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Silenced Witnesses - an appeal from Martin Walker

Martin Walker, known as the author of several books critical of the current medical paradigm, including "Dirty Medicine", "Skewed" and "HRT: Licensed to Kill and Maim" has been working pro bono to cover the long-term ordeal of three medical doctors at the hands of the British General Medical Council or GMC.

Martin's essays on those hearings are available on CryShame! a site maintained by the parents of vaccine damaged children (

One of the medical doctors under attack is the courageous Andrew Wakefield, who hypothesized that the MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) combined vaccine may have had something to do with bowel problems and neurological trouble observed in some of the vaccinated children.


Martin is publishing two books about vaccination and about the GMC case. He needs your help to get the second volume of this book into print and out to the public.

Here is Martin Walker's message:

- - -

Dear Friend,

The General Medical Council is being relatively mysterious about when the Panel is likely to pronounce on the 'facts' that have made up the many charges against Dr Wakefield, Professor Walker-Smith and Professor Murch, in the thirty month sitting of their Fitness to Practice Hearing. It is only after the findings on facts (that is GMC facts - not facts as defined by the dictionary - indisputable information) that this whole charade can continue to it's next stage of striking off any doctor from the Medical Register.

An e-mail that I received from the GMC a month or so ago informed me categorically that there would be the presentation of the finding on facts - open to the public - in December and this would be followed even during 2009 by the next stage of the hearing. I think that this message was sent to me in error, as there can be no one at the GMC who already knows that there will be a next stage to the hearing; can there?

On the same day that I heard from the GMC, a more considered message was received by lawyers working on the cases, this said that there would be no more public hearings in 2009 and that the findings on fact would now be heard in 2010, meaning that the trial will have run almost to it's third year by its conclusion. I wrote to the GMC suggesting that they get their act together but so far I have received no further communication.

I have set myself two projects to finish for the parents before I next return to the GMC, be it in December or January 2010. I have promised an essay that covers the whole of the GMC hearing, hopefully by the end of October; you will all receive copies of this (unless you want to be taken off my list, in which case just ask). I have also to finish editing the second Parents Voice book, get it type-set and to the printers by the end of October for it to be launched in the middle of November. Silenced Witnesses II, will be around 220 pages, has eight excellently written chapters by parents, an Introduction by myself and Carol Stott and a first chapter by the American parent and campaigner Barbara Loe Fisher.

The book has taken well over a year to produce, I began it as I began the first volume that we published in March 2008 - with a blind optimism regarding the securing of funds for publication. So now with it almost ready to go to the printers, I have to put out this appeal for funds. The book will be printed by the excellent company that printed the first book, published by Slingshot Publications in association with The Autism File and distributed by the Autism File. It is my hope that we can give away with each copy of the book Alan Goldings excellent hour long DVD Selective Hearing about Brian Deer and the General Medical Council.

The total expense of the manufacture of the DVD and printing and delivery of the book will be around £4,000. £1,000 will have to be on hand by the middle of October when the manuscript and cover art work is sent to the printers. £1,000 should be on hand by the beginning of November to pay for the manufacture of the DVD and its cover. £1,000 should be on hand for the printers by the middle of November when the printed book is delivered. Finally £1,000 which should be on hand by the first week in December to pay the printers full bill. In relation to this last £1,000 it might just be possible to pay this from sales of the first 100 copies of the book.

I would like to make clear the fact that my work as the editor and publisher on this book over the last year has been done for nothing as has the work of the type-setter and the cover designer.

Anyone who receives this message and considers making a contribution to the second Silenced Witnesses book can obtain a free copy of the first volume by contacting me (please send a full land address). Anyone who makes a contribution of £10 and over will automatically receive a free copy of the second volume. Anyone who makes a substantial contribution of up to or over £1,000 can if they wish obtain any number of books up to 100 sent to them free of charge which they can sell at the cover cost of around £8.00, or give-away if they wish. Anyone making a substantial contribution before the middle of October will be mentioned in the books acknowledgements if they so wish. Every contribution will be acknowledged by me personally. Anyone who makes a contribution will receive an account balance when the book is launched in November and an invitation to the launch. All contributions should be sent via the Slingshot Publications web site at

and should be clearly labeled as a contribution to the Parents Voice Book II.

I am presently concerned that we can raise the first £2,000 to give to the printers along with the manuscript around the middle of October and pay for the DVD's to be made, so if there is anyone who can make a good contribution to this could they please send it as soon as possible, then we know at least that the book and the DVD is on it's way.

In sending out this e-mail, I am very conscious that those who receive it include the very people who have been subsidising my GMC reports. In order to make the appeal slightly fairer, some of you might want to send this message on to selected people who you know are sympathetic and might want to fund the project. For your information I have attached the covers of the two books, the second cover still has to worked on - the text on the back and making 'Vol II' more visible.

Best Wishes,

Martin J Walker