end that senseless war on all the microbes we don't yet fully understand ... but that is another story.

Here is Cal discussing UMLINGO WAMANGCOLOSI. The message was originally addressed to a group of people on facebook, so if you don't recognize a name ... it's because you weren't there to catch the beginning.

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How Umlingo Wamangcolosi Fixes Your DNA

The usual mantra from the media about UMLINGO WAMANGCOLOSI is a savage character attack on Tine Van Der Maas and people like Joachim for using a mix of natural things so I'll talk about some things the media will never know or mention about UMLINGO WAMANGCOLOSI.

Bear with me as I will get nerdy but I'll do my best to describe things.
Never underestimate how much you can understand after a couple of reads or even to get the gist enough to know that UMLINGO is not a silly choice of healing at all but very useful for all diseases.

To tell a story we need to start at the beginning as I see it.
In 1984 when HIV was declared "the probable cause of AIDS" it was a bit like a gang of retro-virologist mafia hijacking the government funding for 25 years and getting their scam through the 'science' journals without a murmur.
The point it is at now in the real world is that HIV/AIDS is crippling real health budgets by diverting available money to their vague and confusing science and it really is everybody's business because it's everybody's health dollars being squandered on treatments that will never work.
Millions of gays and third world women and children have already been poisoned to satisfy a crusade against retroviruses ... but are retroviruses really that bad?

This can be disproven immediately by the fact that retroviruses kick into action when pregnant and are involved in creating the blood supply to the fetus so if they are not working properly, the blood flow is less and the fetus can starve from lack of nutrients.
This is important information kept on the quiet so there isn't a panic with the antibody tests.
Anyone reading this here probably already knows the T-cell test is a fraud.
A quick link here to a couple of their studies just shows how scary it is to apply these tests on pregnant women and then have the gall to tell them they are dying.
This blah below says the antigens used in the HIV antibody test were found in normal placenta from women who were not HIV positive?????

"Antigens gp120 and p17 were identified in normal chorionic villi in vimentin-positive fibroblast-like cells and in endothelium, respectively. Antigen p24 was localized to HLA-DR positive cells that morphologically resembled macrophages in areas of villitis."
HIV proteins in normal human placentae.

This study is quite bluntly saying the HIV antibody test can cross react with our own retroviruses and that women throughout pregnancy can have antigens that cross react with the test.

"Expression of intact endogenous retroviruses by normal placental villous trophoblast and immuno-crossreactivity of villous trophoblast with anti-retroviral antisera have been documented. The nature and/or potential function of these particles/proteins has not yet been fully defined. We previously reported that monoclonal antibodies directed against HIV-1 envelope and gag proteins react with normal human villous trophoblast. In this study, we report that extravillous trophoblast (EVT) from second- and third-trimester tissue are also cross-reactive with anti-HIV-1 gp120/160 and p17/18 antibodies."
Expression of endogenous HIV-1 crossreactive antigens within normal human extravillous trophoblast cells.

It's an appalling science really.
Well if you look even closer you find out that around 8% of our genome is made of retroviruses and when people get sick with cancer, arthritis, MS, heart disease, psoriasis, you name a disease then do a google for it and 'endogenous retrovirus' or 'HERV' and there will be studies.
So our own retroviruses increase if we are ill.

But many of those retroviruses also appear when a woman gets pregnant, so why is this not the big unanswered question in science????
Also post pregnancy a woman's breast milk carries enzymes called abzymes which have the ability to stop retroviral activity.
It makes more sense to ask the question what functions do retroviruses have in cell growth, as the abzymes in the milk must be turning off retroviruses in the newborn for a reason.
These are the sort of questions I wonder about.

If you google 'reverse transcriptase cell growth' you find a mass of studies on cancer etc and drugs they used to stop cells growing by stopping reverse transcriptase.
Well, the war on HIV/AIDS has been a war on reverse transcriptase, so here is a study of the drug Nevirapine which they love to use on pregnant women and children and what it really says is this drug stops all your cells in their track.
Or in short will kill you slowly.

This bit says you have retroviruses all over the place...

"Endogenous, nontelomeric reverse transcriptase (RT) is encoded by two classes of repeated elements: retrotransposons and endogenous retroviruses. Expression of RT-coding genes is generally repressed in differentiated nonpathological tissues, yet is active in the mammalian germ line, embryonic tissues and tumor cells."

This bit says Nevirapine can really stop your retroviruses.....

"Nevirapine is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase (RT) inhibitor with a well-characterized inhibitory activity on RT enzymes of retroviral origin. Here, we show that nevirapine is also an effective inhibitor of the endogenous RT in murine and human cell lines."

And it stops all the cells from growing as well....

"In addition, progenitor and transformed cells undergo a significant reduction in the rate of cell growth upon exposure to nevirapine."
Exposure of normal and transformed cells to nevirapine, a reverse transcriptase inhibitor, reduces cell growth and promotes differentiation.

I think everyone should be proud of sticking with Umlingo Wamangcolosi because it does fix up the metabolic problems that cause all disease.
And as it takes years to get full of poisons and the infections that go with poisoning it also takes a while and patience to wait til your body gets them out again using things like Umlingo.
But expect it to help.
Firstly, Vitamin C is necessary for our collagen and without it we simply will fall apart.
It metabolises fat, preventing heart disease and is an antiviral, and we need vitamin C for our white blood cells to work.
And lemons or limes are a better source of vitamin C than synthetic.

And one important thing no one will mention is the fact that Umlingo has an effect on DNA which is called Methylation.
The short story is a chemical in our bodies called S-adenosylmethionine is needed to methylate our DNA and this in effect makes our retroviruses quieten down and stay in our DNA.
The main nutrients needed for S-adenosylmethionine are Selenium, Folic acid, B12, B6 and Choline, along with things like Vitamin C and Magnesium.
The point being that good foods will stop your retroviruses from causing trouble.
And you won't get poisoned.
This sort of reasoning is beyond the reach of modern day scientists who are at war with viruses and cancers with an array of toxic weaponry.

So I think Umlingo Wamangcolosi is a fab idea, it has heaps of Folic acid in the mix, Beetroot has Choline too.

"While the sweet beet root has some of the minerals in its greens to a lesser degree, it is also a remarkable source of choline, folic acid, iodine, manganese, organic sodium, potassium, fiber and carbohydrates in the form of natural digestible sugars."
Beets Nutrition Information and Facts

Beetroot also has vitamin B6.

Garlic has Selenium so Tine has been ahead of them for years.

"Numerous studies have reported low selenium status in HIV-infected individuals, and serum selenium concentration declines with disease progression. Some cohort studies have shown an association between selenium deficiency and progression to AIDS or mortality. In several randomized controlled trials, selenium supplementation has reduced hospitalizations and diarrheal morbidity, and improved CD4(+) cell counts, but the evidence remains mixed...."
Role of selenium in HIV infection.

"...but the evidence remains mixed...."
I can tell you now that Garlic is safer than AZT or Nevirapine.

The oils in the mix give the fats we need for hormones and the rest.
I wrote a piece on the T-cell test and how fat affects it a month or so ago.
Mavelempini asked me what it all meant????
Well I think it just means that skinny people will have low T-cells....
.....and fat people will have more T-cells.

That's all and retroviruses don't have much to do with it????
But Umlingo has the oils needed to raise T-cells ... if this piece is right that's all you have to know.

AIDS: CD4 T-Cell Test is a Measure of Fat

So Umlingo actually has almost all the ingredients to make a thing called Methylation happen to your DNA and it helps to fix many diseases that also have our own retroviruses appearing for whatever reason that is.
Scientists really can't claim they know what is happening yet in the world of retroviruses.

One thing Umlingo may not have enough of is vitamin B12 which tends to come from animal products.
So here a few more things to know that may be of use.
B12 is very important for methylation of DNA.

"Vitamin B12 is naturally found in animal products, including fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and milk products. Vitamin B12 is generally not present in plant foods, but fortified breakfast cereals are a readily available source of vitamin B12 with high bioavailability for vegetarians. Some nutritional yeast products also contain vitamin B12."

You also need Vitamin B12 to asborb iron.
A simple fact to know is if you are anemic and not absorbing iron there is a chance that bacteria or parasites are getting your iron before you and a way to stop infections is to absorb iron before the bugs do.
So Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 are nutrients needed to absorb iron but they also help methylate your DNA and stop retroviruses as well.

A great source of Vitamin B12 is Chorella.
It would be great if people were able to grow this and other algae themselves as chlorella algae has plenty of useful amino acids to make proteins and minerals such as magnesium and are also a good source of bioavailable iron.
Chlorella also detoxifies remarkable in my opinion so could be useful to recover from AIDS drugs which damage the liver and other organs.


Copper is also needed for absorbing iron so a good formula is that nuts are good for if you have a bacterial or parasite infection as the copper in nuts has an antibiotic effects and inhibits parasite growth.

"Copper is found in a wide variety of foods and is most plentiful in organ meats, shellfish, nuts, and seeds. Wheat bran cereals and whole- grain products are also good sources of copper."

Another thing to mention is Lysine foods for when you have any viral infection including all the Herpes attacks, Epstein Barr, Cytomegalovirus, Chickenpox, Shingles, Measles, Flu etc.
Viruses all seem to thrive on Arginine so it's useful to know that nuts are high in Arginine along with things like corn and maize, chocolate, beer and eggs.
You may want to avoid these foods with any viral attack and eat more Lysine rich foods.
Nuts are still great for bacterial infections but not as good for viral.
Vitamin C from Lemons and Selenium from Garlic already are antivirals.
If you eat plenty of bean and legumes or fish you raise your Lysine.
Lysine is needed for your skin and collagen too, so you'll find Lysine foods in general help everything from Cancer, Heart disease, Arthritis, Tuberculosis etc as there are collagen damaging enzymes in cancer and arthritis, while your arteries also need Lysine to form. Tuberculosis bacteria pour out collagen damaging enzymes that damage your lungs.
And a half cup of mung beans a day (as they have the highest Lysine) may be enough to help with any viral attack.

I often mention just a walk in the sun as therapy especially in winter.
Tuberculosis patients need Vitamin D as Christine Johnson pointed out recently and Vitamin D is needed for the immune system to work.
People with darker skin get less vitamin D if the sun is out for months as their skin is meant to block the sun.
Pale skin lets more sun in to make vitamin D.
Africans living in the Northern hemisphere should be very aware that low Vitamin D may actually effect their T-cell count.
I get psoriasis problems myself in winter when it's rainy weather with no sun so I drink Cod Liver Oil to stop getting ill in winter.
It has a lot of vitamin D and vitamin A.
A walk in the sun is cheaper though.

So here is the recipe for Umlingo thanks to Joachim..

'How you can make Umlingo WamaNgcolosi for 1 day:

1. Soak 3 average sized non GE/GMO lemons for about 10 minutes in water with some vinegar or plenty of see salt added. Then scrub each lemon to rid it of whatever the growers have sprayed on it.
2. Cut the lemons with skin and pips in pieces and put them in a strong mixer blender
3. Add 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive oil and 3 cups of water
4. Add 3 tablespoons of non GE/GMO local garlic
5. Add 3 tablespoons of non GE/GMO local Ginger (Double this amount for people with Lung problems/ Asthma)
6. Add 3 teaspoons of cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil (Double for Epilepsy & nervous diseases)
7. Add 3 teaspoons of cold pressed Flax Seed Oil
8. Add 3 tablespoons of Aloe Vera extract (with no preservatives)
9. Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric
10. Add 3 tablespoons of a natural Multivitamin/ Multi Mineral supplement
11. Add ¼ teaspoon of Stevia powder.
12. Add 3 cups of ozone enriched filtered water (We recommend OASIS water)
13. Blend for 35 minutes.
14. Drink 1/3 in the morning, 1/3 after lunch and 1/3 in the evening. Repeat this for 6 to 24 weeks non stop, depending on when you feel that you have fully recovered. Then you can maintain your health by eating organic and wholesome. You can also use this juice for maintenance by having one bottle twice a month.
In addition, on a daily basis, the patient should eat 2 large Beetroots/day, 2 Brazil Nuts, 1 Tablespoon of Pumpkin Seeds, as much non GE/GMO organic Fruit and Veggies as possible, drink 2 liters of Filtered water, expose the body to sunshine in the mornings and late afternoons and breathe deeply. If the patient feels like drinking Tea, it should only be natural herbal tea like green or Rooibos tea without sugar. (You can use Stevia powder to sweeten)
In case of Asthma, do the following breathing exercise a couple of times per day: Breath out, till all is out (bending even over). Breathe in on the count of 8, hold your breath for the count of 8, and breathe out again, bending over. Singing songs where you have to use up your air is also a good way to do this exercise."

I tell people to use Thyme tea for asthma.
It's really good.
And also to be aware that the Corticosteroids that they use with puffers in asthma damage the immune system so make the chance of lung infections worse.
One more thing to know is Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin or Nicotinamide which also helps breathing, it works on TB and HIV and you do find some in the Umlingo mix.
I've written things about lack of methylation and how it makes us ill but also the very real possibility that Benzene in our petrol and as a preservative in foods is the major cause of AIDS, Cancer and Leukemia.
A good tip for those who may think they have Benzene or petrol poisoning is to take Vitamin B3 or Nicotinamide if you can afford it as this is essential to remove Benzene from the body.
And incidentally you need to also walk in the sun to remove Benzene as sunlight breaks it down with Vitamin B3.

I use nicotinamide as I became very ill from Benzene chemicals years ago.
Nicotinamide causes less skin flushing.

"Benzene detoxification requires high levels of niacin (vitamin B-3). But start out slowly because niacin causes flushing or reddening of the skin as the capillaries in your skin dilate."
Benzene & Benzene Detoxification

So here's a few weeks of reading from me if you need complex detailed links to read.

HIV Tests, Benzene, Collagen and more....


Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

These are things I suggest for friends with cancer which I also use on my own psoriasis successfully and they also will help arthritis.

Six Ways to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Nutrition

I think the real thing that needs to happen is a fix up of water supplies and sewage treatment.
This is how so called AIDS will be stopped.
All the money spent on AIDS drugs and testing for HIV could be used on water treatment and supply, people should demand this from their politicians.

In fact the recent rains in southern Africa will save more people than all the AIDS drugs they can shove into people because rains will mean people can grow food.
Water and food, that's what it's all about.
Keep telling people to use Umlingo.

Also check out this...

Video: Luc Montagnier: HIV can be cured with proper nutrition!

and "Power to the People" - a documentary on Umlingo...


Cal Crilly sent this by email, asking it be added as a comment to the article. So here it goes...

Johan Beaurain said....
"Cal, you are talking about ‘retroviruses’ as if the existence of such things can be proven:

‘Millions of gays and third world women and children have already been poisoned to satify a crusade against retroviruses but are retroviruses really ...that bad?
This can be disproven immediately by the fact that retroviruses kick into action when pregnant and are involved in creating the blood supply to the fetus so if they are not working properly the blood flow is less and the fetus can starve from lack of nutrients.’

Cal, what evidence have you got that the existence of ‘retroviruses’ can be proven and that your argument is a valid?"

And my answer was....

I often add the comment "HIV whatever that is" these days.
Around the year 2000 a few studies came online about a so called retrovirus called HERV-W.
HERV-W or Syncytin was found to be a part of the trophoblast cells that surround fetal cells in pregnancy.
The trophoblast cells do amazing things where they remodel arterial walls and divert blood from the mother's spinal artery and feed the baby with the blood supply.
These researchers found HERV-W which acted in similar ways to other retroviruses was doing cell to cell fusion.
You could call these things RNA strands that do things if retrovirus is a loaded word.
The amazing thing was that they didn't try to make out this was an infectious retrovirus and so published studies about what HERV-W actually did instead of the usual horror stories we get about HIV.

Direct involvement of HERV-W Env glycoprotein in human trophoblast cell fusion and differentiation

Syncytin: the major regulator of trophoblast fusion?

So they have a mass of studies saying retroviruses are essential in pregnancy.
This was happening at the same time as the Mother To Child Prevention drug campaign.
Pity no scientists mentioned what effects the drugs would have on babies.
I was horrified and it is still a big part of why I ended up speaking out....
Well people can still argue over what they are or what they do but some studies are indicators.
The important thing to know is that if HERV-W stops working then arterial remodeling stops working and the baby loses blood supply and starves.
This is a condition called Preeclampsia.

HERV-W or Syncytin is less active in Preeclampsia.

Downregulation of placental syncytin expression and abnormal protein localization in pre-eclampsia

If they deliberately switch off HERV-W the trophoblast cells don't work

"Furthermore cell fusion and differentiation of these normal trophoblastic cells are markedly inhibited by specific HERV-W antisense oligonucleotides."

Expression of HERV-W Env Glycoprotein (syncytin) in the Extravillous Trophoblast of First Trimester Human Placenta

And if women are on antiretrovirals then they get preeclampsia...

Increased risk of pre-eclampsia and fetal death in HIV-infected pregnant women receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy

Because the HERV-W 'retrovirus' or whatever it is, is needed to remodel the arteries so the blood supply can get to the baby.

This means that HIV+ women who don't take antiretrovirals are healthier and able to deliver a healthier baby because their retroviruses are working.

It may seem leftfield but that's how it looks to me."

May be important...almost an article by itself (:

"The Empire apple crumbles"

What an excellent article with life-changing information! I remember when a TV news magazine show (probably '60 Minutes') did a segment on some kind of peanut-butter-based nutrition bar for the Third World. So why couldn't someone create a fairly-comprehensive immunity-enhancing bar (or even a liquid supplement) for healing or easing the suffering of AIDS? I've had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years and can definitely vouch for the amazing powers of nutrition. Now let's get applying them where we can help a lot of people! Thanks so much for providing this vital information.

I'll just mention this was written for a group on FBook using Umlimgo to put it in context... Ta too Sepp