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Mike Adams (Natural News) Attacks Skeptics’ Center Point…

Mike Adams (Natural News) Attacks Skeptics’ Center Point…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Right after the American Civil War a group was formed, calling itself the Ku Klux Klan. It’s purpose was to attack, from a position of secrecy, those they hated; wanted disenfranchised (held down) on the American scene. Their primary tactic, was the use of the white-sheet-with-eyeholes – a device to provide anonymity for the haters and generate high levels of fear in their victims.

White-robed at night – solid citizen by day. Their targets – Blacks, Jews, Roman Catholics, European immigrants. Their reasoning – they, themselves were afraid of change. They couldn’t withstand the economic competition. It took quite a while to hunt them down…

In 2016 we have a very same situation. The group now, though, calls itself the “skeptics,” made up, I have found, of American society’s detritus. They are just as nasty, and hateful, as the originals.

Their targets, though, are not, yet, specifically Blacks, Jews, Roman Catholics and European immigrants. They are Christians, Jews, families in general, parents concerned about vaccines, health regimens that compete with drugs (like homeopathy), health care providers that spurn the use of drugs, scientists that question the medical status quo, manufacturers of products that compete with drugs, etc. And, the attacks are just as vicious.

But this time there are no white-sheets-with-eyeholes. This time it is Internet-Anonymity. The control of Wikipedia health care articles is a prime example. The manipulation of Google’s search engines is another. The “skeptics” have training camps. I’ll demonstrate below.

Then Along Comes Mike Adams…

Mike Adams, over at Natural News, shocked me the other morning when I glanced at his newest article. There, Mike was writing about top “Skeptic” Grand Dragon David Gorski MD, the one who, on the internet, has declared himself to be an Infallible Oracle.

Calling himself “Orac,” Gorski writes in angry, hate-spewing prose, attacking his betters. He ranges from sniveling, to whimpering, to raging, about people, issues, and subjects in health care he clearly knows nothing about. He goes on and on. Where 100 words would do, Gorski uses 23,421. His personal insecurities are attached to every phrase.

Gorski is, without doubt, the 2016 Grand Dragon of the very sceptic “skeptics.”

Right after Gorski writes on his blog Respectful Insolence, the “commenters” begin to appear – within seconds. The first thing you notice is their anonymity. The second is the sheer nastiness of their offerings. The third is that most comments look to be in EXACTLY the same writing style as Gorski himself, which makes me wonder how many internet IDs Gorski actually uses.

What kind of sick-o-path would write a nasty article about someone, or some thing, and then change to ten to fifteen other fake names to make comments on his own article, so that IT LOOKS LIKE he has a big following?

Ummmm? David Gorski?

Makes sense to me…

As I Said – Then Along Comes Mike Adams…

With his article series Mike had, journalistically speaking, reached out and punched this Gorski jackass, including all of Gorski’s fake IDs, right between his multiple eyes. And, hence, he had punched the whole bag of sceptic “skeptics.”

The next day, Mike did it again, this time, with a one-two punch, so-to-speak.

So, I called Mike and complained. After all, Mike was operating in MY territory so-to-speak. I, Tim Bolen, am the one who calls out the “skeptic” menagerie, and smacks them around the internet room.

What the hell, Mike? (humor intended).

Regardless of my complaints to Mike, he did it again. Then again. Then again, and again. And he did it pretty damn well…

More, Mike had struck at the heart of the beast.

Why Do I say That?…

The heart of the beast? Yup. A sword right through the ticker of the “Skeptic Grand Dragon. Why? Because the “skeptics” are running a huge internet scam designed to damage, in the most hateful way, those they target. And, for the most part, their members hide behind the internet equivalent of a white-sheet-with-eyeholes – internet fake identities.

And, Mike skewered their big boy. He stuck the journalistic sword right through him. And you can see the bloody tip coming out the other side.


The Skeptics Are an Organized Hate Group proceeding through the seven-stage Hate Model, as shown in the graph

The Skeptics are an Organized Hate Group…

Now, Mike may not have gathered all of the information that I have about the self-styled “skeptic” organization, so he wouldn’t readily perceive, as I have, by glancing at my files, what Gorski’s role is in “Skepticism” in North America.

To my mind, those “skeptics” need to be monitored by the FBI. Why? They meet the definition of “Hate Group.” Why do I say that? Read this I wrote in 2012.. An excerpt from that 2012 article is just below:

“The rape, mutilation and death threats against Meryl Dorey, President of the Australian Vaccination Network. (AVN) make a very clear statement about the reality of the international “skeptic” organization. The activities of Australian Skeptics, with their Stop the AVN subsidiary attacks, took the lid of off their formally secret plans.

Tracing the “Die in a Fire” and “Just burn” phone calls back to top Australian skeptic leader, shoe salesman Daniel Rafaelle, the Stop the AVN head’s home telephone, brought everything out into the open. Remember, the Australian Skeptics, at their own “Amazing meeting” in 2010, gave Rafaelle their Top Award for his activities against Meryl Dorey and the AVN.

Wikipedia says a “A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other designated sector of society. “

Mike picked up on it, I think, because he is a smart guy, with good instincts.

Mike Adams was, in essence, with his article series, striking right at the “skeptic” center…

Good job, Mike.

What IS Gorski’s role in organized “skepticism?”

The “skeptics,” known for their self-loathing projection in Discussion Group commentaries and Wikipedia, use Gorski as their fulcrum, their center point, around which to rally after having attended internet manipulation “Training Camp” at an “Amazing Meeting” in Las Vegas. Gorski sets the tone. And, frequently, I think, picks targets.

Mike’s Article Series…

Mike, as it turns out, had done his own research into the Gorski situation, asking what many others had questioned previously “Why would what looks like a prestigious institution, the Barbara Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit, working in conjunction with Wayne State University, allow a clearly mentally-disturbed individual to sit at one of their computer terminals all day, and spew out vileness, and crazy talk, in their name?”

I’ll link you to Mike’s articles in a minute. But first, let’s talk about Gorski’s “skeptic” network, and how their manipulation of the internet actually works.