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The Mercky Truth About Mandatory Vaccine Legislation...

The Mercky Truth About Mandatory Vaccine Legislation...

The US Vaccine Program is On it's Ass - Shock In It's Eyes... Mandatory Vaccine Legislation, like California's SB277, Is a Last Ditch Effort To Save a Totally Worthless Project - Vaccines, and Everything They Claim to Stand For... Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

There is one important incident that indicates what is REALLY happening in the Vaccine Wars. President of Merck's Vaccine Division - Julie Gerberding, just sold half of her Merck stock, cashing out at about 2.5 million US dollars.

This is a process called "rats leaving a sinking ship..." Gerberding, it may be said, is the architect of today's bloated, useless, dangerous, damaging to the public, Vaccine Program. Merck makes ALL required childhood vaccines in the US, and 90% of all recommended adult vaccines.

And, their stock is sliding into a pit...

In 2011 I was writing about scientific researcher Brian Hooker PhD's fight with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for withholding public information he, and every American citizen, is entitled to under the US Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). Brian Hooker had been investigating the five so-called "studies" the CDC claims prove that Thimerosal in vaccines does not cause Autism nor neurological disorders. He was being stonewalled for good reason, for his information was beginning to show the pattern of dishonesty - and the simple fact that vaccines, do indeed, cause autism and other health issues

In that series I explained, in detail, who Julie Gerberding was, and what her specific role was in developing today's Vaccine Program. Then I explained where she went, and what she did, when President Obama fired her in 2009.

The article, called "CDC Tells Federal Court - "FOIA Means Nothing to Us. We'll Withhold Whatever We Want..." 11/12/11" talked about the fight with CDC to get records. Hooker's attorney in this effort was my friend Bob Reeves from Kentucky, this year's keynote Speaker at Autism One 2015. The entire series about that courtroom fight is to the left. Read this article above - and you will see why what Gerberding just did is terribly important.

This multi year fight over the "fake" CDC studies got the attention of the US Congress. Two Florida based US Congressman then went to the head of the Congressional Oversight and Government Reform Committee Darrell Issa, and meetings were held arranging an investigation. Supposedly, a hearing was scheduled, with Hooker and others testifying, calling in the CDC current leadership, forcing them to explain about the cover-up.

But THAT hearing never happened...

It was then, during the arrangements for the hearing, that the Canary Party/Health Choice people got my attention. After facts came to the surface, about what actually happened to push Hooker, and the questions for the CDC leadership out of the picture, the Canary Party/Health Choice groups started to get pushed out of autism leadership. They are NOT, for instance, welcome at Autism One, and when one of their people tried to attend this year (2015), Security was called to escort them off the property.

At the time I was writing the article with the excerpt to the right, we did not know the mechanism to force Hooker out and put in something else, less damaging to Big Pharma.   The box to the right shows what I wrote then:

THEN, I got a call from Jake Crosby who, it turns out, was present when the scheming was going on to push Hooker out. Jake wanted to expose what actually happened. So, I helped him do it.

Then, the whole leadership situation in the Autism World began to unravel. I wrote about that here - "Why Autism is Going to Be Here Much, Much Longer... Unless Major Change Happens...".

It was a story I never wanted to have to write - but it served its purpose. And it is the reason why I will NEVER trust anything being handled by Canary Party/Health Choice people.


There is a VERY GOOD Chance That, Despite the Work of Thousands, We Will Lose SB277 in California...

Why? Canary Party/Health Choice is too involved in running the campaign. They are the contact people with the California legislature. History shows us, quite clearly, that they NEVER run a successful campaign.

NEVER... Click here, for that article.

Right now, I estimate, that the "No On SB277" activists have divided up into more than thirty different groups, each going in a different direction. Why is that? Easy. If someone has an idea on what to do they are supposed to "Submit" that idea to an unknown Health Choice team. If they don't like your idea you get banned from the entire discussion group. So, the banned people go form another discussion group.

There is NO organization - and no grand strategy.

So, will we win the SB277 issue?"   Good question - dumb luck, at this point would play a big role, if we did.

So, What is The Overall Problem with SB277?

Four Important Points about 2015 Vaccine Legislation in California:

(1) There is no question that Democratic Party leadership in California is corrupt to the bone. Even the ultra-liberal Los Angeles Times berates the California legislature regularly. In Sacramento, some joke, they keep special parking spaces out front for the federal SWAT teams coming, today, and tomorrow, to arrest another State Senator. Corruption is, simply, an accepted fact. Legislation, in California, is not about citizen needs, it is about creating another income stream for Democratic Party funders - nothing else.

Nothing else...

(2) If you want to find out what a Political Party REALLY stands for, what they are REALLY all about, let them have an unopposed majority for a while. It is said, perhaps in an oversimplification, that Democrats stand for Big Government, (WE will tell you what to do) and Republicans stand for little government (We don't need, nor want, all those government controls).

California, - The largest part of "The Left Coast," is, troubling to say, a harbinger of what's to come if the Democratic Party under "Empress Hillary" is able to create a reversal in society where "We The People," accustomed to running the government, become, instead, unwilling slaves to a dictatorship.

Slaves to a dictatorship? In California? Yup - the State of California Health Department, could, with these bills, be given ultimate, and unquestioned power, over the bodies of every citizen of California - the power to, at gunpoint, inject whatever they want, no questions allowed, into California children, and adults. There is no reason to think that what happened in Kenya, with sterilization drugs added to vaccines wouldn't happen here - it certainly would.

(3) The "No On SB277" Teams DID NOT work together, and have virtually no comprehensive Strategy and Tactics. And that is a big problem. It is not now, nor has it been for a long time, a secret that California Democrats have control of the State, and that they are corrupt. So why, I have to ask, did the teams formed to combat those draconian vaccine bills (SB277 and SB792) adopt a tactic to have thousands of people CONTACT those same corrupt Senators, supposedly to inform them of the reasons they should oppose those bills? There were sixteen Senate co-sponsors for SB277, out of a total forty Senators. The "fix" was in. Anyone could have investigated to find out that the first six Senators that voted for SB277 in the Senate Health Committee all had SIGNIFICANT contributions from Merck, the maker of all of California's childhood vaccines, for their election campaigns. Why did the leading "No on SB277" groups even bother with that tactic?

Can anyone explain to me how "strewing flower petals around the capital" and "wearing professional clothing to meetings" was going to help?

The final Senate vote on SB277 came out twenty-five FOR, and ten votes AGAINST SB277. So, people, the strategies and tactics, employed for the Senate " No on SB277" fight WERE A TOTAL WASTE OF EVERYONE'S TIME... They wore people out - for NO GAIN. So, WHAT, I ask again, is "The Plan" for the Assembly fight?

I fear the answer...

But, new, competent, teams are forming. I hope they are in time...

(4) There is more going on here than meets the eye.    A small investigatory group has been comparing documents involved with the SB277, SB792 situations, and what they found is horrifying. In short, there is a good case to be made that SB277 is the beginning of a massive human experimentation program not revealed in the legislation approval process. Why do they think so? it is all in the reading.

(a) Let's look, first, at the wording of SB277 section 2(e)

"The department may specify the immunizing agents that may be utilized and the manner in which immunizations are administered."

(b) Then let's look at this document from the Los Angeles School District, to the right. it says:

"I hereby give my consent for my child to have the physical examination, blood, urine, and Tuberculin Tests and required immunizations through the school health screening program. I also authorize the receipt/release of the results of the screening to the LAUSD, CA State Dept of Health, the County of Los Angeles Dept of Health Services Child Health and Disability Prevention Program and any Health Plan/providers in which my child is enrolled."

Another Tuskegee? In short, it is obvious that the NEW plan is to administer the vaccines in the schools - with no medical people present - creating a HUGE income for the schools. Then they test blood, urine, etc. and sell the information to Merck. LAUSD students are 80% minority.

Merck would no longer have to test their crap products on unsuspecting minority children in third world countries. They could do it in Los Angeles - and no one would be the wiser.

They have done it before - right there in the LAUSD. In 1989. Click here.

So, What's Coming?

That is a very good question. Yes, there are new groups forming, and they are pretty good thinkers. But, the questions are "will they be able to get anything done in time" and "will they be able to push the existing leader morons out of the way to get something done.

The "No On SB277" effort is fracturing quickly, as participants, finding no successful strategies and tactics with the two largest groups, join other groups, or form their own. But it is worse than that. The two largest groups play "banning" games rather than fight the "No On SB277" battle.

Yup, you read that right - "banning" games. As in "if you talk to HER, you can't talk to us..." Totally adult behavior - sarcasm intended.

Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate